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District 2 Elections - ZInvor Razmik - "Proven Leadership"

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Re-Elect Zinvor Razmik - District 2 Council of Supervisors

About Zinvor Razmik


Zinvor was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and emigrated to the United States after the fall of the USSR, settling in Brighton Beach, New York, where the family operated a funeral home for many years, and where Zinvor got his first taste of business. Moving to Los Santos nearly two decades ago, Mr. Razmik has been widely successful and a part of numerous entrepreneurial ventures including: The Gambler casino, founding Red Rose Funeral Home, and serving as Chief Operations Officer of Vostok Corporation. 


Having seen 'East LS' as his home for almost half his life, Zinvor has dedicated his time to creating financial opportunity for others, hosting job fairs at the Little Moscow Community Center, and employing countless people over the years as a part of his many business operations. He is a strong believer in diversity, and a staunch supporter of Constitutional Rights.


He looks forward to ushering in an era of prosperity to historically, one of Los Santos' most under-valued districts.  Below you will find his platform on a variety of important topics.


Mister Razmik's Voting History as a Part of the Council of Supervisors

  • Voted YES to re-wording of the County Charter as proposed by Hon. K. Vanderbuilt
  • Voted YES to funding of $200,000 being allotted to the development of an Islamic Center of Worship as proposed by Z. Razmik
  • Voted YES to BOTS/LSIA Preservation Resolution
  • Voted YES to the Road Safety Initiative Resolution
  • Voted YES to the lease #13 , San Pedro Avenue, for use as a Homeless Shelter
  • Voted YES to the contract with Sal Colinas regarding garbage removal and general public maintenance
  • Voted YESto the Commissioner Hill Protectorate Reolution
  • Voted YES to Covington Trucking LLC Winter Contract Resolution
  • Proposed & Administered  Officer Assessment Examination for Los Santos Police Department 


Increased Social Assistance Programs


If re-elected, Mr. Razmik would like to see more funding pushed towards social assistance programs, such as raising unemployment from $200 to $300 per pay period.


Gasoline Price Capping


If re-elected, Mr. Razmik would like to implement a capped/subsidized  price for gasoline, setting that capped price, 25% less than the average cost of fuel today in order to support working Los Santos citizens.


Small Business Tax Credit


If re-elected, Mr. Razmik would bring before council, a tax-credit program aimed at helping small business (valued at less than $500,000). Small business operators would be able to submit a bi-monthly form which would credit them any taxed dollars in relation to their business operations.


Community Safety


If re-elected, Mr. Razmik would ask the Council of Supervisors to put together community safety programs whereby police security cameras would be placed in high-crime areas of the city, and increase community awareness by mandating that the Los Santos Police Department publish monthly crime-reports, reporting crime rates for the various neighborhoods of Los Santos.


Emergency Services & Healthcare


If re-elected, Mr. Razmik would propose to renovate the old 'County General Hospital' into a functional Trauma Center & Emergency Services Response Center in order to increase response times within eastern Los Santos. Furthermore, Mr. Razmik would propose stricter government mandates for spending within the public emergency services as well.


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Name: Endsieg

Comment: That fuckin Mexican is gonna wipe the floor with you, communist dog!


Whose streets? Our streets! 14/88



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4 minutes ago, loggi said:

Name: Buratino

Comment: никто вас тут не хочет долбаные мексиканцы

Name: C

Comment: 88f6e8127d732d3be9a6294e277d2197.png

why tho

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