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Audio enhancement software

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Hey guys, so back again with another "alternatives" thread. This time regarding audio enhancement software. Don't know how many of you out there have tried audio enhancement software, but if you are a music freak, its likely you have.


Back in the day, I used to use SRS Audio Sandbox. It did a great job at allowing me to create my own custom presets for any type of audio tracks, whether it be music, gaming, or watching a movie. Nothing better than watching Top Gun and being able to "feel" the planes taking off because of the reverb and bass. One thing I really liked about SRS Audio Sandbox was its simplicity. I tried a free trial of SRSHAL (or SRS HD Audio Lab) and wasn't a huge fan.


Heres the SRS HD Audio Lab interface SRS+HD+Audio+Lab+Gold+v1.0.46.jpg


And heres SRS Audio Sandbox untitled.JPG


Maybe its just me, but I prefer the Audio Sandbox interface better.


Now that they have discontinued SRS Audio Sandbox, I'm searching for software that is similar to it. Emphasis is on simplicity. You know, sliders, custom presets, etc. I'd like suggestions of both free and Commercial audio enhancement software. Couple of caveats: must work on Windows 7, must not require additional hardware. Other than that, hit me up with your ideas

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6 minutes ago, Yannick said:



Extension that you need for above:




@BeyondSalvation can vouch as I installed it for him and he still uses it

Amazing program, lifts your audio to a new level of high, especially with more kicks and beats

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