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Found 2 results

  1. The Beginning: After Demarcus Santana and Brian Gonzales were shot, Fredo Porter, the new leader of IGD, decided that he wanted to make subdivisions. He discussed this with his mechanic friend, and IGD crip, Allen Davidson. The two took their own spots in El Corona, Fredo taking the El Corona Alley's and Allen taking the basketball courts. Fredo led a subdivision called "The Young Cartel" or TYC. Allen on the other hand, ran "El Corona Mafia" or ECM. They agreed that they each got to pick two existing members of IGD to help boost start the subdivisions. Allen had recruited a man who called himself Leonell, and Trevon Marquis (T-Maq). The courts had become populated. Days Gone By: The same day Allen, the ECM OG, got his side up and running, him and a few guys rolled up to pizza stacks in Allen's fresh midnight blue '63 Impala. There they encountered a fake crip, talking out the side of his neck. They decided it was time they taught him a lesson. They rolled back to the spot, grabbed a burner car, some masks, and some guns. Not 5 minutes passed and they were shooting at him. Allen was the only one who got caught. He took the blame for it all, nothing mattered more to him than the safety of his homies. More To Come: As of Tuesday, July 31, Allen is waiting to go to jail. he just wants to do the time. He'll find a way out. Restless.....: Everyone is becoming restless. Allen is reminiscing about everything in his past from a holding cell, while others are trying not to die in the harsh streets of Los Santos. South East LS is no joke, and everyone knows that. It seems everyday someone dies at pizza stacks. Idlewood is armed to the teeth and many tend to just try and stay out of the crimstone's way. Allen fears for his soldiers lives, and doesn't want to go to a funeral. Cops shot his friend, ECM shot a crimstone, Los Santos is hell. Allen want's his damn jail sentence already so he can serve it, get out, and lead his crew to the top..... if there's any left by the time he leaves. The El Corona Mafia have started to go into hiding, just wanna survive, make a bit of money, normal stuff. Allen doesn't know where they are but figures he'll find em when he gets out. If he gets out. The system is ruthless to young black men in a white society, and Allen may just become another victim to it. Who know's..... for now, The El Corona Mafia will not be seen, for they are in the shadows, waiting to strike. Tuff Shit: Idlewood isn't safe for anyone. ECM has been instructed by Allen not to ever start anything with CHM. Without safe passage through Idlewood, ECM would be screwed, and the last thing Allen need's to worry about is another dead Crip. Soldiers die out in the deserts all the time. It almost feels as if the death rate in our own cities are higher. You can't go outside without worrying about who some stranger is. Allen told his boy Hit-man to take his car somewhere safe. El Corona could be invaded by CHM any day. It was a mistake for the Corona Crips to even think about shooting Travis Harvard. Could cost the ECM leader's life. Allen could get life in the pen. ECM, as of August 2, 2018, will not attempt to provoke or disrespect another gang. ECM will now only fire only when fired upon. The only thing they want is peace. Can't have another dead kid in the crossfire. These streets are mean. ECM know's it. IGD is no longer a gang, but will forever live on in the OG's such as Allen. The new wave is ECM, and is here to stay. HIDING: Allen got shot up in jefferson, but managed to survive. It may be war with them Jefferson boys. All Allen knows is as soon as he's fully healed, someone's dying and it ain't him.
