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Found 3 results

  1. *The Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub main page, uploaded on May 15th 2018.* TWCN Weekly - PD Q&A TURNS INTO BLOODBATH *Epic stock music would play, showing Team WolfCub logo and the thumbnail.* *After the intro, it would transition into the Team WolfCub set.* *The man would be identified as Norbid Bailer, his voice rather deep and nasally. He would have a slow pace of talking.* ★ Norbid Bailer suddenly look up to the camera with a face of realization as he places his right hand on - ★ - the table swiftly, clearing his throat, cracking a friendly smile. ((Norbid Bailer)) [English] Norbid Bailer says: What is up, people of Earth and any possible astronauts that may happen to be watching. [English] Norbid Bailer says: I am WolfCub and this is.. [English] Norbid Bailer says: WolfCub Weekly! [English] Norbid Bailer says: The only weekly news show that does their show more than only a week. Can you believe that? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Rumour has it that the Clown Prince of Darkness - Zoron the Violator has been seen in my- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - comment sections by people. [English] Norbid Bailer says: While I have yet to confirm this rumour, the Clown man still does seem to be FREE and on the - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - loose, looking for his next victim. [English] Norbid Bailer says: He was of course the infamous ''Clown with the knife'' from the weekend rally and he - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - caused quite a bit of damage. [English] Norbid Bailer says: In other news! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Breaking story from the PD Headquarters. *It cuts into a scene where numerous police officers are standing infront of a Police Car. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: There was a Q and A held there the day after the horrific massacre at the City Hall. * *A number of Police Officers and a SWAT guy can be seen infront of an armored truck. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: They allowed a bunch of people to ask questions there, while also displaying their most fancy- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - cars and equipment for appeal. * *It cuts back to the studio. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: But while it was calm for most people, for others.. It was true hell. * *It cuts to a man shouting loudly. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: A man with a weird complexion tried to break into the Police Headquarters during the Q and A as he was - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - trying to get back his impounded vehicle. * [English] Tyler Haze shouts: Can I go and pay my ticket?! *The man can be seen walking away as some officers approach him.* *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: As he was threatened, he left and went back home to eat a flapjack. * *It shows Bruce Iverson speaking behind a podium. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: As the questions continued on and on, it was basically like any other Q and A. * [English] ((Bruce Iverson)) Megaphone <O: One of the individuals in the riot yesterday was shot by police, the others escaped by the [English] ((Bruce Iverson)) Megaphone <O: Sewer system. We are looking into it and have seized their van. *It cuts to Mariana Castillo speaking behind a podium. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: We also got some good info on the victims of the brutal event. * [English] ((Mariana Castillo)) Megaphone <O: Three confirmed non-life threatening injuries within the Police Department, and one Neo-Nazi [English] ((Mariana Castillo)) Megaphone <O: Casualty. *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: It was so scary hearing those details. [English] Norbid Bailer says: I can almost jump the the ceiling from the fear. [English] Norbid Bailer says: When it was questioned why the Police Department had to use violence against the - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - insane protesters, it was clear that they had to do it to them. ★ Norbid Bailer adjusts his glasses. *A SWAT fella can be seen standing with hit shield. * *It cuts to a group of Police Officers, one of them waving fabulously. The crowd can be heard applauding. * ★ Bruce Iverson waves to the crowd like the Queen. *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: But little did we know, that this was only just the beginning. * *A car can be seen stopping right in it's tracks as a woman lays on the windshield. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Moments after people started to make their way back home, BOOM! [English] Norbid Bailer says: A car came freaking crashing at the crowd and a woman got smacked so damn hard into the - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - windshield! [English] Norbid Bailer says: I was like this damn close too man.. My god, that was actually scary.. * *A number of officers and a dog can be seen taking positions around the car. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Police came flocking to the guy, raising their machine guns as they begin to fire. * *Police can be seen riddling the car with bullets as it reverses. