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Found 4 results

  1. Name: Hassan Darius Last-name: Brewster Age: 31 Aliases: Scar, Hass, Lil Fella, Pretty, East Los Santos Santa, Darius Affiliation: Hoover Crip Charges: WF002 - Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon. DF002 - Illegal Drug Possesion. GF001 - Assault. WF002 - Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon. SF005 - Attempted Murder - Second Degree "I admired the crack sellers." A life of crime is pretty much what everyone growing up in Willowfield had, and for Hassan "Scar" Brewster life was no different. From the age of 8 the older boys in the area would send him on jobs to collect stuff, giving him sweets or money along with praise for doing a good job. What Hassan didn't know at the time was that he was delivering drugs. Later, Hassan started living with his moms and grandmoms along with his uncle and cousins after his Father got sent to prison for second degree murder. Due to his elder cousins having the hood mentality, that affected the way Hassan thinks and lives, he kind of admired them. "Lesson to be learned." The first time Hassan ever held a gun aged 13, he pointed it against the mirror, looked at his reflection while throwing up gang signs. He wanted to be like the big boys out in the trenches. Soon enough his moms busted him and took the empty .38 away from his hands, she hit him for the first and last time in her life. "Nigga you know what the fuck did your pops paid for this gang shit? You want to end up like him? Like these rats in trenches?" his mom yelled, tried to save her only son from the hole that swallowed her husband. But that did nothing but made Hassan mad, he knew where his moms could hide that .38 so he went up for it, tucked it in his dirty shorts then he left his grandma house. Went outside to get active with the local goons and youngins of Willowfield. For a time Hassan felt untouchable, despite being somewhat smaller than the rest of the group he was packing, nobody in this world could touch him. "I got red tops, red tops yo." That didn't last too long, one of them soldiers already been making him push that weight around. "I got red tops, yo want to buy some red tops?" he was asking the fiends walking past him. Then cops pulled up after getting complaints about noise so they lined all the kids on corner against the wall, patted them down. Hassan thought he was clean because he didn't have the "red tops" on him, but he forgot about the .38 tucked in his waist. Patting officer found the gun and cuffed him, tossed him like a dirt bag in the back of his cruiser and they took off. "Big bank take little bank." Due to being 14 at the time of sentencing, Hassan was sent to the local Juvenile Detention Center. As soon as he stepped through the doors he knew he was in for a rough ride. The other teenagers looked at him like a target, and he soon found himself being pushed around by the older kids who wanted to make themselves look big. Six months into his sentence and Hassan had decided enough was enough. He walked over to one of the main bullies and punched them in the face as hard as he could, breaking their nose. Although he got placed in solitary for a couple of days. From then on he tried to continue to stick up for himself, fighting back when possible and seeing himself get into further trouble with the staff at the Juvenile Center. What he didn’t know was that the kid he punched, named "R-Loc", was plotting his revenge after feeling humiliated from getting his nose broken by the ‘weaker kid’. "Never sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death." Towards the end of his sentence, Hassan was walking down the hall when R-Loc dragged him into a nearby Cell along with his squad, slashing Hassan’s face from his right eye down to his lips with a makeshift shive. By the time the guards had arrived Hassan was covered in blood with R-Loc about to finish the job off. The attack left Hassan with a nasty wound, earning him the nickname of ‘Scar’ along with teaching him that you should expect an attack from anyone at anytime. Soon his time at the centre came to the end and he was a free man. Stepping out of the doors for the first time after years, Hassan would have liked to think he had changed for the better. Even so, he couldn’t shake the street mentality. He moved back home with his family but soon returned to life on the street. He promised himself "Imma run that shit" while cruising through the streets of Willowfield in his moms SUV. Wishing to become "Rich Porter" of Los Santos. "Ay, you good blood?" After getting assaulted by "R-Loc" and his crew, a Piru affiliated kid called "Omar" and his companions got friendly with Scar due