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Grand Property Services

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Affordable housing is just a short drive away along Interstate 425 East to the scenic town of Palomino Creek where multiple properties are currently for sale, lease, or rent to the general public. These well maintained properties are a bargain for anyone looking to settle down in a quaint town like Palomino Creek.


For those who are a little more security-minded, we also offer apartments in Eastern Los Santos which have recently been renovated and are brand new! Each of our seven apartments comes default with a security door. Four of the apartments are standard, on the ground floor, with their own private lobby. Our other three apartments are our premium residences, on the second floor. This second floor is protected by an additional security door and the whole apartment complex is protected by two security doors which require an electronic key card and code for access control in conjunction with multiple cameras and an alarm system. Our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement so the residents of this apartment complex remain confidential and paying in cash is accepted.


If you are interested in buying, renting, or leasing one of our properties, please contact us HERE!



E-Mail Us At

contact@westernsolutions.com (( Forum PM @Wright@DylanW or @ThatGuy))


Call Us At

666345, 600600, 800035 OR use our hotline, 4200!


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