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: The man tries to escape, but it 's of no use! [English] Norbid Bailer says: The police dismantle the engine with their bullets as the car breaks down. * *Police Officers can be seen moving around the car, taking in positions. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: But the man has no intention of being caught today. * *The man is seen running away though he gets tased, then starting to wiggle uncontrollably as Police apprehend . * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: He tries to escape, his feet running faster than ever before. [English] Norbid Bailer says: But it's of no use as dogs try to sick him and as he's electricuted, falling to the ground, his [English] Norbid Bailer says: - body flopping around uncontrollably. [English] Norbid Bailer says: It was insane. * *An injured body can be seen laying on the pavement, some people checking for vitals. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Shortly after, the medical personell arived, taking the body to the hospital. * *It cuts to a panning shot of an ambulance. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: When asked, the Police said that she would survive. * *A car riddled with bullet holes and a cracked windshield is proudly displayed. * *It cuts to a man speaking to the camera man. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: An eye witness seemed shocked about the incident. * [English] Stefan Kovac says: My name is Stefan, and I saw that car back there run into a skinny lady back there- [English] Stefan Kovac says: While I was riding my Harley. [English] Stefan Kovac says: I pray for the woman that was hit there sir. I really do. [English] Stefan Kovac says: I don't know how she is still breathing. *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: Rumour also has it that this could have been orchestrated by one of the parties involved with - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - what has now been known as ''The Red Saturday'' incident, which took place at the City Hall. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Wow. What a shock. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Just as you think things are calming down, something just happens and it leaves us dumbfounded. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The last weekend has been full of suffering and the chaos doesn't seem to end. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Who's next in the growing list of victims? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Your friend, your co-worker, your neighbor.. You? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Be vigilant people. [English] Norbid Bailer says: You can check our our mechandise in the description along with a bunch of our other content. [English] Norbid Bailer says: To keep yourself updated on Team WolfCub, be sure to follow our social media accounts. [English] Norbid Bailer says: This has been WolfCub from Team WolfCub Weekly.. Signing out. *The video would end, crediting WolfCub as the Producer, Host, Editor, Interviewer and Camera Man.* Brought to you by: *Comments would be ENABLED* V*The video description* ((Commenting format )) ((My Browser can barely handle editing this shit xd))
  2. PRESS RELEASE ANNOUCEMENT FROM THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 04/22/2018 District Attorney's Office District Of Los Santos Steven Spade, Attorney Los Santos, San Andreas ---- The District Attorney's Office of Los Santos announces today that charges will be dropped against Mr. Simon Diavuma in regards to the incident that occurred outside Club Tableau on the 1st of April, 2018. Joint investigations by the Los Santos Police Department and District Attorney's Office have revealed that Mr. Diavuma was being targeted and battered by security guards, using excessive force when he used his licensed weapon in self-defence. In accordance with the San Andreas Stand Your Ground Act, Mr. Diamuva will not be charged in relation to the incident, including the death of Bishop Pauls of Blackhawk Security. The District Attorney's Office is however saddened by the loss of life, and will be petitioning the County Government to enact ordinances for security personnel including mandatory training, and legislation to protect both parties from otherwise preventable injury or a repeat of the incidents at Club Tableau. -- END
  3. Written By Michael Blitzer • Published on November 13th, 2017 • SAN News IDLEWOOD, LOS SANTOS -- At approximately 6:15PM (1815), the Los Santos Police Department responded to a call of shots fired approximately one block south of the Idlewood Pay & Spray. Upon their arrival they found 3 victims suffering from gunshot wounds. The Los Santos Fire Department responded and rendered medical care to the victims and transported them to local hospitals. I spoke with Lieutenant Iccarus of the Los Santos Police Department who said they have identified the victims and obtained a description of the shooter, however neither will be disclosed at this time. Lieutenant Iccarus ended the interview with saying that "Unfortunately, Los Santos has been struck with another despicable act of violence, something we cannot tolerate for much longer within this city. We need to act upon this, to prevent multiple more lives being risked, or put in harms way." Want to let us know what you think? Use the form below to make a comment! Username: Comment:
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