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Found 4 results

  1. Faction Name – The Verdant Corporation IC Information About Us: The Verdant Corporation started off with a group of friends who wanted to start something different with the idea of creating something much bigger than a single business. After much planning and hard work, The Verdant Corporation is pleased to announce the start of three current business ventures which has been set up in order to help make a change for the better in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. What is our goal? To create more jobs for the community along with providing opportunities for everyone involved. Our Divisions were set up as a safe place for people to work whilst offering the best services. Our main aim is to be the main source of jobs for the area. Each employee will be on a decent living wage and have several benefits to create a happy workplace atmosphere. So, you're making a Corporation? Can’t anyone do that? The Verdant Corporation is more than just a business, we are all about creating better opportunities for the city along with giving employees the best benefits we can offer. We have branched out into other areas in order to expand and grow as one company. This includes the automotive business, Security installations and sales. The company itself started with a few close friends who were fed up with the way things were going in the area they lived in and therefore decided that the change they wanted to see, would have to be done themselves. Verdant Autoworks Here at Verdant Autoworks, we strive to achieve the best quality of service for all of our customers. From visual mods such as a respray, tint or maybe a custom wrap, to mechanical mods such coilovers, turbos and even engine replacements for both cars and motorbikes. Now offering Aircraft service and repairs! Great service at an affordable price. Located at Verdant Autoworks, East Vinewood Blvd, Glen Park. Verdant Installations Safety and security are important, especially as we see the crime level rising and thefts becoming more frequent. That’s why at Verdant Installations we do all the installations you need to have a safe and securing home/business, and the best part is you don’t have to do anything! We offer a variety of different security equipment and install the systems ourselves. So, while you sit back and relax, know that we will do the hard work for you. Contact us today to see how we can help keep you safe! How do I join you? We currently have several job roles available, to apply for any of them please send us an email ((Email Vubstersmurf on forums)) or contact use at one of our businesses! Jobs available – Apprentice Mechanics Cleaners Bartenders Armed and Unarmed Security Installers OOC Information This Faction is the perfect place for people to work on producing better RP through a wide range of opportunities at our different branches alongside providing a fun experience for all Owl gamers whether they are new or experienced. RULES & REGULATIONS // 1) Treat everyone with respect regardless of any issues you may have with them Oocly. 2) Trolling / Disruptive behaviour / Ruining other people’s RP is unacceptable and will be reported. 3) We expect all employees to act in a professional manner Icly like you would do in a real working environment. 4) Inactivity will have an allowance of up to 7 Days before you will be kicked and Icly fired for not showing up to work. 5) You must have acceptable English (both reading a writing) to be considered for employment with us. News & Updates - coming soon.
  2. Flynn’s Investigation Agency Flynn’s Investigation Agency is in no way connected to the Government. We are a private firm operating within the state of San Andreas. ____________________________________________________________________________ F.I.A is a private investigation firm helping the people of San Andreas with their unsolved cases they wish to have covered. This ranges from a number of things as mentioned below along with a lot more things. Fraud Missing Person Cheating Spouse Stolen Property Worried Relative Worried Colleague The information gathered by our Private Investigators will always be handed back to the client with utmost privacy within that case. Our Detectives will try their very best to help their clients with their needs. We work day and night to help out and give back to the community of Los Santos. The price for our services will range from what case we are handed as well as a labor and risk factor for our time. We do not guarantee a 100% result as that totally depends on the case and the consequences related to it but we do guarantee to give back "something" to our clients. Our staff consists of passionate individuals with a set of unique skills to help your case and dig up information. We are available to be hired by organizations, individuals and a wide range of other groups that have their worries. We aim to help solve and look after our clients till they no longer require our service. ____________________________________________________________________________ Policy Our investigators will go to their fullest extent to help you or your company with whatever they need. Within reason, of course. We will not interrupt any LSPD investigation that consists of: Murder, Rape, Homicide, Trafficking, Drugs, Gangs, etc. We aim to keep not only our clients but our staff safe within the field they work. If your case consists of anything that is out of our reach we’ll simply direct you to the LSPD. Our staff is not responsible for any injuries and or discomfort done to the client due to the case. The money paid for our time will not be refunded. You’ve paid us to find something out, we’ll do our utmost best to solve it. ____________________________________________________________________________ Terms Upon hiring our service you agree to all our terms. Our organization is not guaranteed to solve your case, hence we’ll work to an extent on solving your case. We are not liable for any harm caused by the clients case to the client. You agree that a refund is not possible, regardless of the case being solved or not. We are not able to make any arrests, that is up to the client to do as they please with the information. We have a right to refuse service to anyone we deem necessary. We are allowed to pass information about the case to the LSPD if it is out of our reach or seems suspicious of criminal behavior. Privacy is our number one concern. You would agree that if the case is solved and the results are not what you expected, you'd not hold us liable for anything and we'd not be held against anything. We do not guarantee a "happy-ending." ____________________________________________________________________________ Service For business inquiries fill out this form. https://goo.gl/W8GF95 ____________________________________________________________________________ OOC Upon joining the faction you agree that all server rules are followed up to the mark. We stress our members to refrain from Metagaming or Powergaming in any way. Even as clients, we want you to not expect us to break rules in order to help you in your case IC'ly. Immersion is a very important virtue in this faction and it shall be held up to its peak. Information about any case is not to be shared OOC'ly with anyone, as a client and as a faction member. ____________________________________________________________________________
  3. ABOUT LS Protection Services is a security group that keeps a specific target safe, we are currently hiring men and women armed and unarmed, to risk their life to protect others, going into high-speed chases, shoot outs, and of-course, brawls. LS Protection gives services that are affordable for pedestrians can afford. Service Packages Bronze $5,000 Silver $10,000 Gold $25,000 Single Services Escort $2,000 Protection $5,000 Priority Our priority, is to keep the customer safe, and happy. What other things we do? LSPS also secures in special events, like clubs, and parties. We offer the lowest prices. Clubs $1,500 Parties $1,000 How do I apply? https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/1YAoWg8petuoeCmrbPJMiknbRNGWEEZ4WMJP40E5AaRs/edit?usp=forms_home&ths=true
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Semi auto fire M4 What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Miscellaneous What is the suggestion?- Restricting M4 firing mode to semiautomatic for Tier-2 firearms license holders. What are the advantages?- Allow Tier-2 holders to rp their AR-15's on an M4 without the possibility of Powergaming. What are the disadvantages?- Can't think of any. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Let the scripting team work their magic. It'd work somewhat the same as the current razer system l.
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