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Found 9 results

  1. Neptune

    Bank Loans

    So my suggestion is, a loan from the BoLS, scriptwise. - Adding an option to the bank NPCs to be able to take out a loan. - Upon taking out a loan, each payday you'd have to pay a percentage back to the bank. --- Ex: You take a loan of $10,000. - Each payday you'd have to return 2% + extra fee untill paid-back entirely. Let's say 2% + (0.2%) for 50 playhours so its 100% (+10%) so if you take a loan of 10k, you basically pay back 11k. - Limit the amount you can take out as a loan to let's say: $10.000 if not a member of a faction (Not having a stable income). - Limit the amount you can take out as a loan to +/- $25.000 if you are a member of a legal faction with a stable income. The amount you can take out as a loan should be affected by the ATM card you posess aswell, regular bank account owners shouldn't be able to withdraw as a loan as much as people with the ULTIMATE cards. The amount you can take out as a loan could be also affected by your status in the faction if member or leader - leaders could possibly take out a business type loan? Example - higher amount of $$$ as a Loan to boost your business. As every other transaction, this one should be limited by the playhours you have on your character - make it available at 15+ or 25+ hours. To prevent this addition from being abused to gain finances and possibly give to your friend or alt-alt somehow a script to back it up should be added - LIMITING THE AMOUNT OF LOANS YOU CAN HAVE PER ACCOUNT to ONE (1). So you couldn't take out another loan on an alternate character, if you have a loan active on a different character at the time. Advantages: People in need of quick cash can get the cash this way without having to wait, or RS Haul and risk being robbed and will lower the current UNREALISTIC amount of robberies, as I myself have been robbed three times within 8 hours a week ago. Disadvantages: Possibility of a 'SCAM'. Someone takes out a loan on a character - then asset transfers it to another and avoids the loan payback by having the money on another character, and not ever logging back to the char with the active loan. Overall this is not really a vital suggestion that should be implemented, but it could really help someone out if needed. And it definitely is something new.
  2. ((A photo with Norbid Bailer's head spinning would be seen as an advertisement on random websites, leading to this )) Do you sit at home a lot and have no purpose in life? Do you like making people laugh and creating controversy? Are you an edgelord? - WELL WE HAVE JUST THE JOB FOR YOU! TEAM WOLFCUB IS A SQUAD OF YOUNG LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS WHO TEAMED UP TOGETHER TO TAKE OVER VINEWOOD! Mr. WolfCub aka Norb He is the founder of Team Wolfcub. He is an active member of society, a brony, reddit atheist, a furry and a self proclaimed YouTube sensation. Team WolfCub was founded by WolfCub a year or so after he was kicked out of his old apartment in early 2016, where he resided with his mother for the past 25 years. Before that, he was an online roleplayer and an active reddit and 4chan enthusiast. What does TEAM WOLFCUB do exactly? Team WolfCub actively participates in creating content on online forums, reddit and 4chan, as well as LiveLeak. But their primary platform is YouTube.com Team WolfCub tries to create exciting and thrilling content for everyone and they are actively looking for new members to add to their ranks. Team WolfCub tries to provide a network for YouTubers so they can effectively monetize their videos for revenue and they also hook them up with sponsors, and possible collaborators. Team WolfCub also seeks to provide it's members with dank merchandise, that they could sell to fans. Examples of our content can be found here! WolfCub's content - Examples of our merch! Team WolfCub Official Poster with a WolfCub Signature Team WolfCub Official T-Shirt - How to join Team WolfCub? Simple! Just contact us in one of the listed options. - What will you get from joining? EXPERIENCE! MONEY POPULARITY FREE FOOD SOMETIMES YOUR OWN LINE OF AWESOME MERCHANDISE - Contacts Contacts- [email protected] (( @Piney )) #860605 JOIN NOW DON'T MISS OUT
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  5. *The video has been uploaded to the channel ''WolfCub'' on March 10th 2018* *The thumbnail* *It would have a run time of 3:13* *The background music. It would be slightly bass boosted.* *The video would start with a click, an image appearing, the audio would be recorded on an iPhone 5S.* *The voice is rather deep and nasally. He would stutter and slur his words while rapping. Often he would take awkward pauses to breathe.* [00:05] A yeah. Guess who's back in this bitch with his five fifty four. We about to light things up in this crib. This is how we do it in my town. Yo.. Yo. Yo! Yo Yo Yo Yo!!! Things bout to get real... Here I go! *Bass Boost Intensifies* This is W to the O to the L F Cub - WolfCub and I'm here to say That the fuckers leading this hell hole are really fuckin' gay Living this life in hard, I'm opressed Every day I look at my nine, my eyes have grown depressed The Po-Police, just keep a homie down How am I supposed to make a livin' in this town? But I'm managin', every night I be savagin' And my niggas, they my family, you know wassup When we be rollin in our rides with some heat and pullin up *12 second break, the music still goes on and a new image appears.* And this is not fiction, it's reality Most snitches can't even feel the situational gravity Show you my wrist, it's got a R-O-Lex Them hoes really dig it when I flew A specially when my tongue has got the flow Fuck em' high and fuck em' low Now this is Vinewood life, I made a fuckin killin' While you be crying and sometimes even dying, I'll be here in my Rarri, fuckin' chillin Link in bio, buy my merch Don't be Christian, fuck the church! You know the power is corrupt So I feel like me and my homies shall roll up and interrupt As this blondie in the office is fuckin' round with the other dyke They should get a clue and take a hike Before we comin', and we comin' to stay And for their crimes we'll make the false authorities fuckin' pay This is how we do it in Vinewood Ain' no fake ass rappers got flow like this. They fakes, fo real. WolfCub just laid down some mad rhymes up in this bitch. WOlfCub Out! Peace! [3:10] *The video slowly fades out* - *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((SOS))
  6. THE YOUNG KILL Episode 1 - Prologue To read the original version, Click here! *The Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub main page* *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((Send me anti depressants))
  7. Lucas77

