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[STATE] The People V. Terrance Johnson [04/01]

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Criminal Arraignment

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


The People




Terrance Johnson



Subpart 1. Title.


In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 4th of January, 2019, against Terrance Johnson.


Subpart 2. Body.


The People charge the subject(s) with:


WF002 - Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon      

GF024 - Felony Obstruction

VC039 - Evading Law Enforcement

VC036 - Driving an Unregistered Vehicle

GF021 - Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder

GF025 - Aiding and Abetting Attempted First Degree Murder




Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction?



Subpart 3. Request.


The People demand of the subject Terrance Johnson to the following:


Life Imprisonment
Fifty Thousand Dollars in Financial Penalties
Seizure of Vehicle Used in Commission of Crimes.


Subpart 4. Evidence.



Exhibit 1 - Officer Narrative 


At around 20:30 on January 1, 2019, Trooper Richards exited a parking garage in East Los Santos following a search of the structure. Upon exiting, he noticed a black SUV parked across from the structure with dark windows. He drove east from the road where the parking structure was located and turned around to head back towards it. Upon heading back he noticed a masked, black male in the alley, Daniel Covington. Covington had quickly turned around and sprinted back towards a black Cadillac Wagon that had been waiting farther down the alleyway. The black Cadillac wagon in question had been spotted leaving the area at prior dates after armed motorcycle suspects had eluded PD and SP units. This along with the following are what sparked the suspicion. Afterwards, Trooper Richards took chase down the alleyway in an attempt to contact Covington, but at that point he had returned to the black Cadillac wagon with the driver being Terrance Johnson, and another passenger being Malik Davidson. Trooper Richards approached the wagon with his sirens on in the alleyway, but the driver, Terrance Johnson, failed to yield and sped through the tunnel leading out of the alleyway at high rates of speed.  After exiting the tunnel, the driver continued to drive erratically at high rates of speed through the sewers before approaching the eastbound sewer entrance/exit on Atlantica avenue.  The driver of the black wagon then finally stopped on Atlantica and Trooper Richards requested additional units for a felony stop. The driver, Terrance Johnson, failed to comply repeatedly with the commands of Trooper Richards and had been obstructing the stop throughout the entirety of the situation. After the constant refusal from the driver, his passenger, Daniel Covington, advised him to comply and respond to the commands. The occupants were advised not to move at all during the felony stop, which wasn't respected as Malik Davidson decided to reach within his jacket, warranting Trooper Daniel Turner to open fire on the subject. Davidson was struck in the shoulder and was still unresponsive to commands.  Following about fifteen minutes of pleading with commands, Terrance Johnson continued to disregard the requests as well, which led to a 40 MIKE-MIKE projectile round to be deployed within the wagon as the occupants were presumed to be armed following the suspicion of the owner and the vehicle to had been involved in the prior motorcycle pursuits. The less-lethal gas projectile caused the three to exit with the driver still being belligerent and unresponsive. The passengers, Malik Davidson and Daniel Covington, had began to comply and were detained without issue. Terrance Johnson had been detained in accordance with the other two after finally complying. Firearms were found on Terrance Johnson and Malik Davidson after being detained and searched. Throughout the process of the situation being secured and FD providing aid to Malik Davidson, three individuals ambushed the stop from the sewers, wounding Trooper Daniel Turner, and Sergeant Nick Reagan. Trooper Richards and Officer Vanessa Black engaged the subjects, killing all three shortly after the initial attack. The three subjects being Jaylen Malone, Samuel Dorrin, and Wilson Stacker had been confirmed to be associated with Terrance Johnson and Malik Davidson by the additional passenger, Daniel Covington. Covington also confirmed Malone, Dorrin, and Stacker to had been occupants of the black Porsche SUV with dark windows Trooper Richards had initially scene parked across from the parking structure. That same Porsche SUV was later stopped by Detective Cornell Harrison in the nearing vicinity following the shooting, and had been registered under Malik Davidson, one of the passengers in the black Cadillac wagon. During the ambush, Terrance Johnson eluded from Trooper Turner as he was shot, and Malik Davidson eluded the EMT's who had been taking care of him. Terrance Johnson was later identified by Trooper Richards through a search of the black Cadillac's database, which deemed him to be the registered owner. Shortly after, Terrance Johnson had been spotted at the LSPD's main lobby with handcuffs that appeared to be tampered and shot at. Johnson was taken into custody and arrested along with Covington being detained and questioned. Davidson is currently at large following him departing during the ambush. 


