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Found 2 results

  1. Badgers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Club founded in Montgomery, Red County by Teddy Stubbs in late 2018. The club is still developing and not much is known about it. 05/10/2018 On the 5th of Octomber 2018, Teddy Stubbs was alone in his bar, wondering what to do. After some thinking, he decided to make an advertisement that the bar is open. He didn't get too many customers but suddenly a group of three people rushed inside the bar, with their guns out, shouting to keep his hands up. The individuals stole Teddy's phone and some money. The customer which was with Teddy called the police which, unfortunately, haven't been able to find and apprehend the suspects yet. 07/10/2018 Jackson Reynolds, a good friend of Teddy's which got released from prison, came to The Honey Badger for a drink, only he didn't know that Teddy owned the bar. When Teddy saw him, he couldn't believe his eyes. Teddy knew that Jack used to ride with a crew before he went to jail, so he invited him to join the club which, Jack accepted. After a talk with the other members, they all decided to make Jackson the new Sgt. At Arms of Badgers MC. 31/07/2019 On the 31st of July, Teddy called his brother, Winston, and asked if they could meet up. They shared a few drinks at a random bar in Los Santos and talked the whole night. After the bar closed, they decided to visit the only place they loved to go every day, The Honey Badger. As they looked at their bar, nostalgia hits them hard. They looked at each other and decided that they should gather up the crew again and give The Badgers MC another shot. (More to come.) Upon joining or being associated with this faction you will fall under our CK clause.
  2. The story began once Christopher Willart met Spencer Floyd at his old garage, one of the few customers looking to get his motorbike fixed. Back then the things were bad for the business, it was moving slow and the customers were few, not too many people were looking for a countryside mechanic so the garage got closed shortly after. After a long period of time in another state, Christopher was called back in San Andreas to be asked by the government if the properties were still in use. He had brought the subject of matter into court where he lost the case. Sometime later on, Chris has found Spencer yet again at his trailer park by a slight accident. They began talking about opening a business together. The two of them agreed then decided to search a bar that they could buy with the combined remaining savings. After some time they found a small pub in Montgomery. Once purchased, they gave it a makeover. Walls got painted, furniture bought, and alcohol ordered from the local brewery. Unfortunately, their money wasn't enough so they took a big gamble: open the bar as it is or abandon the project? Fortunately for them, the bar went crazy as the population from the state of San Andreas kept coming in, ordering beverages and having a great time. In a short time, they have collected enough money to finish the restoration of the place. Within forty-eight hours, they have completed refurbishing the property as they decided to open the bar once again. The population loved their design and they definitely saw a huge impact. They got around to meeting new customers and soon after the first supporters came by. The story continues to evolve as the two continue to work together as a team. The two of them got their first /business proposal/ which they surely accepted. It was only a matter of time until Christopher proposed to Spencer to open a Motorcycle Club that they are currently running. OOC: We are aware that our spelling isn't that great, it's our first topic written in English. If you see any typos we'd be thankful if you could help us fix them. This is a project that strikes towards self-improvement and having fun. Everyone is invited no matter the skill. We strive to develop our faction. The topic will be updated periodically. Even though we accept newbies we strongly advise our members to follow the server rules. We reserve our right to FPK / CK members that affect the community/ faction.
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