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[STATE] The People V. Logan Garcia [31/12]

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Criminal Arraignment

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


The People




Logan Garcia



Subpart 1. Title.


In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 31st of December, 2018, against Logan Garcia.


Subpart 2. Body.


The People charge the subject(s) with:

TF007 - Felony Public Endangerment

TF006 - Felony Street Competition

VC041 - Reckless Driving



Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction?



Subpart 3. Request.


The People demand of the subject Logan Garcia to the following:


4 Years ((Days))
Fifteen Thousand Dollar Financial Penalty
Seizure of Vehicle Used in Commission of Felonies
Automotive License Suspension for 12 Weeks (( 24 Hours ))


Subpart 4. Evidence.


Exhibit 1 - Arresting Officer Affidavit


State Trooper Duncan Monroe was stationed on Pasadena Blvd on 28th of December, 2018. At 2345 hours, A Blue 2017 Ford Shelby was clocked at 97 miles per hour. A Black 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series was also clocked at 116 miles per hour racing down Pasadena Blvd before being clocked by State Trooper Duncan Monroe (YANKEE-93) and State Trooper Bruce Richards (YANKEE-57). Both troopers pursued the vehicles before initiating a traffic stop on St. Lawrence Blvd. The driver of the Shelby was identified as Logan Garcia and the driver of the Mercedes was identified as Ram Luqman. An eye witness arrived to the scene and gave her statement confirming that both vehicles were racing at high speeds along Pasadena Blvd. The eye witness was also nearly hit by the vehicles as she moved onto the road to enter her vehicle.


Exhibit 2 - Cruiser-Mounted RADAR




Exhibit 3 - Eyewitness Statements




Exhibit 4 - Dashcam Footage





Exhibit 5 - Vehicle Used in Commission of Crimes




Requested Subpoena







Subpoena Duces Tectum



Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


Subpart 1. Summary.


Dear Global Metro Media,


This is a formal notification of request to attend, provide information to, or perform actions pertaining to an ongoing criminal or civil investigation. You are asked to perform the items checked below in an expedient and effective manner.


 - Provide a copy of these items to court.


Subpart 2. Listed Items.


Item 1.

Cellular Phone Transcripts related to communication between Logan Garcia and Ram Luqman 


Item 2.

Subpart 3. Magistrate Signature.



You are asked to complete this request within seventy-two (72) hours. Please be reminded, failure to properly respond to subpoena will result in being held in contempt of court.






Subpart 5. Narrative.


The case against Logan Garcia was forwarded to the District Attorney's Office on the grounds that the Defendant had violated San Andreas laws specifically, Felony Reckless Endangerment, Reckless Driving, and Felony Street Competition. The Prosecution wishes that the court review the evidence held against the defendant, and come to a swift judgment regarding the allegations against them.


(( @ThatGuy @JameZ @Ramsis ))


Subpart 6. Recommendation.


Parole Recommendation After Release



Grant Early Release



Release on Bail


Ten Thousand Dollars


Subpart 7. Declaration.


I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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Notice of Action








Notice of Action

Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


Notice is hereby given that the People, in the above-named case, has filed a criminal complaint pleading against you. The complaint was filed with the Criminal Court of San Andreas on December 31, 2018.


You are officially being charged with the following:

  • TF007 - Felony Public Endangerment

  • TF006 - Felony Street Competition

  • VC041 - Reckless Driving

Within 72 hours, you must provide an answer, or response, to the claim(s) enclosed with this notice (attached to this notice). You must file your answer, in addition to any motions (if any), within that same time frame. If you fail to do so within the time frame, a default judgment will be entered against you. There will be one more attempt to contact you before the default judgment is entered.


Your response must contain your pleading in the matter, which could be one of the following:



You plead guilty to some or all the crimes listed.


Not Guilty

You plead not guilty to some or all of the crimes listed, a will ensue.


No Contest

You do not formally plead guilty but you acknowledge the prosecution will likely prevail and choose not to contest the prosecution.


In addition, you may strike a plea deal with the prosecution, in which you can, for example, plead guilty for a lesser punishment.


(( @JameZ ))

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"Your Honor, 


The Prosecution would like to first start by noting that this case would be proceeding without the Defendant being present, and without them giving their plea in-person.


Logan Garcia is currently employed as a Police Officer III, and according to his employee record, and has successfully passed their probationary period within the Traffic Enforcement Division. It is clear, however, that Mister Garcia's commitment to his duties as a Law Enforcement Officer, and the laws of San Andreas, ends when he clocks out. 


As seen in Exhibit 1, State Trooper Monroe witness, and recorded Mister Garcia, travelling at more than forty miles an hour over the legal limit; nearly twice the posted maximum. Mister Garcia was travelling Eastbound, in close proximity to a vehicle operated by Ram Luqman, who was also travelling at highly excessive speeds. Trooper Monroe, identified this immediately as the two drivers "racing down Pasadena Boulevard." 


What may be most disturbing is Mister Garcia's apparent disregard for life. As witnessed by Trooper Monroe, both drivers came within close proximity of a bystander, who was able to offer her witness statements to the Trooper, following the event. Miss Leon, expressed to the Trooper that both vehicles, had been "domineering both the lanes whilst they approached."


Therefore Your Honor, based on this evidence, and throughout this case, the Prosecution is confident that Mister Garcia's felonious behavior will be examined. At this time, the Prosecution is awaiting the results of the Subpoena.


(( @JameZ @ThatGuy @Ramsis ))


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** Iveanna Lawrence scratches her head as she looks at the prosecution, looking over at Logan momentarily before focusing her gaze back at the judge as Steven Spade finishes his statement. **


"Mr. Garcia is right here, your honor. If Mr. Spade can't see him then we can probably have him stand up so he can see him."


"Anyhow, your honor. The defense would like to initially start by saying that the prosecution provided no actus reus to the street competition charge which is deemed required in the San Andreas Penal Code. Not to mention how the provided evidence doesn't even provide us with a mans rea for that charge, following the precedents in Eglis Priede v. The People and The State v. Huw Edwards. therefore the defense asks that this charge is dropped.


Furthermore, your honor. The defense would like to motion to suppress the statement provided in Exhibit 3 as it does not provide us with any information whatsoever that is relevant to the case. The statement uses the phrases "two cars" and "these idiots", which do not really link up with the provided case."


(( @ThatGuy @Zebulon @Ramsis ))

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"Your Honor, the Prosecution would like to return to the Notice of Action which the Defendant was not present for, nor did they appear to make their plea. The Prosecution does not recognize the word of the Defense's Attorney as being able to commit a plea on behalf of their clients. Unless there is some reason why Logan Garcia is unable to attend these proceedings, or there is some kind of consensual document, recognized by Your Honor, outing that Mister Garcia is forefitting his rights to enter the pleas himself, the Prosecution holds that this Attorney is unable to enter a plea on behalf of Mister Garcia."


(( @ThatGuy @JameZ ))

Edited by Zebulon

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"Your Honor,


Mister Garcia attended the notice of action and he has forfeited his rights for his attorney, we see no need for the extra hassle the prosecution is attempting to create. We urge that we resume the court procedures as Mr. Spade is only trying to cost us time here instead of attempting to counter valid points made by the defense to this ridiculous case he's presenting us."


(( @ThatGuy @Ramsis ))

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** Logan Garcia walks into the courtroom led by Police Officers, sitting at the defendant's desk. **

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