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Found 2 results

  1. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2020 Vehicle brand: Lexus Vehicle make: RCF TRACK EDITION VIN: Revealed to the winner. Mileage: *** Description: The RC F Track Edition uses the same naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 (2UR-GSE) that powered the IS F sedan in 2008 and the standard RC F since 2015. It's the engine Lexus also uses in the LC 500 coupe and the GS F sedan. The company's strict warrantability standards mean this engine is limited to 500 hp, said Yuuichi Tsurumoto, the chief engineer on the RC F Track Edition and the man responsible for all Lexus F models. So supercharging the engine was out of the question. Increasing the V8's displacement to 5.5-liters or more was explored, but then the RC F Track Edition would have been subject to a gas guzzler tax, and that too was deemed unacceptable. The frustration in Tsurumoto's voice was clear. Images http://prnt.sc/o0zojk Starting bid: $75,000 Minimum increase: $2,000 Buyout: $98,000 Auction end date: 6/14/2019 Contact details: ((Forum PM))
  2. Skrr skrr skrr on yo bitch, Lil Doggy Dick cut fuckboys up and toss em in the ditch Yo' furry ass gon' need a stitch Lil Doggy Dick on that savage gang shit I throw pussy ass poodles in the pit (gang) Cops pull up and we dip You know we make it lit K9 unit on my dick (Ay) Sucking on it like a tick Gobble gobble on it and then spit When i pull up in my chevy i yell ESKETIT Bitch nigga i pop you like my zit You in my ends you betta step it 'fore you get clapped like my furry bitch asscheeks (oof) I tried to fuck a pidgeon but I don' like peaks You know i make a cumstain on those beaks Pull out and shoot it on the sheets I been slangin' worms on the streets Metro Boomin' producing me beats Let me suck on those feets Middle finger up my bumhole Santa gave me some coal Too bad I took Ms. Claus and fucked her on my boat When i'm done spittin rhymes all y'all gonna quote Put a black leather coat yuh Then I flash the kids my hairy goat, ay Go in school, that fourty I tote Shoot up the teachers and then go on slanging dope You know i be droppin that soap Cross my fingers, tighten my ass and just hope I got no love for bitches, I love me some blokes I fuck them in the ass, leave that hole soaked When i roll up with my pants off your pussy gon be poked Vikki in the crib snortin coke His balls be clappin to Mia Khalifa on pornhub He got no money for playerunknown's pub (sad violin) (sad violin stops) You know Lil' Doggy dick on that grind, popping xans and in the gutter passed out on moonshine Fake rolex on my wrist telling me the time Sad Weiner up in this hoe, fuck a nigga quick then dip, go, go You know i have it special for my niggas My condoms pop i pull the triggers I'm too poor for bread i eat lime My dad took the belt i said NEIN They ask how many kids you got in yo van? I say about nine I live in a forest it full of pines I'm a homeless doggy living up in the Alpines These bitches always turn me down saying i'm not fine (beat fades off)
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