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Found 1 result

  1. *The Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub main page, uploaded on May 20th 2018.* TWCN Weekly - LEGEND OF RICE *Epic stock music would play, showing Team WolfCub logo and the thumbnail.* *After the intro, it would transition into the Team WolfCub set.* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Hello people of the world, well at least the ones that can understand English. [English] Norbid Bailer says: I am your very own WolfCub. [English] Jessica Chang says: And I'm Jess! [English] Norbid Bailer says: And this is - TWCN Weekly. [English] Jessica Chang says: The only weekly show that comes out more than once a week! ★ Norbid Bailer chuckles lightly, adjusting his glasses as he presses on a few buttons on the laptop. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Hah, thank you Jess. [English] Jessica Chang says: No problem, Wolfcub! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Speaking of English speaking people, do you know where we have a lot of non English speaking - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - people, Jess? [English] Jessica Chang says: Los Santos, of course! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Well, while that may be true when we are refering to Little Tokyo and Pizza Stacks - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - what I was trying to talk about was China. [English] Norbid Bailer says: As we all know, the Chineese love a specific kind of food. [English] Jessica Chang says: Noodles? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Close but not close enough! [English] Jessica Chang says: Oh I know, rice! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Absolutely! They adore it. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Rice is quite the diverce food, weather you know it or not. [English] Norbid Bailer says: It has a lot of good vitamins, it's like a super food. [English] Norbid Bailer says: But with all good things, comes some negatives. [English] Jessica Chang says: Like what Wolfcub? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Well, just like we have kids crazy about Fortnite, it seems that a lot of people have - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - gotten addicted to rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: Addicted to rice, really? Norbid Bailer says: Yes, it's a cancer that keeps on spreading. Norbid Bailer says: Earlier this week, we experienced a resurgence in the popularity of Rice meets. Jessica Chang says: Rice meets? What actually happens at these meetings? Norbid Bailer says: Stay tuned and you'll find out! *It cuts to a panning shot of a bunch of sacks laying on the ground. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Earlier this week, our team decided that we could do a small social experiment to - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - study people's behaviour when they get involved with Rice. [English] Norbid Bailer says: To kick everything off, we ordered around 100 kilos of Rice to our studio building. * *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: As our first experiment, we tested the waters by auctioning a bag of rice with the starting - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - price of one dollar and the value could be raised by at least a single dollar. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The experiment was meant to replicate the way that people sell their rice for a lot more than- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - what they buy it for. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The price we bought the rice for was around 4 bucks a sack. [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow thats really cheap for a bag of rice. [English] Norbid Bailer says: As the auction went on, in only a few hours, we managed to get the offers people made from - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - a single dollar to almost seven thousand dollars! [English] Jessica Chang says: Seven thousand dollars for a bag of rice? Thats ridiculous! [English] Norbid Bailer says: That is a huge difference. [English] Norbid Bailer says: It goes to show you how crazy people are about rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: Damn those ricers sure are a funny bunch. [English] Norbid Bailer says: They sure are! [English] Norbid Bailer says: But that was only just the beginning. *It cuts to a woman pulling out large sacks from the back of a truck. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: For our second experiment, we thought that we could host a rice meet. [English] Norbid Bailer says: But a rice meet with a good cause. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The people who came could all get a whole bag of rice for themselves and there was- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - around 15 bags there, so it was enough for a lot. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The problem with it though was transporation, since we lacked a vehicle with the carrying - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - capacity. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Since Logistics was being slow, we opted to get RS haul involved. [English] Jessica Chang says: RS Haul, you sure that you aren't insane? [English] Norbid Bailer says: As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. * *The woman turns to the camera and speaks to the camera man. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Once there, I conducted a short interview with the driver. * [English] Paulita Rapisto says: Name jeff [English] Norbid Bailer says: Alright. Good talk. [English] Paulita Rapisto says: Yup. *It cuts to a shot of a few cars arriving at the parking lot. There would be a great number of rice sacks on parking spots. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Once everything was in place, it was time to start and we placed some ads online. [English] Norbid Bailer says: And people did come. [English] Norbid Bailer says: There were the usual showups to these events. * *It cuts to a group of people talking, one woman riding on a bike and an ambulance arriving. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: The PD, a few Ambulances, the obligatory bicycle rider, Jack the suicide guy and of course.. * *It cuts to a montage of fancy cars driving around and posing. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: The ricers! * *It cuts to a woman speaking to the camera. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: Do you think that ricers are angered when we call them ricers because they're in denial? ★ Julie Lawrence looks off towards the buildings and seems to think for a brief moment. ★ Julie Lawrence returns her attention back to Norbid and lightly shrugs her shoulders. [English] Julie Lawrence says: I believe so - it's either they take it as an insult or it's merely denial. *It cuts to a car doing donuts around another car. The plates would be blurred. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Doing obnoxious circles around the lot. [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow Ricers, when will they ever learn to stop ganging up like that? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Well, much like with rice, it's rarely seen as a single grain. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The ricers like to replicate what they see. [English] Norbid Bailer says: If the rice is stock, they're more ''normal''. [English] Norbid Bailer says: If the rice is GMO modded, then they get implants and genetic modifications. [English] Norbid Bailer says: If the rice is brown, they tan a lot. [English] Norbid Bailer says: And if the rice is white, they become Michael Jackson. * *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow, I didn't know that rice was this diverse with so many meanings. [English] Norbid Bailer says: I bet you five bucks that you also didn't know that the digestive speed of rice is around- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - twenty four to seventy two hours and that their energetic value is around 130kcal per- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - 100 grams. [English] Jessica Chang says: Wow, you are right I did not know that, that's insane knowledge. Since when were you so smart? *It cuts to a car doing circles on the sand. