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Found 11 results

  1. (UPON READING; YOU AGREE TO NOT USE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER UNLESS APPROVED BY MYSELF OR OTHER LEADERS) Back in the 1990s when the notorious Ace Street Locos XIII held power over the El Corona district, Carlos Flores was a high-ranking member of the gang. He ran a little group under ASL13, called the El Corona Aztecs. After the collapse of the Ace Street Locos XIII by the will of law enforcement, the El Corona Aztecs came into more and more power. Even though shotcaller Armando Montez had died from a drive-by and other notable leaders were dead or incarcerated, the ECA13 still pledged allegiance to Armando Montez and the ASL. El Corona Aztecs later developed into a street gang in the early 2000s, fractions of what they had come from. It was led under the command of Carlos Flores, who's ultimate goal was to keep the culture he believed in, alive. Under a gang injunction enforced on the Ace Street Locos, the El Corona Housing Projects were raided by the Special Weapons And Tactics unit of the Los Santos Police Department. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of weapons and narcotics, seized and loads arrested. Included in the list of perpetrators, was one Carlos Flores. He was charged and incarcerated for a total of six years, in 2012. Without the appropriate leadership and literature previously provided, both the Ace Street Locos and El Corona Aztecs ceased to be and ultimately split off into numerous sets. Throughout the years, these street gangs would come and go, some dismantled by their bitter rivals, others dismantled by the long arm of the law. The most famous of these gangs would become the Ace Street Familia XIII who's reach supposedly passed that of the Ace Street Locos XIII, but like all things, the Familia too, came to an abrupt end. In August 2018, Carlos Flores was released from the San Andreas Detention Center prison with high hopes of finding the remnants of his friends and family although when he arrived, he was disappointed at what he saw. There was no correlation between El Corona and the Ace Street Locos. No correlation between El Corona and Corona Aztecs. Nothing of relevance. Just another neighborhood with what appeared to be meaningless graffiti, and rundown projects. At that moment, Carlos had promised himself that he would continue what his friends had started. THE BEGINNING After Carlos arrive to the barrio, Everything was unorganized, people didn't quite know who to call a leader. That was when Shorty ( Carlos ) came back to the place where he belonged and reinstated peace and calm for everyone in place. A group of people was often seen playing basketball or just chatting on the benches or around the neighborhood. As time flew the gang grew up in membership and with it, attention spiked around the gang within each side of the law and as relationships rose and were beginning to rise in importance and convenience as the gang saw a short period of time where everything was going right. THE OBSTACLE As the gang saw a period of prosperity, they began aiming higher and higher but with recognition, Comes the unwanted attention. The gang saw it's path blocked by PD when they were involved in a situation which was nothing but a really awkward and stupid situation but that lead to multiple members being arrested due to one running his mouth. The gang saw it's dream of a peaceful and prosper life being taken away from them on a blink of an eye as multiple members were arrested, other wanted. It is rumoured that they have not yet given up and that they are taking chances somewhere else, in Los Santos. Today As the Cartel De Sinola Los Santos Connection saw a period of prosperity on the gang and the El Corona itself Cartel De Sinaloa decided to take over the El Corona vicinity, doing a peaceful transition between two organizations. The gang is now aiming for higher, and gain their reputation back they've lost in the streets. Due to the gang had so many internal issues and fights between the high-ranking leaders, resulting in a power loss comes along with minus respect. With the CDS involvement and their support, the El Corona community is hoping to take back what belongs to them. 2019, March 27th "Everyone is gone, my best friends, people I hanged out with... Even the business is dead and money is running low as well... Huh. I hope Lando will pick up his phone... Of course if he's alive." As the South Side Aztecas family went into the shadows, all the business and contacts were lost and stopped. Luis knew he had to do something and it wasn't right to leave everything like that. Calls were made to his close criminal friends and they met in secret location for a private meeting. After that night, La Ganancia organization was born. La Ganancia La Ganancia - organization that is mainly assembled to make profit from trafficking drugs. They don't limit themselves and also participates in dealing illegal goods and exporting them. Group was created in late March, 2019 when former leader of South Side Aztecas appeared again in Los Santos. Organization consists of ex-members from South Side Aztecas family and other Hispanic criminals. Group is only restrict to Latino-Americans. CARTEL DE SINALOA - LOS SANTOS PRESENTS After the cartel's existence slowly disappeared from the City, a few phone calls were made towards to Pedro Cruz and Luis Trejo from Mexico, asking for to continue their operations. After a long discussion between the top leaders Pedro and Luis was approved to continue the activity in Los Santos. As Luis was cooperating with the Seville crew, they showed him the true power and potential they had. Luis took the chance and offered them to work with him as one big organization. He used the chance that was given by Mexico criminal leaders. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON ((Leaving the faction without permissions leads to CK clause.))
