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Found 2 results

  1. Dawkins

    Asherat Al-Muslimon

    (( IMPORTANT NOTE: WHAT'S STATED HERE ISN'T RELATED TO THE REALITY, TERRORISM IS PROHIBITED IN ISLAM, ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF PEACE )) Asherat al-Muslimon is a colloquial term for organized crime group of Arabic origin, who currently operate in state of San Andreas. A part of organization is still active in Syria, Sudan, Egypt, and Iraq, while their main activities are oil smuggling and arm trafficking. Other activities are still unkown. Untangled part of this organization operates in the countries where migrants take a part, inculding Australia, Germany, Romania, and Triple Frontier in South America. Their business connection with Asherat al-Muslimon does not exist anymore, so accordingly their activities are unkown and irrelevant. Crime and corruption has existed in the states of Arab Emirates, Syria, Iraq and Sudan for centuries, while a worldwide recognition did not happen until the beginning of Syrian Civil War and the Arab Spring protests which occurred in 2011. The war is being fought by a few factions: the Syrian government and its international allies, a loose alliance of Sunni Arab rebel groups (including the Free Syrian Army), the majority-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Salafi jihadist groups (including al-Nusra Front), and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), with a number of countries in the region and beyond being either directly involved or providing support to one or another faction. In 2016, from an estimated pre-war population of 22 million, the United Nations (UN) identified 13.5 million Arabians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which more than 6 million are internally displaced within United Arab Emirates, and around 5 million are refugees outside of there. Refugees live primarily within hosting communities, in rented houses or informal settlements of tents and sub-standard dwellings. Only about 10% live in formal camps. But there was only one thing that connected refugees who used to run away from the war happenings in their homeland, and that is money, a peaceful life and the future. Actually, a few of them wanted even more. They wanted the power. Isolated from their own social community, they decided to take the next step. Harsh life back-days in their home state, made them think about its own future. They could never let their selves be starving again. They began organizing their own community, which has overgrown into a real organization. They named it Asherat al-Muslimon. Rumors would say that Asherat al-Muslimon is only a step away from creating a stable, functional and cost-effective connection with Islamic State (ISIS). Their main activities are assaults, Islamic bookmaking, burglaries, arm trafficking, extortion, loansharking and money laundering. What happens for women after they get kidnapped by the Islamic State? Women to be captured, enslaved by the owners who captured her, sold to even others for money or firearms exchange. Forced to follow the orders she receive or she wins a punishment, and raped. Some of the abducted women can be recruited to be part of the state, help them with their activities as luring others in. " For two and a half years, Rana, a woman captured in Qaraqosh, was enslaved by Isis and sold to ever more abusive “owners” for up to £19,000. “As the militants consolidated their power over large swathes of Syria and Iraq, she fed their children, cleaned their houses and endured their brutal violence,” " UPON ROLE-PLAYING WITH THE FACTION YOU AUTOMATICALLY AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A YOU DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF FOUND. To be updated.... Credits goes to @Kotromanich
  2. This is Team WolfCub Noose or TWCN for short. Hello. I am WolfCub and this is my story. - It was an beautiful morning in idlewood. the blacks were being loud, the lesbians were having sex and the birds were singing song. But when the black man approached me when i recorded him, he took my phone and smashed it and laughed, so i have no pictures or video to show for youtube, which is not what i wanted. The black man is a dangerous beast, 7 meters and 4 feet tall, he also has a gun which he used to hit me, but he didnt do it today. He didn't have sex for long so he was very angry with me. We went for a walk and he took my money. But when he went away i heard a big explosion and saw it with my own eyes and it looked very big and i know that the black man did it because he had a gun and needed to destroy. (The blacks like to destroy when they r angry, that is why they are so wild and always come in groups) it was really cool so i decided to draw it like this. this should be a lesson to us all, that blacks are not supposed to be trusted and never give them money or sex because then they will kill you and steal your money and iPhone 5S. oh yes, and a man died so that is pretty fucking sad. *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) Name: WolfCub Comment: my phone was stolen a few weeks ago and i dont have money for a new one. donate to help so i can do youtube again.

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