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Found 1 result

  1. *The video has been uploaded to the channel ''WolfCub'' on March 10th 2018* *The thumbnail* *It would have a run time of 3:13* *The background music. It would be slightly bass boosted.* *The video would start with a click, an image appearing, the audio would be recorded on an iPhone 5S.* *The voice is rather deep and nasally. He would stutter and slur his words while rapping. Often he would take awkward pauses to breathe.* [00:05] A yeah. Guess who's back in this bitch with his five fifty four. We about to light things up in this crib. This is how we do it in my town. Yo.. Yo. Yo! Yo Yo Yo Yo!!! Things bout to get real... Here I go! *Bass Boost Intensifies* This is W to the O to the L F Cub - WolfCub and I'm here to say That the fuckers leading this hell hole are really fuckin' gay Living this life in hard, I'm opressed Every day I look at my nine, my eyes have grown depressed The Po-Police, just keep a homie down How am I supposed to make a livin' in this town? But I'm managin', every night I be savagin' And my niggas, they my family, you know wassup When we be rollin in our rides with some heat and pullin up *12 second break, the music still goes on and a new image appears.* And this is not fiction, it's reality Most snitches can't even feel the situational gravity Show you my wrist, it's got a R-O-Lex Them hoes really dig it when I flew A specially when my tongue has got the flow Fuck em' high and fuck em' low Now this is Vinewood life, I made a fuckin killin' While you be crying and sometimes even dying, I'll be here in my Rarri, fuckin' chillin Link in bio, buy my merch Don't be Christian, fuck the church! You know the power is corrupt So I feel like me and my homies shall roll up and interrupt As this blondie in the office is fuckin' round with the other dyke They should get a clue and take a hike Before we comin', and we comin' to stay And for their crimes we'll make the false authorities fuckin' pay This is how we do it in Vinewood Ain' no fake ass rappers got flow like this. They fakes, fo real. WolfCub just laid down some mad rhymes up in this bitch. WOlfCub Out! Peace! [3:10] *The video slowly fades out* - *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((SOS))
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