to him standing up against a Crip affiliated guy and his squad. As you can notice by looking at his name "R-Loc" was Crip affiliated, or you could call him and the other young duns inside wannabes. All of them were young kids whomst looked up to gang members, trying to be like them by dressing like them, throwing up the gang signs, etcetera. So far Scar adapted the way they talked, repped red in his juve days. Like the rest of his squad of wannabes along with other folks. Back and forth trash-talking, fights and such took place in juve between parties. Scar was all passive on it due to his character and he just didn't want to get in trouble because the guards ain't no friendly, nor giving you candies. It's all about getting beaten by nighsticks and such. But you know how game works, once you are in it you can't get out of it. "You down for the Hoovers?" Weeks passed, Scar has earned respect in the set. Proved his loyalty to set, did put in some work. He was young but somehow had the mentality of a grown man. Growing up in a life like that made him man the fuck up to say. One day, when all the squad were getting it down in Pizza Stack, Jojo approached Scar. "Gonna talk to the niggas later, but you down for the hoovers... for good?" Jojo asked. Scar didn't wait a second, straight up answered with confidence "Yeah mane.. y'all my niggas and shit. We got eachother.". Jojo replied "I know that, not gonna lie. I see you, you loc as fuck." looked at him proudly with following words " You official hoover now nigga, rep your set.". Scar greeted his big homie with a grin and brotherly dap "Ah-alright." he said. Before parting the dap, Jojo said something to Scar that made a good place in his young mind "Don't let me down out there my nigga." "You have to be little paranoid to survive." Days after days, night after nights Scar's been enjoying his life. Making money, driving in a presidential SUV, getting some play with girls around. What could he wish for? He is living the life of a hustler. But you know how things works in that side of town, murders, gun fights, mothers crying. That's Los Santos for you, you either make it out or die trying. Scar was aware of that, after getting involved in some situations he started to plan every move of his, locking the door twice, checking out the window in every 10 minutes. Even walking in his crib with a niner on his hip. "You have to be a little paranoid to survive." words of his father had a place in his confused young mind. All he do is the muscle work, use the brute force but what is he going to earn in the end? Be the Omar Little of Los Santos? Control people with fear only? Nah, he know this won't last forever. You do not need fear to control people, make your reputation take the lead. That's a motto for him. He want to run that shit along with his homies, want to shake the ground when he walks around. Make the kids look after him. That's a dun's dream. "You come at the king, you best not miss..." On a sunday night, Scar was cruising through the slums of Los Santos along with his homies Dee, Sef A.K.A Redman and Trell. Doing nothing but bumping to loud music and having fun. It was all coonery when a white trash in Idlewood offered them guns to sell. There is a rule in the hoods of Los Santos, a rule that every hustler know. If you ain't paid your tax to Deuces or if you ain't cool with them in any means, do not try to push your shit in Idlewood, that will result you ending up in a body bag. Dude had no idea, Scar fronted on him by saying "You trying to sell shit in my area? Without paying up?". His day ones also backed him up then bullied the white dude, throwing insults after insults, putting pressure on him. White folk ditched after getting humiliated enough and shit got calm. They started chilling then guns blazings echoed throughout the streets of Idlewood, shit got real dark in a second. White guy decided to pull a Klebold on Scar and his homies and made that nine mili bark on them. Luckily he had shitty aim and Scar was in drivers seat, his car was riddled with holes and he was just shook, his big homie Dee grabbed his tool and aired the shooter out. Scar got his shit together then hop out of his car all cold blooded, took his revolver out and put 2 bullets in the back of shooter when he was on the ground, half conscious. After getting his mind together once again, he dashed along with his homies. Ditched every evidence, shells and everything. Took a shower and looked himself in the mirror, grinned. "You come at the king, you best not miss.." came out of his lips. They missed the king and he put an end to them. "The Fall." For Scar things been going on good. His organization was eating good, business was booming. They