  2. UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. FURTHERMORE, THE STORY BELOW HAS BEEN PARTIALLY FICTIONALIZED THOUGH MOST OF THE EVENTS DID OCCUR IN-CHARACTER & IN-GAME. The Washington Block Piru street gang was formed in early 2019, within the western Panoptican Avenue apartment complexes. It is the successor of the Brimstone Block Piru street gang that controlled the majority of Idlewood back in 2008 to 2015, their headquarters being within the Brimstone Apartment Complex. It's roots technically go back to 2005, when the Brimstone Projects's illegal activity was controlled by four individuals named Terrance Dontrell, Hakem Wright, Eric Clay and Damian Ramsey. Terrance Dontrell became the symbol of the crew and eventually they rose to power within their projects, recruiting the many impoverished residents of the area into the street gang. Before long, Terrence Dontrell was influenced by gang culture, and by following the Bloods culture, those who looked up to him soon took after him. They began to call themselves the Brimstone Block Piru, the 'Brimstone Block' part being for the roots of their gang, and the 'Piru' moniker being used as tribute to the original Bloods. Eventually, the Brimstone Block Piru grew into half of Idlewood before finally meeting its border with the Spook Town Murder Squad, a Ganton street gang. When they first interacted, they immediately became rivals. Shortly afterwards, as the feud grew more violent... Terrence Dontrell was shot and killed by an STMS member. As his right hand man, Eric Clay led the Brimstone Pirus into war with the STMS although the war would be cut short by the LSPD. Though they were targeted by the LSPD, the Brimstone Pirus were still fresh at the time, and as a result, they weren't left completely broken after the LSPD raids. The same could not be said for the Spook Town Murder Squad. The Brimstone Pirus acknowledged their victory and began to rebuild. Seeing this war from afar, was the other half of Idlewood's underground. This street gang was named the 'Mercy' projects, founded by Andre Russell. Much wasn't known about the gang however, it is known that they tried to take advantage of Brimstone when the previous war left them less then qualified. Nevertheless, Brimstone had acquired the weapons necessary to fight this new war brought onto them by Andre Russell and his gang. Unfortunately, the LSPD has used the previous war as cause to investigate the Brimstone Pirus further, and as a result, the LSPD put a stop to this war quickly. Through it's lifespan, the Brimstone Pirus were referred to by numerous names, such as the Brimtown Made Mafia, the Brimstone Block Pirus, the Brims, and Brim Gang. It also went through a respectable amount of leaders, most notably Terrance Dontrell, Eric Clay, Lavaughn Humphrey, and Kendrick Oates. The Brimstone Pirus would soon die out, as the high ranking members were met with death by the hands of the 'Mercy' street gang, or incarcerated by the hands of the Los Santos Police Department. The remnants of the Brimstone Piru relocated to the Panopticon Avenue apartment complexes, where the culture of the Brimstone Pirus would carry on. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT.
  3. [00:11] I be sittin' on my porch Drinkin' Henny smokin' loud, snatch a nigga Porsche (snatch) Hit a lick in way to many stores (lick) Shoot at opps, take your shit with force (shoot, shoot) [00:21] Stereo, stereo, stereo-type me, (type me) A asian nigga not that likely (likely) From the hood 12 26 nigga try me (try me) You got a problem pull up nigga fight me (fight me) [00:32] I just bought a Gucci bag, open up and count my racks (mulah) Let me go and get my gat (heat) Then shoot you in your fuckin' head (blat) Fuck your bitch inside my bed (smash) I don't really talk to feds (twelve) Drive to Stacks I see a rat All these niggas fucking trash (ass) Aye, yuh [00:47] Stereo, stereo, stereo-type me, (type me) A asian nigga not that likely (likely) From the hood 12 26 nigga try me (try me) You got a problem pull up nigga fight me (fight me) [00:58] All these rappers fake (fake) I be aimin' for they brain (pow) They sound just like Drake Skrt when I switch lanes (wow) My bars so hard they flames (fire) [01:06] Stereo, stereo, stereo-type me, (type me) A asian nigga not that likely (likely) From the hood 12 26 nigga try me (try me) You got a problem pull up nigga fight me (fight me) [01:18] Better remain silent (pshh) 'for I shoot my rifle (bang bang) Shootin' at my rivals (shoot) Shit this just got violent Wearin' them white diamonds (drip) Hit you hard, Mike Tyson I do art, Will Dyson Shoot you with my iron, shoot you with my iron [01:34] Stereo, stereo, stereo-type me, (type me) A asian nigga not that likely (likely) From the hood 12 26 nigga try me (try me) You got a problem pull up nigga fight me (fight me)
