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Lochlainn "Lucky" Foley, the Irish terrorist terminator L-870

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12 hours ago, Theory said:

When every single screenshot is you robbing people or shooting cops and you boast about CK'ing 11 people with under 100 hours on your character, you're doing something wrong. 

12* CKs I said wait for the new topic man also that last female ex cop we murked had like 400h or something so bye go be a robocop we need more people to kill anyway


on topic


Lucky and Teddy were shot at that day while fleeing, before they could reach for their guns. Lochlainn was gunned down from behind, and despite having high chances of survival, a police officer was aware who he was going against so he executed him at point blank range in fear of his own life. The two men were buried on Rodeo Cemetery, nobody attended except for the priest who gave them their last rites, that is because everyone close to Lochlainn is a wanted fugitive or in prison.

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On 11/19/2018 at 4:20 PM, JayZawack said:


Evening of 19/11/2018


This evening, Teddy and Lucky went out to do crime. Not long after, they spotted an ambulance going downhill. They stopped and Teddy pretended to have an epileptic seizure. The firefighter was baited, then abducted at gunpoint, before being taken into the woods. He was robbed and then tortured by being drowned in muddy water. This was the first aggression of the Shotgun Rebel Mafia against an on-duty public worker.



Sit down for me









At one point, an insolent individual in a low sports car somehow made his way into the woods and thought it was a good idea to witness the crimes of the Shotgun Rebel Mafia. Lucky shot at the vehicle to disable it, but after chugging on booze the entire day his aim wasn't too good and he missed a few shots, so the man escaped with a riddled vehicle.







A piece of collection


You fackin' cuck. You robbed Mitchel Martinez!

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