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Found 4 results

  1. This is Team WolfCub Noose or TWCN for short. Hello. I am WolfCub and this is my story. - THE YOUNG KILL VOLUME 2 Click here for Volume 1 this is based on true story of my life. it was 2004, a dark year, a dark time. very many mens had bad times then and they were not too good. it was middle of sex with virgin. i roar like lion and my hair flows around because it is in pony tail and i rock head back and forth while inserting penis into vagina and inserting inside the penis inside the vagina almost peeing. my muslces get big and i touch mias butt with my finger putting 5 finger inside the cheek. i make sweat from the sex and she makes too and we are happy and she screams like during rape but only this is happiness. i always wanted virgin. spark goes out of eye and it goes out of her too. i smile at her boob and it starts moving around like beyblade which was something i liked to play with. i grab hair and open out, my teeth sharp like knife and sword and ice. my area grows pushing her against wall so i can split her vagina. i go inside kill mode and i moan really loud and show teeth since they are well brushed and mia one time said i had good teeth and i wore her clothes and danced around mirror showing muscle and dick smiling happy and she smiled too. sparks go outside eye like lighting bolt since i am very strong and i can rip a lot of rope. i bite into lip and it makes a lot of blood and i make the blood go onto her butt so i slide around with my finger. i start producing heat since hot. eyes are shine and lighting and the burn ceiling and walls with lines of burn. i feel like i am going to pee inside her and she moans very loudly and screams from pain since i start ripping her into shred and we are very happy because we love sex. i finally pee a lot of times and she starts expanding and white pee starts coming from inside butt and making me sticky and then she starts gag and pee starts coming from her mouth and her stomach gets very big since we will have a baby now. i stand back with smile and her fingers start move and she begins to have new boob on chest and spark lines that are red start coming from inside eye and making me burn and blood. her stomach opens and her body starts to pulsate and a lot of zits start to grow from skin and flesh and blod up and a lot of pee comes from her stomach hole and blows up onto ground and her neck starts to grow very large and she starts vomiting pee upside and it shines in red light so it is very nice and it makes penis rise secretly when i watch behind corner. I still hold hair and throw her onto ground since she has woman now and no more virgin and her eye redness goes away. from body something move and then pee shoots out with a ball inside and then ball goes away and inside ball is baby. baby is very nice and she has no hair but her eyes red like moms and that looks sexy and very scary. there is a lot of sperm on ground and some on her and then she takes placenta and eats it. baby calls me father and we stand up and we hug and go outside room and wave goodbye to father and mother because they now have baby and they smile and we smile and we are so happy and there is also rainbow outside and bird sing so it is good day and we go. the baby is big so it needs lot of food and growth because baby is 18 so i dont get police call from Matilda. baby name is Almond. we take supra and go riding around town because i remember something. i looked at baby vagina and smile with happiness because i always wanted daughter because then i can buy dress. we go really fast and pass everyone because the car is good and expensive and even clouds go away. almond and i are going back to get rs haul car because a black ruined my delivery last time and i need more money because i want to buy that 450 thousand dollar house in richman that looks cool and has renovated interior. we arrive and then we look around but we dont find car because i dont know. i am shock and almond is also shock and i get angry and start breaking asfalt with fist because anger. also, the black that called me nigga is gona but that was not possible because i broke foot! something was stinky and it wasnt sex from sweat. only the black with bad remark could drive the car because he was close so must have been trick. we went next to chicken place and look to garbage bin. there we find the biggest fucking piece of shit fucking trash human who fucking lies on the fucking internet and makes fucking horrible articles and is fucking shit and was fucking talking with stolen iphone 5s and eating shitty greasy chicken. you can see his rapist penis outline on his leg cloth. we step and his nipple starts to move since he knows fear and since i and almond are very strong. he has done the weed so his eyes are red but its fake red unlike almond. he tries stand but i step and punsh him inside eyes and he cries and it makes baby laugh. almond bites inside nipple and he starts to move from pain and i am very proud of daughter. i take chicken from hand and his hand breaks backwards and i put chicken inside butt. but almond is hungry so she needs food but since chicken