The attachment with the text messages could indicate a connection/conspiracy between Malik Davidson, Terrance Johnson, and Samuel Dorrin.


As I previously stated, I was in the parking garage to check if the Honda motorbike was still parked at the top level, which was where the robbery suspects from the prior situation had ditched the vehicle in hopes to retrieve it in the future. Upon finding the said motorbike after the pursuit days ago, the same black Cadillac wagon had been spotted leaving the area, but had no direct implication/suspicion to be associated with the pursuit suspects. The same thing happened a few days prior in Unity as well, where the suspects ditched the Honda in an underpass walkway, then retrieved it when the unit watching it returned to the station to get a flatbed.  The text messages between Samuel Dorrin and Malik Davidson show the two to be associated with each other, despite claims of the ambush being a "surprise" to Davidson as well as Johnson after being asked. The third passenger, Daniel Covington, even corroborated the fact as he assumed the ambush to be an attempt to "save their friends" from trouble. The second set of text messages between Malik Davidson and Terrance Johnson also may contribute to the conspiracy as they're debating whether to go up and confront my unit, despite having masks and armed individuals backing them(Dorrin, Malone, Stacker). 


Exhibit 2 - Dashcam Footage


**Dashcam footage from Trooper Richards**
**Upon exiting the parking garage and coming back round, a black, masked male could be seen running back through the alley towards a black Cadillac wagon that had been attempting to do a three-point turn to turn around before fleeing.**



Exhibit 3 - Witness Interview of Daniel Covington


Exhibit 4 - Evidence Report


irearm evidence report - Dan Wesson 1911 Valor Commander - mt9BOvg80o9ZN8Q80v1R0HWt0Q, x7 .45ACP**



Exhibit 6 -  Associated Vehicle Information


**DMV database printout of a 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon showing the current owner to be Terrance Johnson**

**Seizure report - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon - IW0 3534** Vehicle in question.


Exhibit 7 - SMS messages between Samuel Dorrin and Malik Davidson


Text messages between Samuel Dorrin(deceased shooter) and Malik "Bullet" Davidson just before the situation. 

*screenshots of the conversation would be attached*

Jan 01, 2019 20:08:16 SMS logs Samuel Dorrin waiting a call!  
Jan 01, 2019 20:07:06 SMS logs Samuel Dorrin Guns out or not?  
Jan 01, 2019 20:04:28 SMS logs Samuel Dorrin Meet at the hood, he started moving.  
Jan 01, 2019 20:04:10 SMS logs Samuel Dorrin LEAVE he out!  
Jan 01, 2019 19:46:42 SMS logs Samuel Dorrin I come downstairs, park the cars outside on the side of road.  
Jan 01, 2019 19:45:50 SMS logs Samuel Dorrin Cop in the car! He wasn't there before. But he's parked away. We could rob his ass and get the kevlar and other stuff.  
Jan 01, 2019 19:45:28 SMS logs Malik Davidson What you mean?  
Jan 01, 2019 19:44:54 SMS logs Samuel Dorrin Moves cars away, cop back in his car. Fuck too risky or we go and rob the cop?  
Jan 01, 2019 19:07:58 SMS logs Malik Davidson Come to da hood.




Subpart 5. Narrative.



The case again Terrance Johnson was forwarded to the District Attorney's Office on the grounds that the Defendant had violated San Andreas laws specifically in carrying an unlicensed firearm, felonious obstruction, evading officers, conspiracy to commit murder, and aiding in abetting in the attempted first degree murder of Law Enforcement Officers.  The Prosecution wishes that the court review the evidence held against the defendant, and come to a swift judgment regarding the allegations against them.



Subpart 6. Recommendation.


Parole Recommendation After Release



Grant Early Release



Release on Bail


Not Recommended


Subpart 7. Declaration.


