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Found 1 result

  1. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Container system What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Well, I think that there should be some sort of implementation of depth in a character's inventory. Let's say you have a duffle bag on yourself. Currently, it only serves as a visual aid (thank you @JohnM for clearing it up, it does actually provide you with extra space), but what if it served as an actual container (inventory within an inventory if you will) that you can store things in. My idea is that once you click on it in the inventory, its inventory shows up to you (change to hold the modify key to wear it on/off). I think it can remove the spam created when transferring a ton of things from yourself to another inventory. Perhaps limit the depth of the containers to about 2 so that it doesn't get abused a lot. My suggestion is also adding a Wallet object, a simple renamable Box object (let's say you order something from SLD or JGC, way easier to do things) and perhaps a purse of some sort. What are the advantages?- I believe it can promote more illegal RP (people stealing purses, duffle bags, etc), reduce powergaming ("nah, man, that stack of 1000 dollars is in my right pocket, hah!"), reduce logs spam and facilitate roleplay situations. It can also be useful for daily roleplay if you want to drop off a duffle bag with things in it and it takes you a lot of time to go through your inventory and figure out what was in the bag and what not. It might also reduce metagame (some people roleplay giving people bags of cash, but with the current system people see that you're actually giving money). What are the disadvantages?- Perhaps it can be deemed as too big of a task for scripters to implement in a single update. It would require some changes to the GUI (so that you're able to have two inventories open, one that is "you" and the other one is the targeted "container"). Another disadvantage would be harder tracking of inventory items for administrators, but better tracking could be achieved with some clever logging (log whenever someone drops or hands over a container and log whatever contents it had, then in case those contents change on another handover or drop, add a new log of items, if not, keep the old list of items). Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I'm willing to help if help is needed. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Well, I'll assume the items are stored in a relational database. Simply allow items to be "in" other items on that list. So, let's say you have an item of ID 2001399, and a bag of ID 2001400, you could simply reference the 2001399 item to the 2001400 item (I'll guess there's a column 'parent ID' or similar in the database). I'm not sure if that's the way things work behind the scenes, but I imagine Chaos and the rest of the team are more than capable of doing that. My idea is something like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2971593/self-referential-table-fields-in-mysql
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