had the street corners on lock. But you know what they say, more you reach harder you fall. All started after Scar was locked up cause of an attempted murder charge. He ate his mind inside, losing an eye.. seeing his old friend Nasir made him regret choosing this life style. He got out after serving some years, doing what he been doing. He didn't know one thing that caused his life, alliance between some organizations. He played both sides, tried to outrun one of them to rule whole LS for himself. His arrogance and dedication bested out his mindset, he fucked up there. Tried to fix things but apparently it wasn't enough.. One night he was called outside by one of his associates, he trusted him with life so he got out with only a pistol on his hip, kept on waiting... Minutes after minutes then a white van pulled up to the scene, Scar got suspicious. Called his associate to ask about van, he said "I don't know a van". That's when Scar realised end was near, he dashed to nearest cover and was about to reach out for his gun.. One loud rifle shot and a bullet penetrated Scar's skull, riddled with 9MM's after he was on the ground. A glory life, money.. cars... women... respect all went out in a second. He shared the same fate as his role model Rich Porter. A murder planned by his friends and took place in beach. In his life Scar has mentored too many youngins out in the streets, taught them the unwritten rules of the "game". Individuals shaped Scar's life: Marwan "Ali" Shalaby - More than a brother to him, they led 8DS together. Scar was loyal to him till his last breath. Derrick "DK" Flaymore - More than a brother to him, Scar looked up to him during his younger days. He also saved Scar's life once, they were both "smart asses" in 8DS. Shared the same mindset. Jovan "Jojo" Campbell - More than a brother to him, they did many years in cell together. Dareion "Coin" Boykins - More than a brother to him, even though they argued about most things it was Coin who had Scar's back all the time, saved him more than once. Scar caught his first body with him. Javel "JB" Brown - A youngin mentored by Scar and DK. Scar seen him as his replacement. Maris "Cobain" Jekabs Liepa - A white Latvian guy from the ghetto. Scar was the one recruited him. He made Scar earn too much money on his corner captain days, always called him "Golden Boy" cause of the work he put in. Quincy Meeks Jordan - One of the old soldiers from 8DS, Scar also recruited him. Was a spotter at first then become one of Scar's bodyguards. Caught a body along with Scar after coming back. Susti "Ed" Edwards - One of the youngins also recruited by Scar, he had Scar's back till his last day. Scar always kept him around. Doran "Dice" Foster - Another youngin got recruited by Scar, he looked up to Scar too much and was loyal to his last breath. Always wanted to prove himself, dedicated soldier. Zay "Zeek" Hanley - An oldschool enforcer of 8DS, him and Scar had so much in common. He was also under Scar's hit crew called "Hanleys". Nasir "Nas" Jefferson - Used to be a rock hard enforcer of 8DS, Scar and him were cool back in the day. Nas wasn't thinking straight many times, caused him a life sentence in pen after. Scar had a bounty on his head after finding about some sick facts. Latrell "Trell" Myers - Another soldier from 8DS, Nasir's student. He had Scars back too many times but he shared the same fate as his mentor. Scar also had a bounty on his head after finding out what he been doing along with Nasir inside. Kennedy "Kiki, Kenny" Hanley - Cousin of Zeek and Scar's muscle. Member of "Hanleys". Dedicated soldier. Malik "Mal" Thompson - An old Crimstone OG, been tight with Scars and had supplies for him back in the day. Duo were close during the hunt of Travis Harvard and Clevon Hamilton. Quashawn "Rover" Harvard - A guy from hood, Scar recruited him in 8DS. He took apart to become a rapper, repped his set still. Thomas Pham - "A jit grow'd into become an OG" according to Scar's words. They worked together for a long period of time. Alexis Taylor - The girl kept Scar off the grid on his youth, more than a friend for Scar. Vivianna "Vivi" Fernandez - Scar's weakness to say, they go back together to poverty days.. Kept on beefing at one point. One day Vivi almost shot Scar cause of what Scar been doing to her. Scar dragged her out of the game. Namira Carter - A friend from downtown, helped Scar with many things. Miscellaneous: Scar had a tattoo of his daughters birthday above his right brow. In his entire life, Scar never did put his gun up against a civilian. He was homophobic, had anger issues too. Scar was a Sunni-Muslim from family. Character theme: s/o to @Vubstersmurf for helping me out with some parts.
