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[SOLD] Car - 1990 Audi V8 Quattro [ENDS: 2/12/2018]

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Los Santos Auction House - Car



Vehicle year: 1990

Vehicle brand: Audi
Vehicle make: V8 Quattro
VIN: 20443
Mileage: 52 (we didn't touch the mileage, we swear.)

Part of the River Ranch Demolition Derby Fleet, has to go so better shaped vehicles are bought. Barely ever used, has some dents as seen on the picture, it runs, but it needs some TLC unless you are a daredevil and the possibility of going the speed limit and the car breaking in half doesn't really frighten you. SOLD AS IS!





Starting bid: $1
Minimum increase: $1
Buyout: N/A

Auction end date: 2/12/2018
Contact details: Contact this account for more information regarding this vehicle!


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1 hour ago, Tajiri said:

Name: Private

Bid: $801



1 hour ago, Poikakukko123 said:


Bid: 800

Outbid. ((since I was not around when you were outbidded, I'll tag you @dawid1000)) 

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