is inside the blacks butt we take feet instead and almond eats and smiles and i smile because i am caring father. he makes blood a lot and then bird comes and makes shit and eats eye and we smile and go other way because we do not like trolls. i look at daughter with proudness and she looks at me and i look at her boob and she is already grown so i smile more. she have very beautiful lips and bald head that is smooth when you touch it and it still shines from pee. almond says father and that makes me excite because i like little girl daughter calling father since parenthood is manly. she have mia eyes with red spark but also mine green and blue since she had my genes on her. we talk and then she understands and she starts to run because she wants to find truck for father because she also hates the blacks and she is smart like mother and strong like me because i was my strongest during the sex so she got strong. she starts run and sparks go from eyes and start breaking window and she has energy around her and a lot of wind and she is super fast and super deadlier. her boobs start moving around and her butt too and i smile because i am so proud to have daughter like that. she must be taught proper education and sex so i need find school and i know perfect place. i also go work and make deliver, so i can buy her cloth and food and beautiful miniskirt and thin panty. inside town there is super academy where lives my teacher who is legend. he has been in city for very long time and he is smart. he will help me with teaching almond and finding black man with bad remark who stolen car because that is the skill of true blacks. he have skill to sense presence of every non gentile degenerate inside world and also he has super strong. strongest inside world and he has power of burn. i drive in front of temple and walk up stairs and inside, nervous because master is known for kill and love. when i approach door i see blue glow and feel heat in air. it is him... KLAUS, he human strongness and pureness process. he have big muscle and i look. he has power of burn inside hand and it is his signature oven level burn power which he only used once against powerful ancient evil. it is final form and i never seen it before with blue flames and light blue lighting from eyes. but he have control unlike me and almond. he has become super. i surprised and not sure why he so strong right now and he say that black evil has been birthted inside world. i ask if it is almond and he say no because almond is not black and he can only sense non gentiles because evil energy. he says he prepare because enemy very strong and it is fight for world. he open eyes and they glow with pure arian energy and lightning and he has shadows and shine and he looks very cool and he also has hot blonde women in darkness who he has the sex and babies with like true man. he serious. meanwhile in... where once was house with ugly blacks there is now hole and a lot of blacks are around crater with smoke and burn and look because they are dumb and too afraid to go check inside. the smoke slowly fade and something very black and sinister inside with piercing eye like tip of knife. the blacks gather closer and start bow as more smoke clears. step and shock can be heard through island of africa. with gust of wind, lightning comes from smoke and very evil and bad man come out... NEXT TIME: MEET THE OMNIGGER - *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((I put in way more effort this time but it still came down to a few hours of work Still using the good old MS Paint and mouse and I will be using it for every IC post, since it suits the character. Hope you enjoyed the maddness xd))
  2. Piney

    TWCN - THE YOUNG KILL - 18+ Blog

    This is Team WolfCub Noose or TWCN for short. Hello. I am WolfCub and this is my story. - THE YOUNG KILL VOLUME 1 this is based on true story of my life. it was 2004, a dark year, a dark time. very many mens had bad times then and they were not too good. it was morning, i woke up from last night. i looked at my muscles and i saw that i had been sleeping. next to me was a beautiful blonde woman who i sexed with the night before, putting penis in vagina and other sex poses. the sun was shining in my eyes as they glimmered with a green and blue shine in them. i looked at the time and realized that it was time for work and so i left house, putting on shirt and throwing the woman on street because she wasnt girlfriend and i didnt think she was virgin so she was bad. i showed up at work and went in truck and started riding around. i was the fastes driver in the city so i got a lot of cash really fast which was nice and i even chased with cops and ran traffic light. but then i saw a loud black outside doing bad remarks by calling me nigga and i didnt like it because he was the nigga and not me. i steppeded outside of car and looked him inside the eye. i didnt like him so i punshed him in the eye and he started being louder and pulled out a gun. he shot. but i dodged the bullet and ripped the arm out of his socket so he could not shoot anymore and he made shit and started crying. i flexed arm and laughed with victory. his penis grew and i was