  2. Allen Davidson, or Big Al, Montana, whatever the hell you wanna call him, was born on January 5th, 1990 to Andre Davidson and Tamika Hamilton in Advocate Trinity Hospital in Southside Chicago. Andre, Tamika, and Allen lived in the Robert Taylor homes, of Chiraq. "The Terror Dome." Andre left Allen and his mother when Allen was only five years old. Allen never could forgive his father. In 1996, his sister, Lauren, was born to a man Tamika didn't even remember. Allen swore he would do anything to protect her, no matter the cost. Then 2001 rolls around, and his mother saved up just enough money to move to Los Santos. There they found themselves on section 8 in the El Corona Housing Projects. Gangs riddled the streets, this was not anything new to Allen. Allen found himself on the basketball courts the most, especially with his little sister. The two would always play ball, even though they've been kicked off the court by gangs, they could not really be stopped. Allen was a C average student, he was smart, but his attendance was horrible. His mother could not ever get them to school on time. Then his mother stopped coming to the house as often. She'd be in some crackhouse in Jefferson or on the corner at stacks. Allen tried to forget these days. At 15, 2005, July, it was hot. One of the hottest years he's felt since he came to LS. The crips in that area wanted to recruit him because he was built strong and could always work on cars for them. Allen would've joined but his sister stopped him. His sister was really always trying to keep him safe. Allen made an actual friend that summer, besides his sister. That friend was Taylor Hayes. The two would always play basketball after school, or hang out at stacks. The harsh realities of the ghetto soon caught up to them... Allen, Taylor, and Lauren all were walking home one day in october, 2007. It was Allen and Taylor's senior year. Lauren had just started middle school. They were talking about how the first few weeks had gone until some guys from Jefferson rolled up on them. They had mistaken Allen and Taylor for crips. The three of them saw the bandana's and the slow rolling car and knew what was about to happen. They all ran as fast as they could, hoping they'd make it.Allen was shot by an AK through his left leg, but Taylor and Lauren never made it. Taylor had taken 10 bullets to the chest and died on the spot. No bullets were meant for Lauren, but she was shot anyway. Lauren and Taylor died on October 31st.... Halloween..... Lauren's favorite holiday. Allen was rushed to a hospital where he was treated like a suspect. They cuffed him to the bed but his mother never knew about any of this. The anger and sadness that flowed through Allen's body still rages to this day. Allen decided he was going to join a gang. He was no longer the nice kid on the block. He had become a blood thirsty animal. Allen now run's the El Corona Mafia. A set of the Insane Gangster Disciples crip gang. Allen doesn't care about anyone besides those close, and will forever keep that mentality. Damn Cuz: Allen did a drive by with a few guys. He was caught up later on, but the rest were let go. Allen could only guess that CCTV got the plates, though it could be hard. He didn't care, he knew that his crew was safe. It is July 31st, and Allen is awaiting the verdict in a holding cell. They shot at a crimstone, one of the most, if not the most notorious street gang in Los Santos. Allen knew that there would be consequences, he just didn't know if a cop or a crimstone would demonstrate these consequences. At the same time he no longer cared. He just hoped he'd be able to get out in time to see his girl. He just hoped she wouldn't move on. But even that didn't seem to bother him. All he really wanted to do was smoke weed, chill with the homies, and talk business with OG Fredo. Allen still hasn't talked to anybody official about his current situation, or anyone at all for that matter. He might stay the maximum time, and just get the book. It's times like these Al missed home the most. Damn Cuz. August 1: It was the first day of August. Taylor and Allen would always go to stacks on the first day of each month, but today was more special. Taylor was born on August 1, 1990. The two would go to stacks, then to the Santa Maria beach with a few girls. The big homies at the time, who are all dead now, usually came through with the weed, drinks, and females all around. Allen was always studying cars so he kind of knew what he was doing. Installed his first hydraulics set in the summer of 2005, but that's another story. When the big homies would roll around, they'd always have one car problem. The man who called himself "Benzi" always came to Al for car tips. Benzi didn't own a Mercedes or anything European as a matter of fact. He had a really nice 1963 Chevy Impala, a lot like the one Allen currently has. Anyway, when the ladies saw Allen do his thing on the shot up pipes of Benzi's Impala, they were all over him. However, Taylor sort of liked being a one girl guy. He actually had a girlfriend till he died, and she was always down for him. She lived in Idlewood so it was always a gamble. Anyways, getting off topic, Allen would always reminisce about that beach. Everybody would be having so much fun and music would be playing. Nobody ever called the cops. All Allen could think about was the smile on Taylor and Lauren's faces.... usually he'd smoke a blunt and pour out a whole fifth of Hennessy in their names, but he was sitting in a holding cell, with his thoughts to himself. It was quiet, he was alone, and Allen missed his home.
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