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Found 3 results

  1. 6IX MURDA BLOCK is a criminal street gang and drug trafficking organization formed by Da'wan Benson in 2017. It is currently based in North Paleto Bay. After being arrested for murder, Da'wan and his girlfriend, Markeshia, have broken any connection with the gang, this leading to daily shootouts and robberies between gangs. Second in command, Travis West, step up and organized the gang and it's members. The gang is known in working with drugs such as weed and cocaine, guns, prostitution, thefts, bribery. In the year of 2019, the gang still holds down their territory in North Paleto Bay, after long turfs against opposite gang. Many young 6IX members have died, along with Travis' best friend known as "TJ", died in a shootout between gangs in May 2019. 6IX MURDA BLOCK is known for it's "Modus operandi" by initiating new members. They were told to murder a member of an opposite gang. ((*in order to join the gang, your character must be an African-American, about the age of 18 and living around the neighborhood upon joining the gang you agree that your character may be CKed(permanent death) at any time if the reason is valid))
  2. Los Diablos Del Rato is the name that the three brothers decided to call their crew after uniting together to survive in the harsh streets of Mexico. The name Los Diablos del Rato (The Devils of Rat) comes from the fact that 'rats' (snitches) consider them (the group) to be devils because of the evil they bring upon them. There is also a belief that the part 'Diablos' comes from their dead brother whose nickname was Diablo, and 'of Rat' comes from the story where El Gato ate an entire rat alive. Because of all of this, the commonly approved slang for the opps of this group is 'rats'. A picture of the three original brothers in a local park in the early 2000s. The group would know a series of events, most of them are positive which made them peak in the mid 2000s. Their ending in Mexico wasn't the best with their older brother who had the most respect lose his life to an unfortunate and rather unexpected overdose. The picture only shows "Breeze", "Diablo", and their cousin "Gato" on the right vising them to smuggle various narcotics into the U.S. After the death of their OG, everyone except for the brothers had used the opportunity to better their lives and forget about their mistakes which was due to their weak belief in Los Diablos Del Rato. The two had lost hope in Mexico as they were beefing with other notorious gangs. They were afraid of dying so they decided to join their cousin in the U.S instead of joining their brother in heaven. The two managed to pass the border legally, only driving their 1981 Mercedes due to their financial situation. The two met their cousin in Los Santos, he helped them around. But, they found Los Santos boring, they robbed a local store and used the money to tour the states. The picture shows the happy family enjoying snow for the first time in Liberty City, Thin, Gato, Breeze and randoms, one of them holds a ball which they later covered with snow to make their first snowman. The group enjoyed their trip but they came back upset after losing all of their money by being either high or drunk or both during the whole thing. They realized how dumb their actions were. Now they're set on making more money and living the American Dream. For now, they work in a restaurant which their friend "Mando" owns, and they exercise other illegal activities as a source of income. OOC RULES: We do not tolerate any kinds of trolling, you must take RP'ing with the faction as serious as can be, we want to maintain a good reputation. Character development is a must. Posting screenshots is desirable but not a necessity, you should contact leaders before posting any screenshots. If you have any concerns or questions about the faction feel free to contact me or @JayZawack or @Poffy. And as for most other illegal factions, when you join the faction you accept a CK clause which says that you can be CK'ed at any time if the leaders deem it necessary.
  3. Background & History The Tyrant Brothers Gang is a small but violent street gang with primarily Asian-American members. The gang was formed in San Fierro in the mid-1990s. At the time, Asian-American organized crime was dominated by the iron grip of the Triads and their Tong underlings. The monopoly on crime and violence held by these Chinese-American gangsters led to budding resentment from other Asian-American ethnic enclaves. Ultimately this friction led to the formation of the Tyrant Brothers Gang, a loosely-affiliated network of mostly-Cambodian street criminals. They banded together for better earning opportunities and to keep themselves protected from larger, better-established gangs. Over time the gang grew; by the early 2000s, the group rivaled some of the nearby Hispanic gangs in numbers and in earnings. Of course, with increased success came increased police attention. The Tyrant Brothers’ affinity for violent home invasions and bloody drug feuds made them a prime target for the San Fierro Police Department. Within three years of establishing a Tyrant Brothers task-force, the police began a long campaign of targeted crackdowns. After seizing some twenty automatic weapons and several kilograms of low-quality street drugs, the police announced that they had crippled the Tyrant Brothers criminal organization. By 2010, the gang was already a shadow of its former self: income was at an all-time low and most of the founding members were facing down life sentences. The younger generation, poorly-armed and with limited access to drug trafficking, was pushed farther and farther into the recesses of their own neighborhoods by bigger and stronger gangs. Eventually, many members of San Fierro’s Cambodian-American community decided to pack up their roots and travel to other parts of the country to keep their children safe from encroaching gang violence. This mass migration around the country gave new wings to the Tyrant Brothers Gang: a youthful generation of wannabes found themselves scattered across the nation. These youngsters set up their own sets of the Tyrant Brothers Gang wherever they settled: some reaching as far as Liberty City and Carson; some sticking to the small towns of San Andreas. Of all the newly-formed, miniscule Tyrant Brothers sets, however, there was one that was particularly interesting... Present Day, Los Santos Despite its proximity to San Fierro, the gang never held any significant territory in Los Santos during its heyday. Now that the Tyrant Brothers Gang has dispersed into dozens of smaller sets, only a single Los Santos crew remains: the Tyrant Brothers’ Jefferson Set, formed by several young members of the original gang who were moved to Los Santos by their families. The Jefferson Set of the Tyrant Brothers Gang, despite the relative youth of its leadership, has managed to remain true to organization’s roots. They are known to rep the color brown and the number 7-13-6 (for its similarity to the initialism T-B-G). Membership is mostly Cambodian, but the gang recruits from Vietnamese, Laotian, Filipino, and even Chinese locals as well. Because of their relatively small immigrant populations, the crew has opened itself up to some affiliates of other ethnicities as well: law enforcement officials have noted Tyrant Brothers Gang tattoos on some black, white, and hispanic criminals from neighborhoods where the gang is known to operate. As with their San Fierro predecessors, the Jefferson Set is small and usually finds itself outnumbered by the surrounding gangs: it relies on the tight-knit bonds between its members and harsh, undying loyalty to the gang in order to stay afloat. Out of Character The Tyrant Brothers Gang is focused in large part on character development and building an interesting overarching story. If this sounds good to you, you’ll probably fit right in. If you’re more interested in chasing stats, you’ll probably find us too boring. To join the Tyrant Brothers Gang is to agree to an implicit CK clause: if faction leadership decides that you must be killed, you risk getting CKed. The faction is currently fairly small and I would like to maintain a close-knit, insular theme. As such, if you are interested in joining I would prefer it if your new character was either a relative (close or distant) of a current member, or had a history tied to the San Fierro backstory. If you are interested in creating a new character as mentioned above, please PM me to discuss further.
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