    Fishing in Roleplay

    Hey all, I've been playing a while now on Owlgaming on MTA and always liked playing on Owl, but lately I was wondering this to my self. I bought a boat yesterday and went fishing instantly (always wanted to be a fisher, I know it's weird) So instant thing that caught my eye was that when I sold 16LBS of fish with the command /sellfish I got 10$. I was already thinking to my self isn't that a bit low for 16lbs fish? But i went on and caught total of 216lbs of fish and sold it hoping for a higher money stake, but instead of getting more money for it I got exactly 10$ again. 16lbs equals to 10$ and 216lbs also equals to 10$, isn't that a bit weird? So I had an Idea about maybe changing this system, because I think that you should get paid more for the fish you catch and second of all what about adding treasures too. For instance that you can fish up rare stuff (kraken, money, treasure chest with valueables inside. So it's just a suggestion I hope the scripting team is going to take in mind because I do enjoy the fishing part of it, but just that it sells for 10$ no matter how much lbs you caught is a bit ridiculous. Kind regards Lucas List of suggestions for fishing In summary. (Just overall buffing the fishing system) - That a fish faster lures to your bait. (reduces time that a fish bites into your hook) - Making the fish sell for more. - That you can fish up treasures. (I hope that some of these idea's can be implemented)
  8. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Bag of money (≈ $80,000 - $150,000+) What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- When you drag money out of your inventory and dropping it on a surface it creates a small, rotating wad of money on the floor. How about with a big amount of money being dropped, there's a different item being dropped instead of that one small wad of cash. How about the bag of money item. Bagofmoney:1550. Since this is big as half a ped skin it shouldn't be small amounts of money but only be exploited for big amounts of money to prevent bags of money everywhere. (Bagofmoney:1550) (giving it a retexture should be good.) What are the advantages?- +Better screenshots for serious roleplay +More realism being deployed with fat amounts of money +Easier and faster to click on (pick up) +Attractiveness What are the disadvantages?- -If abused, it can be unrealistic to have a bunch of bags everywhere. (Which is why it should be deployed only with big amounts of money. This problem is already fixed.) Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- The money bag item's number is :1550 How would you go about implementing this idea?- Get the suggestion accepted.
  9. Become rich, the fast way! Tired of your boss? Tired of waking up at 5am for job? Tired of dumping other's load? Try out your Pure Luck™ today! Pure Luck™ is a new lottery in LS, founded by William Anderson & Vlad Kuznetsov. Here at Pure Luck™ we're giving everyone a chance, using their true, pure, luck, to get out of debts & their boring life. THE GRAND PRIZES Lottery Grand Prize for this moment stands for: 50,000 $ And the DOUBLE Lotto Prize for this moment stands for... 100,000 $ HOW DO YOU WIN? The rules are pretty simple! • You pick 3 numbers between 1-36. • You can purchase as many tickets as you want for a lottery event! • Numbers can't be repeated. • If one of your ticket matches the 3 numbers rolled in the wheel of luck - YOU WIN! • If one of your ticket contains 2 numbers out of the rolled numbers, you get a refund for the ticket! • You MUST have your identification card on you when purchasing & obtaining the prize. • To enter the lottery event, you MUST be above 18. All you need to do, is to buy a lottery ticket at Pure Luck™, and wait for the lottery event! Ticket Form: OOC ABOUT US Pure Luck™ is located at East Vinewood Blvd, right near the Los Santos Fire Department. Waze Map:

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