I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



(( @ThatGuy @Urshankov @bartman @EvilScotsman @Swanker @Unitts ))

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** Terrance Johnson enters the courthouse, upon entry he would be handcuffed and guided through by one guard on each side, as escorted to the holding cell within the courthouse awaiting his call-out by a Judge. **

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*Daniel Turner would walk into the courtroom wearing a Black Selected Homme leather jacket with a black t-shirt and light blue jeans. Daniel would also be wearing a sling on his left arm. Daniel takes a seat in the gallery.*

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William Palmer waltzes into the courtroom in his usual attire, looking seemingly unbothered by his surroundings. He sits down somewhere in the middle rows, glaring forward through his sunglasses.

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*Alec Myers walks into the courtroom wearing his grey combination suit with a white t-shirt. Alec looks around the courtroom before heading over to the left as he takes a seat on one of the middle seats that are free. He did proceed to look at the individuals in the courtroom while he adjusts his gloves over his hands by retightening them around his wrists. He then places the hands down onto his lap and remains calm as he waits for the court case to proceed.*

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** Terrance Johnson stands up as he walks to the cell door, levitates his right hand before pressing the door buzzer as he emitts a sigh. **

Terrance Johnson says: ''Hello! Someone there?! I would like to get a public defender appointed...''

(( @Zebulon ))

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"Very well, and how does the Defendant himself wish to respond to the following Notice of Action?"





Notice of Action

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


Notice is hereby given that the People, in the above-named case, has filed a criminal complaint pleading against you. The complaint was filed with the Criminal Court of San Andreas on January 8th, 2019.


You are officially being charged with the following:


  • WF002 - Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon      
  • GF024 - Felony Obstruction
  • VC039 - Evading Law Enforcement
  • VC036 - Driving an Unregistered Vehicle
  • GF021 - Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder
  • GF025 - Aiding and Abetting Attempted First Degree Murder


Within 72 hours, you must provide an answer, or response, to the claim(s) enclosed with this notice (attached to this notice). You must file your answer, in addition to any motions (if any), within that same time frame. If you fail to do so within the time frame, a default judgement will be entered against you. There will be one more attempt to contact you before the default judgement is entered.


Your response must contain your pleading in the matter, which could be one of the following:



You plead guilty to some or all the crimes listed.


Not Guilty

You plead not guilty to some or all of the crimes listed, a will ensue.


No Contest

You do not formally plead guilty but you acknowledge the prosecution will likely prevail and choose not to contest the prosecution.


In addition, you may strike a plea deal with the prosecution, in which you can, for example, plead guilty for a lesser punishment.


(( @JameZ @Zebulon @Maikeyy2 ))

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** Terrance Johnson enters the court room as he limps over to the defendant bench as he takes a seat next to the Public Defender before being chained to the bench, emitts a sigh afterwards as he downs a nod at the Judge. **

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*Mitchel Martinez enters the courtroom, taking a seat in the gallery.*

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"Your Honor,


This court has been asked to review the evidence currently being held against Terrance Johnson, a man known to police to be involved in gang activity, and with a record of felony crimes. Again, Terrance Johnson has found himself being brought before a court, but this time, Terrance Johnson is accused of much greater crimes, which almost cost the lives of two Law Enforcement Officers.


Your Honor, State Trooper Richards did exemplary work on New Year's Day, when he identified suspicious activity around a parking structure in East Los Santos. Terrance Johnson, and his associates, a masked Daniel Convington, and Malik Davidson were poised to make an escape from the area. Trooper Richards then made contact with the trio, attempting to stop them and investigate upon reasonable suspicion of more heinous crimes. At this time, Terrance Johnson attempted to evade police, driving 'erratically' finally stopping along Atlantica Avenue. 


In continual defiance, and with intent to delay their inevitable arrest, Terrance Johnson, and his associates failed to obey orders of law enforcement. Suspecting that these men may have been armed and dangerous, officers fired upon Malik Davidson who failed to display his hands, and continued to reach around his person. 


After fifteen minutes of continued obstruction, State Police attempted to bring the stand-off to close without further lethal force as they deployed non lethal rounds into the cabin of the vehicle. All occupants of the vehicle were then taken into custody, where firearms were found on Davdison and Johnson.