  2. DaLuppo

    Oak Ridges HGC

    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. The Oak Ridges Hoover Gangster Crips street gang was formed in 2018, based out of the Oak Ridges apartment complexes. It was founded by a group of teenagers, heavily associated with high ranking HGC members. It was created as a subset of the neighboring Eight Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips. The Oak Ridges apartment complex is home to Euro-American and African-American communities, and explains the multi-ethnic diversity in the Oak Ridges HGC. Previous criminal organizations based in Oak Ridges date back a long time, although during the 1970s, before Little Moscow was developed, the East Los Santos area was predominantly Asian-American, where immigrants had been fleeing their countries as the Vietnam War ended, similar to 1992 when the fall of the Soviet Union ultimately brought a massive influx in Eastern-European immigrants, leading to Little Moscow's development. During these periods of time however, East Los Santos always had a minor population of African-Americans. Street gangs such as the Benjamin Crew, St. Catherine Piru Family, 115 Blocc Neighborhood Crips, and Timberland Heights never really caught law-enforcement attention although all three gangs did assume some power at some point during their run. While the Oak Ridges HGC may be a new player in the East Los Santos region, it may be no coincidence that the Oak Ridge HGC was preceded by the Eight Deuce HGC, previous rivals of the Benjamin Crew. Sometime during the fall of the loosely-organized Fame Street Crew, residents of the area began associating themselves with members of the Eight Deuce HGC. Guided by the previous and current Eight Deuce gang members, the Oak Ridges Hoover Gangster Crips plan to involve themselves in the prosperity of crime within the region they reside. The highest concentration of the HGC gang members reside in the Oak Ridges apartment complexes where members are usually born and raised within, where residents as young as 13 years old are still being recruited. UPON ASSOCIATING WITH US, YOU AUTOMATICALLY AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK YOUR CHARACTER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT.
  3. East Los Santos has an incredibly high crime rate. Prostitutes, gang bangers and drug dealers can often be found in the area causing disturbance. East Los Santos is mostly residential but does have some popular small-time businesses and zones. The area consists of many small, single story houses, apartments and housing projects. East Los Santos in the east is predominantly inhabited by Eastern Europeans. In the South many Hispanics have founded their life. Which leaves the North open to African-American and Caucasian families to live. North Town Hustlers is primarily a small but tight street crew within the streets of East Los. Its crew is open and blind. Meaning everyone could join regardless of race and sex. Members have frequently been spotted in East Los and Jefferson. This territory is often dubbed as ‘North Town’. ‘North Town’ contains a basketball court, multiple parking areas and open field. The sight of dirtbikes roaming the area is common. Often terrorizing the public peace whenever they can. ‘North Town’ has been a public discussion between residents and the government. The question of bylaws regarding noise, activity and curfew have often been discussed, although no updates have been released regarding any of those bylaws. Adebowale Webster and Odell Bradshaw are two prominent figures within the neighborhood and have influenced the youth into picking up dirt bikes, scooters and other motor powered two wheelers. Even though its in protest to a raising crime rate, crime figures haven’t dropped in recent time. Only time will tell us if this movement will bring light to a dark place in our city. Rules: 1.Advised to Roleplay as a teenager so you can develop your character realistically due to teenagers getting involved into the gang life at a young age. 2.You must create your own (passive) roleplay so you can keep being active without relying on the leaders. 3.Create a realistic background story for your character. 4.Do not spam slang words. 5.If any faction member breaks any of the rules, report to high command of the gang. 6.Follow the Owlgaming rules. 7.Do not insult other gangmembers OOCly, Don’t let OOC friendship/rivalry affect any relationship IG. Credits to @Vinceeez for story. Credits to @mTamas for GFX.
