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Found 3 results

  1. Badgers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Club founded in Montgomery, Red County by Teddy Stubbs in late 2018. The club is still developing and not much is known about it. 05/10/2018 On the 5th of Octomber 2018, Teddy Stubbs was alone in his bar, wondering what to do. After some thinking, he decided to make an advertisement that the bar is open. He didn't get too many customers but suddenly a group of three people rushed inside the bar, with their guns out, shouting to keep his hands up. The individuals stole Teddy's phone and some money. The customer which was with Teddy called the police which, unfortunately, haven't been able to find and apprehend the suspects yet. 07/10/2018 Jackson Reynolds, a good friend of Teddy's which got released from prison, came to The Honey Badger for a drink, only he didn't know that Teddy owned the bar. When Teddy saw him, he couldn't believe his eyes. Teddy knew that Jack used to ride with a crew before he went to jail, so he invited him to join the club which, Jack accepted. After a talk with the other members, they all decided to make Jackson the new Sgt. At Arms of Badgers MC. 31/07/2019 On the 31st of July, Teddy called his brother, Winston, and asked if they could meet up. They shared a few drinks at a random bar in Los Santos and talked the whole night. After the bar closed, they decided to visit the only place they loved to go every day, The Honey Badger. As they looked at their bar, nostalgia hits them hard. They looked at each other and decided that they should gather up the crew again and give The Badgers MC another shot. (More to come.) Upon joining or being associated with this faction you will fall under our CK clause.
  2. Venenoso


    Name: Gavin "Gave" Cooper Date of birth: August 13th, 1984 Last seen: Red County Status: In hiding -Early Days- Born and raised amongst his siblings (of which he was the eldest) and mother in the small town of Angel Pine, southern San Andreas. Gave was son of a truck driver by the name of Nathan Cooper, an imponent man with a weakness for cheap whiskey, prostitutes and easy money, a package of interests that Gavin would later on inherit, as his uncle Michael usually says "Gave's the living image of Nate" referring to his father, who used to spend more time travelling on his old truck through the country than with his family. -Smuggling Ring- It is curious that, when he was barely seventeen years old, his own father introduced Gavin to the criminal world by taking him to Kent, his contact in Bone County, Kent was a rather old man with a long grey beard and a prominent belly that would amaze mostly anyone for it's size, this man was the connection between a sureno gang from Las Venturas and Gavin's father, who would transport anything stolen by the gang worth a penny in the black market: From stolen goods like electronics, furniture or even cars to, sometimes, drugs or guns. It was his father idea to push Gavin into understanding the tricks of the job so he could later be driving his father's truck for him while Nathan would set another truck route for himself and duplicate the trips made in a year, and maybe even expanding towards a wider market, but his plan wouldn't go as he meant it, as fate had it's own plan for fifty-two years old Nathan Cooper. In September 5th, 2005, Nathan was ambushed at a lunch stop in the Interstate 27 highway, receiving three deadly shots from a hitman while he was finishing his favourite meal, the reason behind the murder of Nathan Cooper remains a mistery, his closest friends believe he might been smuggling stolen drugs, others that he scammed the wrong people, but nobody's sure. Two days after the murder of his father Gave lost contact with Kent aswell. "Did they killed him too?" "Or did he betrayed my dad?" "Am I the next one?" Gavin wouldn't sleep for weeks. As he lost touch with Kent, Gavin had to find another way to bring food to the table, atleast until his siblings, Jason (15) and Kate (9) grew older, by that time his mother took a part job as waitress in a local restaurant, and Gavin worked as truck driver for almost a whole year, until a dark, rainy night, he had a long conversation while sharing a couple of beers with a young man by the name of Jacob Mayers, establishing the foundations of what was going to be a long lasting friendship. -Devil's Tail MC- Jacob Mayers was an Enforcer on the local chapter of the Devil's Tail MC in San Fierro, everytime Gave's truck led him to that city he would drop by the DTMC's bar, where he was introduced to several members of the MC, Gavin knew the MC had some dirty stuff going underground, and he wanted a slice of pie. Also, the leather jacked with the "Prospect" emblem suited him well. In the early days of 2007 he got accepted as a Prospect, and knowing about his smuggling background, the MC opened their illegal activities to Gavin. It turned out they ran the biggest kidnapping network in San Fierro, with connections rooting deep inside the Police Department and the City Hall that would give them both protection and information about their viable targets. Gave was always sort of a funny guy, never wasting an oportunity to throw in a joke, nontheless, while doing a job he was remarkably serious and professional. He earned full membership alongside with the respect of the other members after his first and successful kidnapping. Three more kidnappings would follow during the same year, every single one fulfiled without any major issues. June 3rd 2010, It was nice warm day in San Fierro as sun shone up in the clear blue sky. Gavin woke up, early in the morning, to the sound of a fist firmly hitting his front door repeatedly, he opened it to find his friend, Jacob, nervously looking and rather shaky. "Gave it's over, they're coming for us, we've got to go" (((Work in progress)))
  3. I decided to make this guide because of people who are interested in joining a MC while they don't have any idea about the very first stage they go through which is being a prospect. Motorcycle clubs aren't really known in Africa/Asia and there is a huge amount of players who're from both continents. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to RP as a prospect? Basically, you should know that prospects are just nothing, they're at the very low stage of food chain. As a prospect, you're only trying to gain respect from the patched members, that's the second goal you're aiming at. What's your first goal? It's to be patched and this won't be done if you don't gain respect from the patched members. You should go to the patched members and ask them how are they doing today "How ya doin' today, prez", you should predict things; you know that one of the patched members like beer, whenever is he outside or inside the bar/clubhouse, you should offer him a beer even if he didn't ask you to do so, that's how to gain respect. If you notice that the members are heading inside the bar, you should take a step toward the door and open it for them: *extends his left hand, as he places his left hand on the door handle, opening it, allowing the patched members to get inside the bar* To be a good prospect you have to do what you're told, you have to obey all the orders you're given and execute them as fast as possible. If there are many prospects, there would be literally a competition between all of you, you're all trying to be the IDEAL prospect, if you see other prospects making mistakes more than you, that's a good thing for you. You should NEVER start a fight, let's say that a full patched member punches you for no reason, and you didn't do any mistake. You're allowed to punch him back as long as you were punched for no reason, if you punched him back you're gaining more respect from him and the patched members. You should also know that your vest means everything, if the president asks you to take off your vest, you just say "No". Even if you really did something stupid, and you're about to get CKed and the president is asking you to take off your vest, you just say "Over my dead body". Nobody can take the vest away from you. Don't allow anyone to take the vest from you. As a prospect, it is expected that you would do most of the work, you're the one who is going to clean the bar/clubhouse, you should clean the bar/clubhouse before someone tells you to do so. If there is an event, and there is a clothes merchant, you're the one who is going to sell the clothes. If the bar is open, it is expected that you're the one who is going to man the bar. If the patched members are sitting and having a conversation, you should keep standing until they tell you to take a seat. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to approach a MC? Motorcycle clubs usually host events as motorcycle rides that everyone can join, an event where they sell things that are related to the club, to support the local club (merchant). In a nut shell, you should make sure that you're in every single event, you must respect every patched member and that's the way to gain respect, you must show your interests in joining. Spend more time at their bar when they're open, ask them if you can join them when they're riding. By doing these steps you would find a prospect patch on the backside of your vest. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits go to @TwoWheelsForever for basically teaching me how to be a prospect.
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