No sooner were these weapons found, when three assailants begane to to rain fire upon the scene, striking and wounding two officers; Trooper Turner, and Sergeant Reagan of the LPSD. 


With great bravery, Trooper Richards and Officer Black, who remained unscathed, took down the three attackers, who were later identified as Jaylen Malone, Samuel Dorrin, and Wilson Stacker.


But Your Honor, this was no random attack, but a planned and orchestrated escape-attempt, which would have otherwise succeeded if Mister Johnson had not have eventually brought himself to the Los Santos Police Department headquarters. 


Daniel Covington, later informed investigating Officers that Terrance Johnson and Malik Davidson where his neighbors who had solicited him to take part in some criminal activity. He also admitted that Johnson had continually obstructed the officers from preforming their arrests. 


Further Your Honor, Daniel Covington also identified that Terrance Johnson, and Malik Davidson had been associating earlier with three aforementioned attackers before being engaged by Trooper Richards. Convington also rightly assumed that Johnson and Davidson had conspired with Malone, Dorrin and Stacker for the attack on police to occur as a means of escape.


This was corroborated through further investigation which revealed that Malik Davidson had conspired with Samuel Dorrin in the attacks on the officers. There is no suspension of disbelief required in order to therefore connect these dots...


In what appears to the Prosecution to be a clearly organized attack on Police Officers, Terrance Johnson and Malik Davidson delayed their inevitable arrests in time for their armed associates to arrive, that they may escape whatever charges may have been otherwise laid against them. Fortunately this fallacy fell through, and Terrance Johnson sits before this court, being held accountable for this near tragic loss of life."


(( @JameZ @Maikeyy2 @Urshankov )) 



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"Your Honor,


The prosecution rises a ridiculous case to us today with a heinous amount of charges which have very poor evidence. To begin with, the arresting Trooper, Bruce Richards initially stopped the vehicle for no reason. The prosecution uses the term "reasonable suspicion of more heinous crimes" to describe the reason for this stop, however did the Trooper really have any reasonable suspicion given the circumstances of that event? The answer is no, your honor. The prosecution focuses their opening statement on my client's past and the details that went into the arrest, and gives us minimum information about the original stop.


Furthermore, your honor. There is very minimum evidence that proves that my client eluded the police when Trooper Richards gave chase initially to him as per his words, otherwise footage of this bit is asked to be provided. With this being said, the defense would like your honor to review these specific bits mentioned earlier, as it could lead us to fruit of the poisonous tree.


Now, if we were to look into the dashcam footage of the stop given in Exhibit 2, we can see gunfight occurring at one point where everyone proceeds to take cover. My client made a run for his life so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire, which is why he proceeded to hand himself over to the Los Santos Police Department shortly afterwards. If his intention was to run, why would he hand himself in within a very short time of the incident?


The prosecution also gives us no substantial evidence as to how my client aided and abetted to attempted first degree murder, there are no calls or messages provided in the exhibits that can indicate my client commanded or induced this heinous crime. Additionally, the prosecution provides us with no reasonable argument as to why my client deserves a life sentence, opposed to the standard ten years sentence for this charge"


(( @Zebulon @Urshankov @Maikeyy2 ))

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"Stopped the vehicle for no reason Your Honor? Within his Affidavit, the Trooper clearly stated that he witnessed a masked individual, gave chase, and then said individual, later identified as Daniel Covington, entered the vehicle of Terrance Johnson, who failed to yield for the Trooper's emergency lights and sirens. Your Honor, under the San Andreas Penal Code, MO037, Covering or concealing your face with masks, bananas, etc. while in public is a misdemeanor crime, liable for arrest. There is absolutely no elements of poisonous fruit Your Honor. 


To address the Defense's other concerns... 


The Prosecution firmly believes that had Terrance Johnson not been cuffed, and all his friends dead, that a full escape attempt would have been made. It was Terrance Johnson's guilty conscious which brought him to turn himself in.


The Prosecution will also gladly delve into Mister Johnson's liabilities for the attack on officers, but wishes to first call Trooper Richards to the stand in order to affirm his narrative of the events, and the probable cause which by he first attempted to initiate a stop."


(( @Urshankov @Maikeyy2 @Swanker @JameZ )) 

Edited by Zebulon

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