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Found 4 results

  1. Also known as - The Braggo Crime Family or The Braggo Organized Crime Family. ( Name after the current Boss of the ''Family''. ) ''Chi dorme non piglia pesci.'' About us: - L'equippagio di Pasadena is an organized group of former members of other groups from the Los Santos area - mainly the di'Maggio Sindicatti di Criminale, Beverly Avenue Gang. The group is focusing on operations around the Pasadena Boulevard in Los Santos, and only rarely operate outside their ''turf''. The groups hierarchy resembles to a traditional Italian-American mob structure, however the quantum of members is much smaller, for example like a bigger crew. The group is led by a single person which operates in the background and is rarely seen between his members, he has two men considered as generals operating in the field - they are called classically, Caporegimes and those have the rest of the enlisted members below them, Made-Men who are full time and proven members and of course Associates and other hang-arounds or outsiders. The groups ranking structure. (Names and pictures not included to prevent any sort of metagaming.) The thread is a work in progress, you may see changes in the upcoming days to the main post. Detailed information is not posted to prevent metagaming and any other sort of rule-breaking. Screenshots are due to be added as the faction makes progress. Upon initiating roleplay with this group, with an intention to become a member or be any-how associated with the faction, you agree with the CK Clause. This means, you may get CKed when deemed fit by the leadership of this group - that means, the three highest ranked people of this group. Only the Boss and Caporegimes can mark people affiliated with the faction to be CKed. Screenshots of Roleplay that led to forming of this group. Credits for the graphics go to @WickJeffe.
  2. This faction is meant to portray a realistic and modern Cosa Nostra organization. If you have any questions or would like to join please do contact @Aegaios. Upon associating with this faction and/or receiving a role in our discord you are the immediate subject to a CK clause.
  3. The Yakuza family is well known in Japan and Liberty city, now they wish to expand the business, they are a morally ambiguous crime syndicate, they are known to commit positive and negative deeds in the community, they value loyalty, They are well known for their tattoos, they decided to set up in the big city in the state of San Andreas, please call or message 799900 for application.
  4. [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [00:26] whip a lil 4 to a 50 pack lil nigga what you gone do with that Whatever you want back I'm cool with that long as all y'all niggas movin that Now I'm finessing and flexing and dressing i got these lil bitches like who is that I'm whippin in space you know thats that wraith I'm on the southside you ain't new to that Came in the game now I'm fuckin shit up, Hit the work with the soda and double it up Feeling like raw i can't leave the pot alone, if You don't want dope then stop calling my phone The block can see Bankroll that nigga right now, You don't want smoke so lil nigga pipe down Went grab that dope and i flooded my town, King of the South so i need me a crown [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [00:54] I done bossed up then i got sauced up, Now I'm having that check when i walk up Now these niggas can't keep they bitch off of me, Better come get her for that hoe get tossed up CHM them Ape niggas blastin, Please tell somebody come capture this madness Op nigga come cross the block and he through, Give a fuck who your kin to we stainin them too Don't fuck with fuck niggas I'm running up figures and i been that nigga so my pockets got bigger Came in with gang and we fucked up the streets, this gang shit only bitch I'm still dropping heat They Wonder How Bankroll crush every beat, Stay humble go hard cause bitch i gotta eat See me winning now these niggas dry hating but all that dry hating gone get your life taken If you come from the bottom and never had nothin and now you got cake better flex in they face Fuck the hate go run that guap up, Internet beefing be on that same shit when i pop up No the police can not stop us, Pop up we shaking your spot and 'Lando lighting your block up Bankroll Baby:Brrt? Ky $avage : Hello? Plug called told me that he got us, he told he just got a lot of product time to go flip it and make a lil' profit [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [1:34] Came in the game now I'm fuckin shit up, Hit the work with the soda and double it up Feeling like raw i can't leave the pot alone, if You don't want dope then stop calling my phone The block can see Bankroll that nigga right now, You don't want smoke so lil nigga pipe down Went grab that dope and i flooded my town, King of the South so i need me a crown [Verse: Orlando] [1:48] Arrived with the fucking money, hoes, bottles and all the fucking motha fuckin' rollies Shit get too heavy to crown me, Pull up with chop servin' everything around me Think I'm in the fucking illuminati cause I brought up the shit, no wonder you niggas is so fucking stupid I been around for this shit I'm a monster at this I decipher the shit then I break down a brick. Bitch you can't fucking play me, I run the show like Picasso, Running through the hood in a Tahoe. Been a badmon since my incarnation, got the sixth sense I can tell a pussy nigga when he faking some of my niggas they blooded and hatian, some of my hoovers they gutter they staining some of my crips they muggin' they'll shank you, run up on me and this choppa gon' thank you. [2:15] [Verse: Ky $avage] [2:28] I'm whippin', i'm whippin', i'm whippin' it up, I got my youngings, they flippin' these packs, Trapline ringing 24/7, I ain't got time to relax, In the booth with Bankroll, young nigga just keep getting these stacks, I'ma stay on my grind, I feel like i'm in my prime time, i'm keepin' it hunnid, i'm keeping it max, These niggas is pussies and that shit is facts, Kill a nigga then forget about it, leave that in the past, Try some funny shit on my block and you pussy niggas will get whacked, If you talking hot, my lil' niggas got your ass tracked, Lando pull up with the choppa' leave all of you niggas clapped, I swear most of you niggas like to just act, Pull up in yo' hood shoot yo' goofy ass in the back, I swear you will never catch me on a lack, I got that thing on me, I'm always strapped, Got my young ones hitting stains for the cheddar, My young ones always stay packed, [3:02]
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