  4. Chorus [0:30 - 1:01] x2 I pop fools wit the Rugar, crew full of shootas My G's all ape and we move like a Unit Don't be goofy and confuse it, my goons too ruthless Boot ya in the mouth banana clip'll leave ya toothless. You losers getting zooted off a nickel in a toothpick While my niggas blowing Snoop Gorilla Glue inside of Cubans The booth is gettin humid ... ain't no stompin out the flames My boo's ass is stoopid - she got Donkey of the Day Shout out to Charlemagne; I've been knighted by the Gods Ciroc is the name, Diddy boppin in the rain Empire State of Mind - I am Kong rockin Js [1:02 - 2:03] x2 I pop fools wit the Rugar, crew full of shootas My G's all ape and we move like a Unit Don't be goofy and confuse it, my goons too ruthless Boot ya in the mouth banana clip'll leave ya toothless. With Beyoncé on the stage and we never 'On The Run' But stay on a Rampage for them Jacksons gettin paid I'm Good all day if the cash and Mary Jane is blue Bombay She blow me cause the chain, King Louie and champagne I knew she wanted fame, shot a movie and explained Bared necessities of life - popped dat coochie in da frame Uncle Luke her wit the gang? Dude you gotta be insane? Cos I'm too damn fly ... to do a choochoo train [2:04 - 3:35] x2 I pop fools wit the Rugar, crew full of shootas My G's all ape and we move like a Unit Don't be goofy and confuse it, my goons too ruthless Boot ya in the mouth banana clip'll leave ya toothless. I ain't tryna catch a case like my nigga Pac did Or be locked in a cage like a gotdamn chimp I'm a Ceasar on these streets - a Sultan to the sheiks And all a Ge-nies is a flawless ass freak On sum Abu Dhabi sheets (a-ladd-in the East) But I represent the West, where monkeys get greased For beatin on they chest - we'll empty out the clip And leave em sunken with the fishes For tryna throw a wrench - we ain't wit the monkey business "You Mighty Joe, huh?" You might need jo gun Cos the youngins going bongo Sponsored By:
  5. [0:33 - 1:22] Grew up in Colinas, a fucking screw up. Tried to be a man, but saw a man get bodied and I threw up. In a world of riches, what can I try to do, but pursue em? But what if it means, if I lose it all, and I can't get to em? What if it means, that I lose my soul and all these difficulties... I can't get through em? A rack with the macs, a platinum plaque, lots of words on a track. They say it's all it takes, but a cop on dispatch gets me panic attacks! And I wake up at night wondering where the fuck I'm at. So just pass the zigzags, put on some trap and act like it ain't bad. It's how you gotta deal with it and you know that's facts. [1:23 - 2:11] [Chorus x2] They say you don't stand a chance, I tell em the numbers lied. Tell me it ain't worth it, that's it's all stubborn pride. All I've ever known, was the northern stride. If I die, I won't ask for another try. Cause I'm down for the grind, just as advertised. Yet all my life, I've only ever dreamed of the other side. [2:12 - 3:48] So I put my game face on like I took off my PJs and tell myself I'm past it. Now I'm out with the boys and they know I'm about it. Clout's all around me. Doubt? I'm without it. Face up high like my head's in the cloud, and.. You do what you gotta, got street smart like I'm a street scholar. Get that money, ambitions to be a baller. Chase that money, like a bank with a loaner. Hunt that money, like PJs got a Walter. Pray for that money, like a pagan and an altar. Then you dress for that money, God knows I ain't never before wore anything with a collar. And at the end of the day, when it's all through. You hope what bad you did don't come back to you. Take my shoes off, back to my ownself. Just PJ, all alone in his room. And it's just, rinse and repeat, till the day the critics don't do no reviews. Till the day I don't need to rhyme, and don't need no debut. Till the day comes when I don't need no more views. Till that day, it's just rinse and repeat, and that's how it goes for a yute. [3:49 - 4:37] [Chorus x2] They say you don't stand a chance, I tell em the numbers lied. Tell me it ain't worth it, that's it's all stubborn pride. All I've ever known, was the northern stride. If I die, I won't ask for another try. Cause I'm down for the grind, just as advertised. Yet all my life, I've only ever dreamed of the other side. Sponsored By: @maramizo
