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Found 3 results

  1. "A new approach to Human-Rights" Fortress was fount on 23.06.2019. This movement is the legal approach about the immigrant issues and fellow Americans who share different colors of skin. Fortress is committed for the society, a society to help and protect each other. Fortress reaches out to every human being that resides on the earth. As the name states out, Fortress is a family with strong bonds and it is here for everyone! Our Community aims for a society which works with each other, the members of Community gets picked neatly. We aim for a clean Community as most of the members get picked from the people who seek low priced residences and that is why we live in Idlewood. Yes, our Community is located in Idlewood, on the intersection of Grove Street and Washington Street. Come and give us a visit, we are waiting for fellow white people who seek residence! * * *Rest will be visible to permitted people via Matthew Fields* * * "A new approach to Neo-Nationalism" Welcome Brothers and Sisters. Yours welcomed here with all your beliefs. We are as well disgusted from those worms and the poisons, so called drugs, they brought to our great nation! Come and find us, follow the rumors you hear about Fortress in the Idlewood. We lay right in the enemy zone, ready to go and erase those mongrels off the streets as soon as possible. But don't get it wrong, we are not a bunch of rednecks who runs outside to shoot those mongrels and get caught. We are committed to clean America from those vile creatures and we will do it step by step. Seek for us and we will find you. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" -88- In memory of Tucker Flynn Place of where a hero fell ------------------------------------------- OOC INFO
  2. akram03

