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MT Update - Mid November 2018

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where's Khan :(

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On 11/15/2018 at 3:28 PM, Unitts said:


Mapping Team Update - November 2018




In this update, we will be announcing some changes that have happened since the last MT update (June 2018).


Roster Changes:

Departed Members (June-November 2018):

  •  Jamie 
  • LikeMike
  • Brennan
  • Squirdo
  • Tidemo
  • Ruleless
  • JohnM


Current Mapping Team Roster:

  • Roi
  • SuperM
  • Portside
  • TheNeonGuy
  • Cosa
  • PlayerX1994
  • Thomasmith


Correction of Interior Prices & New guidelines: 

In September there were a few interiors that required price adjustments which raised concerns about how we handle adjustments to interior price. In the past the owner was required to charity the added amount, the community felt this was unfair. After the discussion, a new system was designed so now when an interior price is raised the owner is only charged for the difference in value after 33% of the original price.


Example of the new guidelines
Say I purchase an interior for 100k, the /sellproperty value would be 66k. If the house value is changed from 100k to 150k, the new /sellproperty value would be 99k. Thus that is less than 33% of the original value of the house so the player will not be charged at all. (Credits to Chaos for the example)


Below are the links to the discussion & guidelines:




Request statistics: 

Request statistics between June - November 2018



Joining the team: 

Recently I've received many questions about joining Mapping Team. Applications will remain closed for the time being as we currently have enough members. When applications reopen another update will be posted.



Thanks for reading.


Owl Gaming Mapping Team
Mapping Team Leadership

Is there a way to reinstate?

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