reminded of all the normal people he had raped so i wanted to kill him. he sweats. i went closer and looked him inside eye, my green eye sparkling with joy and happiness from the attack. i wanted to kill. he looked pathetic and weak and i didnt think he was worty of survival. i was just about to make him dig the dirt but then i hear roar of supercar. i looked to my side and there was a blue bmw supra parked next to the road. a woman stepped out with a machine gun spraying some blacks on the side of the road and she laughs. she is very pretty and i stared at the boob. she was old friend. he name was... Mia Hernandez! she reaches out arm and i remember her from kindergarden where we played and she once showed me her vagina. i nodded and i showed the black mercy after breaking his legs. we went inside the car and i touched her vagina and she touched mine. we went to star tower and we went to the top with parachutes. we looked down and we saw police hq and inside there was man. the sun shined brightly behind us as the clouds parted, giving me warmness on my back. she started speaking about man that needed kill so i nodded and understood. she had piercing red eyes like a albino anaconda and she looked really pretty and she was 18 years old. i agreed to kill but i also wanted to have big reward and as reward she gives virginity and i like that. she loved sex so it was good deal for her too. also the man was chief of police in las angalas so he was also a secret jew and that was a crime that can not go unpunished. i take gun and parashoot and jump off the tower and open it and aim my gun, closing one eye and holding finger on the trigger as i aim. i know when he would be infront of window because i read his diary once so i know his daily routine. i sweat a bit because it is really hard but i am okay since i like my job. i shoot once the jew shows his nose and then the bullet hits. the window break and the bullet connects and his head breaks and even eyeball leaves. the blood went everywhere and his hat flew off. i smile so hard as i glide down, knowing that i will get the sex today. the wind was cold so that was also refreshing because i was sweating before. my grin was big, i was never so happy before because i liked virgin and that would be really good because then its real sex not fake like with an doll. at night we went into a dark room in her house. her mom and dad showed us the way and they were really happy because her daughter gona loose virginity. we had the sex and i put my 18 centimeter penis inside her big virgin vagina and i start to poud her and we both smile really hard. we moan and make noises a lot and we even start clapping as i do the sex and hold her in my strong arms. her hair flows and i looked at her boob and it was really nice so i touch it. our eyes glow in the dark because we have special colored eyes, mine is one blue and other green and her eyes are red like the room so it looks really nice. i was about to pee in her vagina as i look down at her, going at it and it feels really good. sparks come off my eyes as i go harder and harder, ripping vagina in three pieces. but then i realized something important and then it made me think. COULD IT BE? FIND OUT NEXT TIME - *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((I put a bit more effort into it this time, taking around an hour or so of my time, but it's still messing around with MS Paint on windows XP with a mouse xd, enjoy ))
  3. PRESS RELEASE TWO LSPD DETECTIVES IN CUSTODY, ONE AT LARGE FACING FELONY CHARGES 21/07/2017 District Attorney's Office District Of Los Santos Steven Spade, Attorney Los Santos, San Andreas ------ On the 18th of July, Detective Maurice Davis of the Los Santos Police Department was interrogated by Assistant District Attorney Alisha MacKenzie regarding the fatal shooting of a suspect by the police department. Shortly thereafter being released, Detective Davis re-approached Miss MacKenzie wishing to talk more in depth about the shooting. After presenting himself at the SCoSA building, and being willfully disarmed for safety of all involved, Mister Davis was sat down in Miss Mackenzie's Office. After acknowledging his Miranda rights, Mister Davis began to confess to three separate incidents, starting with the murder of Leon Rudgement, whom he had beaten to death in the woods after volunteering to transport him from a scene to the San Andreas Detention Centre. Mr. Davis continued to confess his part in the torture and attempted murder of a suspect in the LSPD Detective Bureau Office space, implicating two other LSPD Detectives in the process. Finally, Detective Davis admitted to partaking in, and inciting, the wrongful shooting of the suspect from the original interview. Immediately thereafter, Mr. Davis was taken into custody and transferred to the care of the Federal Task Force, and a full-scale investigation was launched into the allegations. Within hours, the District Attorney’s Office was able ascertain evidence that corroborated the confessions and warrants were issued for the two LSPD Detectives implicated in the aforementioned torture and murder. Detectives Samantha Carr (in custody) and Marquis Cortez (at large) are