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Found 7 results

  1. boi

    LS Protection Services

    ABOUT LS Protection Services is a security group that keeps a specific target safe, we are currently hiring men and women armed and unarmed, to risk their life to protect others, going into high-speed chases, shoot outs, and of-course, brawls. LS Protection gives services that are affordable for pedestrians can afford. Service Packages Bronze $5,000 Silver $10,000 Gold $25,000 Single Services Escort $2,000 Protection $5,000 Priority Our priority, is to keep the customer safe, and happy. What other things we do? LSPS also secures in special events, like clubs, and parties. We offer the lowest prices. Clubs $1,500 Parties $1,000 How do I apply? https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/1YAoWg8petuoeCmrbPJMiknbRNGWEEZ4WMJP40E5AaRs/edit?usp=forms_home&ths=true
  2. Written By Michael Blitzer • Published on November 13th, 2017 • SAN News IDLEWOOD, LOS SANTOS -- At approximately 6:15PM (1815), the Los Santos Police Department responded to a call of shots fired approximately one block south of the Idlewood Pay & Spray. Upon their arrival they found 3 victims suffering from gunshot wounds. The Los Santos Fire Department responded and rendered medical care to the victims and transported them to local hospitals. I spoke with Lieutenant Iccarus of the Los Santos Police Department who said they have identified the victims and obtained a description of the shooter, however neither will be disclosed at this time. Lieutenant Iccarus ended the interview with saying that "Unfortunately, Los Santos has been struck with another despicable act of violence, something we cannot tolerate for much longer within this city. We need to act upon this, to prevent multiple more lives being risked, or put in harms way." Want to let us know what you think? Use the form below to make a comment! Username: Comment:
  3. **The page would instantly redirect you to the following link**
  4. The Los Santos Fire Department rolling their ambulancances, as two police officers were struck by an unknown black vehicle! 30/09/2017 Los Santos, San Andreas San Andreas Network News Flint County Tunnel, San Andreas - At exactly 21:52, two police officers were involved in a fatal car accident that left them badly injured, in which the reason behind the existence of the LSPD cruiser or the other party of the crash is still unknown. The Los Santos Fire Department arrived on-scene when the commanding officer, who would like to remain anonymous, was attempting to help the two injured police officers. "Officers with the LSPD were travelling southbound through this tunnel at the posted speed limit, when a vehicle took a turn in a reckless manner, cutting into the oncoming lane and struck the vehicle of the police officer's in question." says the commanding officer on-scene, when they were asked about the initial and main reasons behind the fatal MVA. "At this time they are recovering at the hospital and I believe they will be okay." continutes the officer. The names of the two officers and the reckless driver were not released to the public, for now we believe. He also added that this is a situation that any of the involved parties would be proud of. And after asking the detective, who seemed to be in a good mood to speak with the press, about the other party who was issued a fine of about four thousand dollars, he said: "The driver of the vehicle was cited for reckless driving and vehicle was released to him." Finally, the commanding detective wanted to send a message to the people of San Andreas, which was: "Get these people to slow down.", that seems to be a clear message to those racers and reckless drivers who put the lives of the innocent people in danger as well as their own lives! This story will be updated with more info that comes out to the public, stay safe and drive carefully. About the Author John Stars is a news reporter and journalist with the San Andreas Network News, with recent employment at San Andreas Network under the new management and a previous news reporter at BBC News.
  5. Los Santos Police Department - Seized Vehicle Auction Year: 2010 Make: Lamborghini Model: Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni Mileage: ~11,000 VIN: N/A Description: This auction is sanctioned by the Los Santos Police Department. All proceeds benefit the LSPD and improved safety for the citizens of Los Santos. Starting Bid: $130,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout: N/A Auction Ends: 15/09/2017 Contact Info: #311 or comment below.
  6. Los Santos Police Department - Seized Vehicle Auction Year: 2005 Make: Aston Martin Model: DB9 Description: This auction is sanctioned by the Los Santos Police Department. All proceeds benefit the LSPD and improved safety for the citizens of Los Santos. Starting Bid: $40,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: N/A Auction Ends: 13/09/2017 Contact Info: #311 or comment below.
  7. PRESS RELEASE TWO LSPD DETECTIVES IN CUSTODY, ONE AT LARGE FACING FELONY CHARGES 21/07/2017 District Attorney's Office District Of Los Santos Steven Spade, Attorney Los Santos, San Andreas ------ On the 18th of July, Detective Maurice Davis of the Los Santos Police Department was interrogated by Assistant District Attorney Alisha MacKenzie regarding the fatal shooting of a suspect by the police department. Shortly thereafter being released, Detective Davis re-approached Miss MacKenzie wishing to talk more in depth about the shooting. After presenting himself at the SCoSA building, and being willfully disarmed for safety of all involved, Mister Davis was sat down in Miss Mackenzie's Office. After acknowledging his Miranda rights, Mister Davis began to confess to three separate incidents, starting with the murder of Leon Rudgement, whom he had beaten to death in the woods after volunteering to transport him from a scene to the San Andreas Detention Centre. Mr. Davis continued to confess his part in the torture and attempted murder of a suspect in the LSPD Detective Bureau Office space, implicating two other LSPD Detectives in the process. Finally, Detective Davis admitted to partaking in, and inciting, the wrongful shooting of the suspect from the original interview. Immediately thereafter, Mr. Davis was taken into custody and transferred to the care of the Federal Task Force, and a full-scale investigation was launched into the allegations. Within hours, the District Attorney’s Office was able ascertain evidence that corroborated the confessions and warrants were issued for the two LSPD Detectives implicated in the aforementioned torture and murder. Detectives Samantha Carr (in custody) and Marquis Cortez (at large) are both facing felony charges for their parts in the incident. Updates on the criminal proceedings will be made available as they develop. Anyone with knowledge of Marquis Cortez’s whereabouts or with additional information is encouraged to approach the District Attorney’s Office. In conjunction with the criminal investigations, and in cooperation with the CPQL, the District Attorney’s Office will be conducting a complete audit of the Los Santos Police Department, focusing specifically on the failings of the Internal Affairs Bureau. The District Attorney is expected to meet with the Chief of Police and County Commissioner in the upcoming days to fully address these and other related subjects. The District Attorney would like to assure the people of Los Santos that “[my] Office will continue to aggressively prosecute any corruption, negligence or criminal activity within the State’s Law Enforcement agencies to ensure that justice is sought for victims, and so the citizens of this District may retain faith that their Peace Officers are being held accountable for their actions.” For more information regarding any of the above, or for interview scheduling, please contact the District Attorney’s Office. END OF RELEASE (( There would be NO comment section ))

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