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Found 5 results

  1. Ambidextrous

    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    This thread is dedicated to the exposure of custom MTG cards directed towards the Staff Team of OwlGaming. Please keep in mind that this thread is satiric in its nature and should not be considered serious by anyone. If locked/deleted, it will merely further the point of AT’s incompetence to take in criticism. Please keep comments to the minimum, don't post useless shit to clutter up the thread. @guntars
  2. Piney

    Team WolfCub

    TEAM WOLFCUB IS A SQUAD OF YOUNG LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS WHO TEAMED UP TOGETHER TO TAKE OVER VINEWOOD! Mr. WolfCub aka Norb He is the founder of Team Wolfcub. He is an active member of society, a brony, reddit atheist, a furry and a self proclaimed YouTube sensation. Team WolfCub was founded by WolfCub a year or so after he was kicked out of his old apartment in early 2016, where he resided with his mother for the past 25 years. Before that, he was an online roleplayer and an active reddit and 4chan enthusiast. The name 'WolfCub' dates back to 2004, when Norb started to roleplay in MMOs as a magical wolf. He adopted the name after a catfish by the name of 'Wolf Mother' started to ERP with him. Team WolfCub still participates in furry conventions to this day. What does TEAM WOLFCUB do exactly? Team WolfCub actively participates in creating content on online forums, reddit and 4chan, as well as LiveLeak. But their primary platform is YouTube.com Team WolfCub tries to create exciting and thrilling content for everyone and they are actively looking for new members to add to their ranks. Team WolfCub tries to provide a network for YouTubers so they can effectively monetize their videos for revenue and they also hook them up with sponsors, and possible collaborators. Team WolfCub also seeks to provide it's members with dank merchandise, that they could sell to fans. Current members WolfCub WolfCub's content COMING SOON! Our Merchandise NEW! THE YOUNG KILL WolfCub Poster SALE! $500 $250! Team WolfCub Official Poster with a WolfCub Signature $200 Team WolfCub Official T-Shirt $450 Team WolfCub Official Hoodie $1200 NEW! Team WolfCub Official Fidget Spinner $600 Donations We accept all donations! To donate, get in contact with us in one of the listed contact options and we'll give you the details. As rewards for donating, you'll be getting free merchandise for larger donations and even getting the ability to have a skype chat or meet up with WolfCub Contacts and FAQ Contacts- [email protected] (( @Piney )) #860605 How to join Team WolfCub? Simple! Just contact us in one of the listed options.
  3. THE YOUNG KILL Episode 1 - Prologue To read the original version, Click here! *The Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub main page* *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((Send me anti depressants))
  4. Hi, I decided to make this as it seems like not many understands how dangerous sliding into a tree/pole is. This is created to make people understand these accidents, and will be able to roleplay them accordingly. First of all, accidents with tree's/poles are one of the leading causes of fatal accidents. It's because the side of a car got nothing at all to take all the energy from a crash from, so even low speed accidents can be serious. According to studies, a car having a side impact with a tree begins to be fatal when speeds hit 30 km/h. So keep that in mind, even at 30 km/h a side impact can be fatal, and this the older the car = the chance of death is higher obviously. Lets be honest, if you manage to hit a tree or a pole sideways in MTA, you were probably going faster than 30 km/h. Let me quote from a study: Accident with tree's and poles is the reason for up to 50 percent of fatal accident, that's a big number = huge chance for death given just the fact you hit a tree/poles. Thing is, airbags and seatbelts don't really help that much in these accidents. Because, most of the car is simply gone and you would probably be crushed to death. Number of Belted Far Side Struck Occupants – NASS/CDS 1993-2002 Here's an actual example of something that happened in game. (It's not to blame anyone, it's just an excellent example.) A car was driving on dirt roads, and lost control. Ended up sliding down a cliff/hill and hit a tree sideways. That hill/cliff is insanely steep, and I believe you could imagine what speed and energy a car would get sliding down there. Not to talk about the HIGH possibility of it rolling over. The red part shows how much of the car would be gone after the accident. The chance of survival is minimal to none, just looking at how much of the car is completely crashed after the crash. This isn't just a fender bender, and it no it won't pop right back out. Then there's also all the energy his body had to absorb during the accident, and that doesn't make chances of survival better. I am more than certain that there is no possible way that somebody could survive this crash. If a miracle was to happen, the person wouldn't be able to walk ever again but the fatality is near 100 percent. My sources including photos, feel free to check/read them: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3217499/ http://acrs.org.au/files/arsrpe/RS010004.pdf http://www.sbes.vt.edu/gabler/publications/sae-2005-01-0287.pdf (These images are quite strong for some people, I warn you.)

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