  6. Verse 1 [00:00 - 03:09] Demons exist inside the bottoms of bottles, From my lips take a sip, swallow full throttle, Cannot resist the crave of tomorrow, Quick find your fix, you’ll still be damn hollow, Guilt, shame and sorrow…. Pain lent not borrowed; I question your frame, your rules rearrange, A range in a game that is just so strange. Feel biding chills of deep erosion, Still climbing hills of your emotions. Fear is a fusion of your mental contusions, Vapid delusions; lost inhuman confusions. Bare the shame of your father, Rather than working harder. Wear the blame of your mother, Suffocate feeling smothered. Sadistic satisfaction I can no longer give you… In hell, I’m not welcome you can’t drag me with you. The gift of emptiness, no room to build, A rift of decadence; filled with some pills, Debt: your bills, twelve step programs – The pro found perfect pronouns – Tell me how bad you want me? Compelled to tease and taunt me; Your words, they seem to haunt me. Why do you want to flaunt me? What is this need? Why cut at my knees? Begging you please… just let me leave. Sponsored By:
  7. Brodyaga

    Fame St. Crew

    ''Fame St. Crew'' or ''Riguel's Scheme'' is a small crew that is formed on Fame Street of Los Santos. The crew is consisting of afro-american teenagers in age from 12 to 18. The main source of money making for this crew is drug-dealing but they also do other illegal things like carjacking, robberies and some sort of illegal services. This crew is founded by Riguel Brooks,. Crew's main plan is to make a big, profitable drug circle around the Fame Street's area and a network that goes all around the Los Santos. ''Cause man get money with the gang, man get girls with the gang, Man eat food with the gang, man talk slang so the feds can't work out what I just said to a man.'' OOC The best way to join this crew is to portray a poor kid, resident of a Fame Street or somewhere near it. and in the interest of making money.
  8. ayo I finally found my favorite millennial rapper what about you
  9. East Los Santos has an incredibly high crime rate. Prostitutes, gang bangers and drug dealers can often be found in the area causing disturbance. East Los Santos is mostly residential but does have some popular small-time businesses and zones. The area consists of many small, single story houses, apartments and housing projects. East Los Santos in the east is predominantly inhabited by Eastern Europeans. In the South many Hispanics have founded their life. Which leaves the North open to African-American and Caucasian families to live. North Town Hustlers is primarily a small but tight street crew within the streets of East Los. Its crew is open and blind. Meaning everyone could join regardless of race and sex. Members have frequently been spotted in East Los and Jefferson. This territory is often dubbed as ‘North Town’. ‘North Town’ contains a basketball court, multiple parking areas and open field. The sight of dirtbikes roaming the area is common. Often terrorizing the public peace whenever they can. ‘North Town’ has been a public discussion between residents and the government. The question of bylaws regarding noise, activity and curfew have often been discussed, although no updates have been released regarding any of those bylaws. Adebowale Webster and Odell Bradshaw are two prominent figures within the neighborhood and have influenced the youth into picking up dirt bikes, scooters and other motor powered two wheelers. Even though its in protest to a raising crime rate, crime figures haven’t dropped in recent time. Only time will tell us if this movement will bring light to a dark place in our city. Rules: 1.Advised to Roleplay as a teenager so you can develop your character realistically due to teenagers getting involved into the gang life at a young age. 2.You must create your own (passive) roleplay so you can keep being active without relying on the leaders. 3.Create a realistic background story for your character. 4.Do not spam slang words. 5.If any faction member breaks any of the rules, report to high command of the gang. 6.Follow the Owlgaming rules. 7.Do not insult other gangmembers OOCly, Don’t let OOC friendship/rivalry affect any relationship IG. Credits to @Vinceeez for story. Credits to @mTamas for GFX.
  10. LIVERPOOL GRAPE CRIPS Liverpool Grape Crips is an afro american set based in Liverpool, Los Santos. Members are in the range of 9-30 years old and can be identified by their colors, gang signs or tattoos. Their main activities are gun and drug trafficking, robberies, extortions, kidnappings, car thefts and burglaries. The set was formed recently by two brothers, Taylor and Lamar Abb after coming from a bad part of city in Memphis. They started to recruit kids and teenagers from the block, starting to grow up in numbers. The set remained quiet for some months but it got louder when the two brothers decided to step up. Starting to do burglaries, armed robberies and car thefts. OOC RULES *If you want to join the faction, you need to have good RP and English skills and act realistically all the time. *Upon joining the faction, you need to agree that the leaders of the faction will be able to CK you for any In Character reason.
  11. Can someone make a big smoke skin with Blue and White jordans and Greyish Baggy jeans and blue jacket and tattoos on his arms and neck?
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