  4. [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [00:26] whip a lil 4 to a 50 pack lil nigga what you gone do with that Whatever you want back I'm cool with that long as all y'all niggas movin that Now I'm finessing and flexing and dressing i got these lil bitches like who is that I'm whippin in space you know thats that wraith I'm on the southside you ain't new to that Came in the game now I'm fuckin shit up, Hit the work with the soda and double it up Feeling like raw i can't leave the pot alone, if You don't want dope then stop calling my phone The block can see Bankroll that nigga right now, You don't want smoke so lil nigga pipe down Went grab that dope and i flooded my town, King of the South so i need me a crown [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [00:54] I done bossed up then i got sauced up, Now I'm having that check when i walk up Now these niggas can't keep they bitch off of me, Better come get her for that hoe get tossed up CHM them Ape niggas blastin, Please tell somebody come capture this madness Op nigga come cross the block and he through, Give a fuck who your kin to we stainin them too Don't fuck with fuck niggas I'm running up figures and i been that nigga so my pockets got bigger Came in with gang and we fucked up the streets, this gang shit only bitch I'm still dropping heat They Wonder How Bankroll crush every beat, Stay humble go hard cause bitch i gotta eat See me winning now these niggas dry hating but all that dry hating gone get your life taken If you come from the bottom and never had nothin and now you got cake better flex in they face Fuck the hate go run that guap up, Internet beefing be on that same shit when i pop up No the police can not stop us, Pop up we shaking your spot and 'Lando lighting your block up Bankroll Baby:Brrt? Ky $avage : Hello? Plug called told me that he got us, he told he just got a lot of product time to go flip it and make a lil' profit [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [1:34] Came in the game now I'm fuckin shit up, Hit the work with the soda and double it up Feeling like raw i can't leave the pot alone, if You don't want dope then stop calling my phone The block can see Bankroll that nigga right now, You don't want smoke so lil nigga pipe down Went grab that dope and i flooded my town, King of the South so i need me a crown [Verse: Orlando] [1:48] Arrived with the fucking money, hoes, bottles and all the fucking motha fuckin' rollies Shit get too heavy to crown me, Pull up with chop servin' everything around me Think I'm in the fucking illuminati cause I brought up the shit, no wonder you niggas is so fucking stupid I been around for this shit I'm a monster at this I decipher the shit then I break down a brick. Bitch you can't fucking play me, I run the show like Picasso, Running through the hood in a Tahoe. Been a badmon since my incarnation, got the sixth sense I can tell a pussy nigga when he faking some of my niggas they blooded and hatian, some of my hoovers they gutter they staining some of my crips they muggin' they'll shank you, run up on me and this choppa gon' thank you. [2:15] [Verse: Ky $avage] [2:28] I'm whippin', i'm whippin', i'm whippin' it up, I got my youngings, they flippin' these packs, Trapline ringing 24/7, I ain't got time to relax, In the booth with Bankroll, young nigga just keep getting these stacks, I'ma stay on my grind, I feel like i'm in my prime time, i'm keepin' it hunnid, i'm keeping it max, These niggas is pussies and that shit is facts, Kill a nigga then forget about it, leave that in the past, Try some funny shit on my block and you pussy niggas will get whacked, If you talking hot, my lil' niggas got your ass tracked, Lando pull up with the choppa' leave all of you niggas clapped, I swear most of you niggas like to just act, Pull up in yo' hood shoot yo' goofy ass in the back, I swear you will never catch me on a lack, I got that thing on me, I'm always strapped, Got my young ones hitting stains for the cheddar, My young ones always stay packed, [3:02]
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