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[Soundcloud & Youtube] A.D Rhymer - S.T.D

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*The voice quality would sound a bit rough*


Intro: A.D Rhymer(0:15-0:20)
Take the money, never have to rhyme
Street truth deciphered, just to pass the time.

Verse 1: A.D Rhymer(0:27-1:29)
Traversed past the gat burst
The clap first then the sad silence of the universe.
Money to a rap verse from the clouded eyed.
Only the blind kiss ass under life's light lifeless.
Right confined by the binds beside the grind of righteous climbers.


A brawler's society, a darkened lining lacking the sign of sobriety, along with liars and long jailed minors.

Logic outweighs the tech, nine and it's sons. Well aware of the hell where I run dumb.

Rats more used by the hour when the sun's up, where I come from. Man is ingenuous for a profitable outcome. 

Prayed to saints. Paint regret to painting when men were meant to direct themselves to honest resemblin'.

Tremblin' lips off the blast. Reality's head splat, loyal to they own colored emblem. Observant, perception vacant.

This the hell on earth with everyday gun-play. for the scarred and the well off mundane.

An era from an inherited lead of America, inherited with carelessness.

With nothin' but covered tracks and schemes in his character. 

Hook: A.D Rhymer(1:29-1:46)
Take the money, never have to rhyme
Street truth deciphered, just to pass the time.
Anonymously detailed to clout and right. 
Clueless, so we stand on sides with purpose and fight.
Take the money, never have to rhyme. 
Street truth deciphered, just to pass the time. 



Verse 2: A.D Rhymer(1:46-2:32)
My growth drew forth in flow, distorted. 
Maturity aborted and absorbed by the core of my orbit.
Came on course from parts unknown. Where men barter their soul - to profit.

Starter level stardom drones that murmur to starve their bitter foes apart for their demeanor to darken them close.

I fight Lord, against then with. Kindness, I'm laid up against. In the dark of the psyche ward, sipping again.

Rifts are drifting from the shipment of sins. Since then irrelevant that relevance brought an era barely worth rememberin'. 

Satan winning a world, it's sphere as a whole degraded. A hole stained with blood, too bottomless to contain it.

Struggle till I'm grown and sober enough to barely sustain it. Agendas are more clear then the mind that's corroded and faded.

With hatred and loyalty in their clothing. Showing from fakes and goals, that wisdom is better.. then silver and gold. Yo. 

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