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Unserial ban Request

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My greetings to the staff team I hope you all fine .

my topic is like you see in the title ''Unserial ban Request'' i will tell you how did i got serial ban..

2 years ago in 2016 i was playing in MTA:SA like any player..in that day i heard about RP server 

which is considered one of the best RP servers in MTA:SA Unless if it wasn't the best of course..

and that server was ''OWL Gaming'' in that time my English skills was very bad like 1% but i was a fool

and i insist to join it and playing in the server that every RP player dreamed to play in it..i didn't noticed that if i developed my english skills i could pass the application stage..but no i was a stupid and do you know what did i done? i copied the answers from someone who actually failed answering the application stage from YT .. but i didn't know..do you know why? because i'm a fool .. and i paste it into the sections of the application and i got serial ban..



From that day until now 'sin and contrition' fills me..so i pledged myself to learn english .. so i entered many courses  to increasing my english skills and i watched many lessons in the media .. not because of this game

but because it's very important to learn this language .. and here i'm now ..  my reason of writing this request not because of my serial ban but it's because my contrition that i fill everyday and how stupid i'm because i can't play in the server i dreamed to play in it .. the best RP server Owl gaming.... i just wanna say that i'm ready to answer the application and i just want another chance.. i just wanna know how it's look like to play in a great RP server with people who respect each other to play in a great community 'OWL Gaming Community' ... i'will really appreciate  if you gave me another chance..

my username : gamer123C | and i'll be happy if you removed it from OWL Gaming to let me create a new one

my serial : 14DDBCDB126A2329E859CFBB2CDA2C94

and it's ok if i didn't got a new chance in the end it's just a game..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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