both facing felony charges for their parts in the incident. Updates on the criminal proceedings will be made available as they develop. Anyone with knowledge of Marquis Cortez’s whereabouts or with additional information is encouraged to approach the District Attorney’s Office. In conjunction with the criminal investigations, and in cooperation with the CPQL, the District Attorney’s Office will be conducting a complete audit of the Los Santos Police Department, focusing specifically on the failings of the Internal Affairs Bureau. The District Attorney is expected to meet with the Chief of Police and County Commissioner in the upcoming days to fully address these and other related subjects. The District Attorney would like to assure the people of Los Santos that “[my] Office will continue to aggressively prosecute any corruption, negligence or criminal activity within the State’s Law Enforcement agencies to ensure that justice is sought for victims, and so the citizens of this District may retain faith that their Peace Officers are being held accountable for their actions.” For more information regarding any of the above, or for interview scheduling, please contact the District Attorney’s Office. END OF RELEASE (( There would be NO comment section ))
  4. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Criminal Arraignment Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos The People Versus Slava Vadim Subpart 1. Title. In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 28th of June, 2017, against Slava Vadim. Subpart 2. Body. The People charge the subject Slava Vadim with: SF002 - First Degree Murder WF002 - Carrying an Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon WF007 - Shooting from a Vehicle SF019 - Possession of Signal Jamming Device ☒ - Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction? Subpart 3. Request. The People demand of the subject Slava Vadmin to the following: Death by Lethal Injection Fine of $75,000 in accordance with San Andreas Penal Code. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. - Officer Narrative The following is the narrative submitted to the DA’s Office by the LSPD regarding the Defendant’s actions and context of the case: As a unit part of today's operation at Idlewood, I received a call from AIR-1; operated by Detective Dudeck that there is suspicious movement of two vehicles next to Glen Park. Myself and Staff Sergeant Alice Woods have immediately responded to the scene, the first vehicle was a Rolls-Royce, and the suspects were operating in another vehicle. The Rolls-Royce suddenly takes off, and the suspects pursue after them, eventually beginning to fire shots at the Rolls-Royce. One passenger was pronounced dead and the driver was struck by a bullet, the suspects continued to elude at extremely high speeds, with myself and AIR-1 pursuing the suspects where they eventually had a collision with a wall at LSIA. They immediately took off on foot and AIR-1 kept updating us with information of their location, Officer Trevor Lincoln went after suspect Slava Vadim. Myself and Officer Shane Walker & Doni Provacci went after the other suspect which is currently at DB holding cells. A military jammer was found in the vehicle, and FTF is taking investigation with the driver. Exhibit 2. - Evidence Reports Exhibit 6. - DashCam/ AIR 1 Footage (( Edited in, provided by @JameZ)) Dashcam footage from 01-L-47. The dashcam would show the vehicle being stationary at Washington Street, when suddenly a call could be heard over TAC Comms by AIR-01 needing assistance at Glen Park. James Campbell can be seen rushing towards the cruiser, rolling with sirens and lights to the location, almost arriving immediately. The dashcam would show a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi with plates GASORASS stopping next to a Rolls-Royce, both vehicles suddenly take off and the cruiser could be seen pursuing them. Suddenly, a few moments later the Subaru can be seen opening fire at the Rolls-Royce, the cruiser can be seen slightly backing off, the Subaru takes off and the cruiser continues to go after it. The Subaru suddenly dashes off, disappearing from the cruiser's sight. Two minutes later, the cruiser could be seen casually patrolling around LSIA where it spots the same Subaru with plates GASORASS, two IC-1 males could be seen exiting the vehicle as it has crashed into a wall, a helicopter is heard and several units arrive to the scene, eventually putting both males into custody. Subpart 5. Narrative. The case against Slava Vadim was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office on grounds that the Defendant had violated San Andreas laws and was suspect of the First Degree Murder. The Prosecution wishes that the court review the evidence held against the Defendant, and come to a swift judgment regarding the allegations against him. Subpart 6. Recommendation. ☒ - Issue Parole After Release ☒ - Grant Early Release ☒- Release On Bail Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @ThatGuy @gopnik1919 @EDR @Unitts @Brett @Franco @bartman )) (( Edit made to fix name in narrative apologies))

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