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[STATE] The People V. Ram Luqman [31/12]

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Criminal Arraignment

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


The People




Ram Luqman



Subpart 1. Title.


In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 31st of December, 2018, against Ram Luqman.


Subpart 2. Body.


The People charge the subject(s) with:

TF007 - Felony Public Endangerment

TF006 - Felony Street Competition

VC041 - Reckless Driving


Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction?



Subpart 3. Request.


The People demand of the subject Ram Luqman to the following:


4 Years ((Days))
Fifteen Thousand Dollar Financial Penalty
Seizure of Vehicle Used in Commission of Felonies
Automotive License Suspension for 12 Weeks (( 24 Hours ))


Subpart 4. Evidence.


Exhibit 1 - Arresting Officer Affidavit


State Trooper Duncan Monroe was stationed on Pasadena Blvd on 28th of December, 2018. At 2345 hours, A Blue 2017 Ford Shelby was clocked at 97 miles per hour. A Black 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series was also clocked at 116 miles per hour racing down Pasadena Blvd before being clocked by State Trooper Duncan Monroe (YANKEE-93) and State Trooper Bruce Richards (YANKEE-57). Both troopers pursued the vehicles before initiating a traffic stop on St. Lawrence Blvd. The driver of the Shelby was identified as Logan Garcia and the driver of the Mercedes was identified as Ram Luqman. An eye witness arrived to the scene and gave her statement confirming that both vehicles were racing at high speeds along Pasadena Blvd. The eye witness was also nearly hit by the vehicles as she moved onto the road to enter her vehicle.


Exhibit 2 - Cruiser-Mounted RADAR




Exhibit 3 - Eyewitness Statements




Exhibit 4 - Dashcam Footage





Requested Subpoena







Subpoena Duces Tectum



Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


Subpart 1. Summary.


Dear Global Metro Media,


This is a formal notification of request to attend, provide information to, or perform actions pertaining to an ongoing criminal or civil investigation. You are asked to perform the items checked below in an expedient and effective manner.


 - Provide a copy of these items to court.


Subpart 2. Listed Items.


Item 1.

Cellular Phone Transcripts related to communication between Logan Garcia and Ram Luqman 


Item 2.

Subpart 3. Magistrate Signature.



You are asked to complete this request within seventy-two (72) hours. Please be reminded, failure to properly respond to subpoena will result in being held in contempt of court.






Subpart 5. Narrative.


The case against Ram Luqman was forwarded to the District Attorney's Office on the grounds that the Defendant had violated San Andreas laws specifically, Felony Reckless Endangerment, Reckless Driving, and Felony Street Competition. The Prosecution wishes that the court review the evidence held against the defendant, and come to a swift judgment regarding the allegations against them.


(( @ThatGuy @EvilScotsman @Urshankov @bartman @Weiga ))


Subpart 6. Recommendation.


Parole Recommendation After Release



Grant Early Release



Release on Bail


Ten Thousand Dollars


Subpart 7. Declaration.


I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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Notice of Action








Notice of Action

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


Notice is hereby given that the People, in the above-named case, has filed a criminal complaint pleading against you. The complaint was filed with the Criminal Court of San Andreas on December 31, 2018.


You are officially being charged with the following:

  • TF007 - Felony Public Endangerment

  • TF006 - Felony Street Competition

  • VC041 - Reckless Driving

Within 72 hours, you must provide an answer, or response, to the claim(s) enclosed with this notice (attached to this notice). You must file your answer, in addition to any motions (if any), within that same time frame. If you fail to do so within the time frame, a default judgment will be entered against you. There will be one more attempt to contact you before the default judgment is entered.


Your response must contain your pleading in the matter, which could be one of the following:



You plead guilty to some or all the crimes listed.


Not Guilty

You plead not guilty to some or all of the crimes listed, a will ensue.


No Contest

You do not formally plead guilty but you acknowledge the prosecution will likely prevail and choose not to contest the prosecution.


In addition, you may strike a plea deal with the prosecution, in which you can, for example, plead guilty for a lesser punishment.


(( @Weiga ))

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"Your Honor,


Ram Luqman and Logan Garcia, who is also being tried currently under similar charges, are clearly cut of the same cloth. Both were witness engaging in a street race, across Pasadena Boulevard, which as the court can appreciate is indeed a heavily occupied area.


Witnesses attested to Trooper Monroe's summary that the two had been racing one another, whilst exceeding one hundred miles per hour. This in combination with the near miss of bystanders constitutes an act of Felony Public Endangerment as their willful and heinous disregard for safety could have ended in a devastating fashion, had they lost control on the winter roads.


The Prosecution is confident that an examination of these facts will result in convictions appropriate of their crimes."


(( @JameZ @Weiga @ThatGuy ))

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"The defense is indeed present, your honor. To begin our opening statements, the defense believes that there are some errors made in the original filing in regards to evidence. The cruiser-mounted radar in Exhibit 2 showcases the speed of another vehicle and not Mr. Luqman's. Anyhow, the defense believes that TF006 should not apply in this scenario unless the prosecution can provide us with some sort of mans rea for premeditation; as required in the San Andreas Penal Code.


Furthermore, the defense believes there is insufficient evidence to say that my client was committing public endangerment. In-order to clarify this part, the defense motions to call the witness Tatiana Francine Leon to the stand."


(( @ThatGuy @Zebulon ))

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"The opportunity for you to call a witness will happen shortly, as I'm sure you're aware the prosecution is given the opportunity to present their case, information, witnesses, etc, first. Regarding the dash camera footage you mentioned, there's no specific claim that piece of evidence makes, it appears to be a single piece contributing to the overall case so, the prosecution will be given the opportunity to clarify why that's included when they further make their case, if they decide to do so. As you're aware, premeditation can be proved in a variety of ways, not all of which must be present in an arraignment because every involved person cannot offer every sliver of information in the arraignment (( we have no formal discovery phase or pre-trial proceedings it's just general submission in the beginning of the case to save time )). As I've noted in previous cases, the amount of evidence to do determine probable cause to stand trial is not at the same threshold as a conviction."


(( @JameZ @Zebulon ))



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On 2/13/2019 at 4:58 PM, Zebulon said:

"Mister Luqman,


Can you please tell the court of your relationship with Logan Garcia?"


(( @Weiga @JameZ ))

"I refuse to answer."

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