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Car - 2019 CHEVROLET GRAND SPORT [ENDS: 12/12/18]

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Los Santos Auction House - Car



Vehicle year: 2019

Vehicle brand: CHEVROLET
Vehicle make: GRAND SPORT
VIN: 20859
Mileage: 40

Brand new sports car, goes VERY fast! 210 MPH! Low Millage!





Starting bid: 78,000
Minimum increase: 1000
Buyout: 110000

Auction end date: 12/12/18
Contact details: Will be given to winner

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Private bidder.


Offering $ 40,000 as starting bid. It's not really worth the starting bid you're asking here.



(( does it really go IC'ly 210mph // 337km/h or are those just irl specs tho? Just wondering, because of 75% rule, which would set the topspeeds to: 157,5 mph /  253 km/h ))

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