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Car - 2017 Honda Civic Type-R Hatchback [ENDS: 15/12/2018]

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Los Santos Auction House - Car



Vehicle year: 2017

Vehicle brand: Honda
Vehicle make: Civic Type-R Hatchback
VIN: 19588
Mileage: 27---

Strong FWD performance sedan, took this out on quite a few road trips all over San Andreas and it never let me down. Freshly bought in a dealership and never changed owner until now!





Starting bid: 27000
Minimum increase: 1000
Buyout: 50000

Auction end date: 15/12/2018
Contact details: (Will be revealed to the winner.)


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51 minutes ago, pukey said:

username: pukey

comment: top sped?

206 KM/H.



3 minutes ago, KillerGR said:

Name: Yolo

Comment: vtec kicks in hard?

Hell yah bruh.

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22 hours ago, Skiizion said:

Name: Steph
Bid: Starting



Contact me at **Hidden for the public, only auction winner would be able to see this: 358964**
To arrange a time of meeting feel free to send me a message over [email protected] ((forum-pm)) or associated phone number!

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