    Leopard Squad

    Leopard Squad is a small group of skilled, probably young, hackers who operate in a base somewhere in Los Santos, this has not been confirmed though. They know what they are doing, and this is proven by their technology being very secured and hidden, in fact, it has been said that it is basically impossible to track them. They're run by a few highly experienced programmers who took their hacking knowledge to the next level. It is told that the leader of the group goes by the name of "0V3RR1D3" and his real identity has never been revealed; he is doing a good job hiding it. Leopard Squad have been known to not forgive anyone and do not consider any of their emotions while doing what they do, they will not hesitate to do anything, no matter how much chaos it causes. This has been shown in their previous cyber-attacks. No one is safe from them. It all started in 2012, when hacking became a common thing, and these anonymous members grouped up and started to learn and practice. They grew and became very dangerous to the public. "0V3RR1D3" was clearly a gifted guy and this was proven when him and his team went onto hacking the play-station servers in March 2013, they went down for 11 days. No one knew how this happened until April when the news came out that its was all caused by so called Leopard Squad. This is when they began to become famous. Sony didn't take further actions since Leopard Squad never got traced. However Sony then wen't onto updating their server security as they had major vulnerability to attacks but this took them two months to fix. But this didn't threaten Leopard Squad whatsoever, in fact, this game them a harder target to practice on. Their servers were still easily to exploit and compromise but Leopard Squad didn't take further actions. This was the first time the group did anything illegal, known to the public anyways, before this, know one really knows how they formed. It was rumored that the leader of the group grew up self-learning how to hack and by the time he was 17, he was as good as the famous hackers "Anonymous". He then went on to creating a small team with other skilled members and then Leopard Squad formed. Their second incident occurred 2 months later when mass amounts of banks account details were leaked onto the web. This has been confirmed to be Leopard Squad's responsibility and there was chaos everywhere. Tens of thousands of people in Los Santos and states nearby began to experience the true outrage that this group have caused. Everyone who was involved was vulnerable and all of their personal details became public. A week later, this forced all banks upgraded their whole security system and reprogram all of their online banking code and security in order to patch all exploits found. It took 2 months for everyones bank details to be private again and this caused a lot of people's details being stolen, not only that but money was also stolen. But after the LSPD and government investigated, they couldn't find any traces of the hacking and yet again, Leopard Squad are still anonymous. They were still out there. In 2014. two years later from the first two incidents, no one has heard from Leopard Squad ever since, until now. At this point, they became more skilled than the famous hacking groups "Anonymous" and "Lizard Squad" combined. However saying that, to be honest "Anonymous" and "Lizard Squad" only have fame, but in reality, their hacking skills are pretty shit. Leopard Squad then went onto committing massive crimes and this turned from a small joke to a huge threat against the government. They unleashed a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) to the Los Santos Police Department servers and it succeeded. It caused the whole of the Los Santos Police Department servers to shutdown unexpectedly, not only this but it shutdown all the government servers as well, and shutdown half of Los Santos's Internet access. This cause even more chaos and this turned out to be pretty serious. It took two weeks to get everything back to normal and the government had massive troubles trying to reset the all of the servers, before this, the whole city was vulnerable to criminal activity as the LSPD was weak without their servers and database access. After this got sorted, Leopard Squad took full responsibility to this dreadful attack and this gained them a lot of fame in the city. LSPD still however couldn't trace the requests from Leopard Squad, this meant that and again, Leopard Squad got away with it. This attack proved that the government servers were still very very vulnerable to cyber-attacks and this made them improve their security drastically. The LSPD and the government at this point now wanted all of the Leopard Squad members behind bars. But there was one problem, they're location was impossible to be found (very very hard) as they made sure that everything was fully secured and hidden. They have done a very good job too. Anyone is vulnerable. However at this point, Leopard Squad took a brake from the major cyber-attacks, but they still did small attacks here and their just to gain fame and power, they were slowly growing. But last year when they were testing their new system out, they then went on to commit most their most brutal cyber-attack in 2016. This attack required so much skill and tools, but it still succeed. All of the government and police records which were saved onto their databases where wiped clean, literally wiped clean. This caused massive disruption to all police servers and all political actions. However, the government had a backup saved on an offline server however this backup only contained 30 percent of what was wiped. At this point, the Los Santos Anti Cyber-Attack team, which was formed in 2015, finally found the suspects. Well only one of them. His name is Carston Mills and was sent to 40 years in jail for cyber-hacking and treason for deleting important government information. But the rest are still out there, and they are getting smarter and more powerful. No one is safe. Now in 2018, "0V3RR1D3" and his group Leopard Squad are still out there and are getting more powerful. They have not committed any major cyber-crime since the 2016 chaotic indecent however there is always news of incidents which was caused by them. Intelligence says that they have become very dangerous and can strike at any moment. They have shown that nothing is a challenge for them. Los Santos are going to have to increase their cyber security by a huge amount in order to be less vulnerable to attacks. What will Leopard Squad do next...
  3. The Grajales Familia originated from the city of Durango in Mexico, where the family worked in the background for the Sinaloa Cartel, doing odd jobs such transporting drugs and weapons across the country. For most members of the Familia, life was quite pleasant due to being able to live the life they wanted without being in fear of retribution from other criminal organisations, thanks to having protection from the cartel in return for doing jobs given to them. After laundering money from legal fronts such as tattoo stores and garages, the Familia began to start branching out into building their own viable reputation, eventually becoming known for their complete loyalty and professionalism. The blood started to flow when, several years after the Familia joined the cartel, the trafficking of crystal meth began to overtake that of the "noble" drugs marijuana and cocaine. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that the Familia and the Sinaloa Cartel were targeted by other crime syndicates who declared war. One large event sealed the fate of the Familia, known as the Durango massacres where over 340 bodies were found in a mass grave, including the Mayor of Durango who happened to be on the Cartel’s payroll. The police looked to place blame onto the Cartel and anyone associated with them, leading to police brutality increasing by over 80% along with Mexican Soldier presence on the streets. After a few years of laying low, the Cartel began plotting revenge on those who actually committed the massacre, beginning one of the nastiest street wars Durango had ever seen. In 2013 over 20,000 people, civilians and gang members had been killed in the cross fire between different criminal groups. In the end members of the Grajales Familia crossed the border, having been targeted constantly and therefore wanting to start their own business elsewhere. Being marked by police meant that life in Durango was over, and anyone who ended up staying either ended up in Jail or facedown in the sewer dead. Eventually majority of the Familia made it to Los Santos, where they began making new connections whilst ensuring each member was looked after Now the time has come to rise up from the dust and show the world that Familia is everything. “They may separate us, but they'll never be able to destroy us.” ((Special thanks to @Vubstersmurf for helping out with the forum.))
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