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: While the phenomenon of ricers doing circles is still a mystery, we know for a fact that a lot- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - of them are in denial and that they have a lof of sympathizers. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Here's a few examples of the ones we caught on time. * *It cuts to a man speaking to the cameraman. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: What made you choose the ricer lifestyle? [English] Andrei Rivera says: Well... [English] Andrei Rivera says: I love stickers. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Yes, stickers are good. [English] Andrei Rivera says: I have many of them [English] Andrei Rivera says: Each around 20 kilowatts. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Damn, that's sick man. [English] Andrei Rivera says: And of course a straight pipe. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Good man. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Do you think that people who get angry when they are called ricers are just in denial? [English] Andrei Rivera says: They're actually best in the world. Nothing to deny. *It cuts to two men speaking to the cameraman. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: Are you a fan of rice? [English] Martin Murtaugh says: Yes. [English] Andrei Rivera says: He is one of us. [English] Andrei Rivera says: WE love stickers. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Which brand is the best? [English] Martin Murtaugh says: One they give at local chinese restaurant. [English] Norbid Bailer says: So just a novice ricer? [English] Martin Murtaugh says: Veteran ricer. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Quite the story, Mark. *It cuts to a man picking up a rice bag. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: As the day stretched on, more and more people started using their ability to get - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - vast amounts of rice for themselves. [English] Jessica Chang says: Well these ricers sure are greedy. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Yes, you can't have just one rice in your possession. You need at least 20. * *It cuts to a very buff man speaking to the camera. * [English] Fred Connors says: What was happening here? [English] Bruce Dewitt says: A rice meeting. [English] Fred Connors says: Nice. [English] Bruce Dewitt says: But with actual rice. ★ Fred Connors laughs. [English] Fred Connors says: I fucking love this. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Yes. [English] Fred Connors says: Better than some of the cars they drive. [English] Fred Connors says: I mean, my cars shit. But I don't pretend its a race car. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Good on you, man. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Do you like rice? [English] Fred Connors says: What you doing with the sacks of rice afterwards? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Homeless or whoever wants them. *It cuts to a woman being interviewed by Jessica. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: The following day me and Jess went to some scenes where rice meets were being held. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We scored an interview with a nice lady there, who spoke about her concerns for the future- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - of ricekind. [English] Jessica Chang says: Yeah she didn't seem to know a whole lot though! * [English] Jessica Chang says: Hello, I'm Jessica TWCN's newest member, and I'm here with this lovely lady to speak about [English] Jessica Chang says: -.. her passion for the grained food rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: So then, why is it you like rice so much? [English] Alexis Hadley says: Wh-.. [English] Alexis Hadley says: Uhh.. [English] Alexis Hadley says: I don't like rice that much, but, uhhh... It's good with sushi? *It jumpcuts a few secons forward. * [English] Jessica Chang says: So-.. whats your favourite kind of rice then? [English] Alexis Hadley says: Oh..- [English] Alexis Hadley says: I never tried the brown one. [English] Alexis Hadley says: I just like the rice that's in sushi. [English] Alexis Hadley says: Sushi is good. *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: The biggest surprise however was that the public transporation system actually worked - [English] Norbid Bailer says: - for the first time in a long time. That was a blessing. [English] Jessica Chang says: Truely god was on our side that day.. *It cuts to scene where an ambulance can be seen arriving as people move around. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: But by the time we arrived.. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We were greeted by sirens and an injured woman in the parking lot. [English] Norbid Bailer says: It was a grotesque sight to behold. [English] Jessica Chang says: Honestly, it was. * *It shows multiple cars driving around a garage. * *It cuts to a group looking at a car's engine. * *VOICE OVER* [English] Norbid Bailer says: Once we made our way up, there were still some people up there, discussing things about their- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - rice obsession. [English] Jessica Chang says: Yeah they seemed to like to speak about the intergral parts of the rice. [English] Jessica Chang says: Many of the rice there was infact GMO modified. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Why do so many care so little about nature? [English] Jessica Chang says: I know it truely is disgusting. * *It cuts back to the studio. * [English] Norbid Bailer says: But what matters is the end results of our study. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We found out a lot of interesting tid bits about rice. [English] Norbid Bailer says: And even more about ricer behaviour in their natural habitat. [English] Norbid Bailer says: In other news! [English] Norbid Bailer says: Has Jacob Goldsmith awoken from his slumber? [English] Norbid Bailer says: The billionaire playboy has been seen around town once more. [English] Jessica Chang says: Doing nothing as usual? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Oh no no no, he is a different man. These are different times. [English] Jessica Chang says: Oh what was he doing then? [English] Norbid Bailer says: Nobody knows, Jess, nobody knows. [English] Norbid Bailer says: But that's it for the week. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Seeing how it's Ramadan, kill count has been lowered this weekend when compared to- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - the last one. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Is there still hope? [English] Jessica Chang says: Probably not. [English] Norbid Bailer says: Remember to follow us on our social media pages, such as Linkbook, Findbook as well- [English] Norbid Bailer says: - as our official website. [English] Norbid Bailer says: We got some really cool merch for you all. [English] Norbid Bailer says: The Young Kill poster is on sale even! [English] Norbid Bailer says: This has been WolfCub. [English] Jessica Chang says: And Jessica. [English] Norbid Bailer says: You be sure to tune back in next time for another exciting episode of TWCN Weekly! *The video would end, crediting WolfCub as the Producer, Host, Editor, Interviewer and Camera Man.* *Jessica would be credited as the Co-Host and Interviewer.* Brought to you by: *Comments would be ENABLED* V*The video description* ((Commenting format )) ((Send help.))
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