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Found 2 results

  1. SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Criminal Arraignment Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos The People Versus Arevik Bagrat Subpart 1. Title. In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 22nd of August, 2017, against Arevik Bagrat. Subpart 2. Body. The People charge the subject with: TF007 - Felony Public Endangerment TF001 - Felony Evading GF015 - Grand Theft Auto GF024 - Felony Obstruction ☒ - Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction? Subpart 3. Request. The People demand of the subject Arevik Bagrat to the following: 14 years (14 Days) Fine of $35,000 in accordance with San Andreas Penal Code. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. - Officer Narrative The following is the narrative submitted to the DA’s Office by the LSPD regarding the Defendant’s actions and context of the case: Exhibit 2. - Logged Dashcam Footage Exhibit 3. - LSPD Seizure Report http://pd.owlgaming.net/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=17668 Exhibit 4. - The People v Narek Barsamian http://pd.owlgaming.net/viewtopic.php?f=75&t=17670 - Link to LSPD Arrest Report (( Player did not want a court case and therefore plead guilty to the above charges. )) Exhibit 5. - LSPD SITREP http://pd.owlgaming.net/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=17671 - Both the Defendant and his accomplice, Narek Barsamian are implicated in this report. Subpart 5. Narrative. The case against Arevik Bagrat was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office on grounds that the Defendant had violated San Andreas laws and was charged with numerous felony crimes including Grand Theft Auto and Felony Reckless Evasion. The Prosecution wishes that the court review the evidence held against Arevik Bagrat, and come to a swift judgment regarding the allegations against him. Subpart 6. Recommendation. ☑ - Issue Parole After Release of 2 Months (( 2 Weeks OOC Time )) ☒ - Grant Early Release ☒- Release On Bail Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @Brett @Franco @EKWorks @Cross125 @Lemonade319))
  2. What's up ladies & gentleman it's Chronixx! @Maxime First things first, I wanted to say that I'm totally new on this server, me and my friends decided to start the journey and experience some great quality Roleplay, so here we are! We didn't see any "Black Street Gang" yet in this community In Character, so we decided to create one, and develop it to the fullest, this video is only for promotion purposes. In this video I'm aiming to promote the server, just like our criminal organization which has only started few days ago, and we are willing to invite new people to our crew! We are recruiting new people, only black afro-americans or just africans, in general black people In Character. (I will create a new Housing Project for our benefits as well on the forum, confirm it with the administration team) In this video, some of the content is hidden to prevent METAGAMING, thank you.

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