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Found 1 result

  1. Introduction to the French Organized Crime Family The Rochette Family is a French organized crime family with heavy ties to the Corsican mafia. The French organized crime or loosely known as "Milieu", is well known for creating the "French Connections" scheme (mainly the Corsican mafia) during the 1930s that gave birth to the smuggling of heroin from Indochina through Turkey to France and then the United States and Canada. At its peak, during the 1960s, the French and the Corsican crime families managed to create themselves a ludicrously rich drug smuggling empire until its dismantlement in the 1970s. The French mob holds many close ties and roots to the Corsican counterpart, its organizational structure and ways of dealing with business is no different. However, their culture is. While the Sicilian or the well known Italian-American organized crime only allows people of Italian descent to join the mob, the French equivalent doesn't harshly discriminate on its membership requirements. Anyone regardless of their race is allowed to join the French mob as long as they speak French, are of French descent or come from a nation that is a member of the Francophonie (or post-colonial state of France/a nation where French is lingua franca or customary language). Only members of French descent are allowed to become Capitaine (Captain) and beyond. The Rochettes The Rochette family was founded by Gilbert Rochette. They were a small-time crime organization in Marseille during the French Connections era until its dismantlement in the '70s. With the death of the most important source of income, the organization was dissolved. The New Era - 2021 The last remaining son of Gilbert, Raymond Rochette emigrated to the United States with promises from the Unione Corse that the second generation of the French Connection is coming. He's to help establish links to distribute the drugs in Los Santos while setting up a foothold within the state of San Andreas for the French mob for a variety of criminal activities such as money laundering, racketeering, prostitution, extortion, corporate crime and contract killing. As the French community grows in the city, Raymond established an imports company under the name of "L'Aigle". The company imports the finest French alcoholic beverages and cheese with hopes to promote the French culture, but also to create a legal front for the organization. ____ OOC Information: While the information on the French mob is limited, I tried my best to use my imagination to fill in the gaps. You can see this faction as a French counterpart to Italian-American LCN, but with much different culture, ways of dealing with business and way of life. The faction is not only here to create a criminal RP, but also to kickstart an IC French community in Los Santos where the faction would be heavily involved in its development and creation of the "Los Santos French Association". We're not a gang, we're an organized faction with structure and internal rules, but as the idea is new the faction develops with you. RP as a respectful individual, not a gangbanger. We don't use radios - I believe they break the immersion and realism of criminal organizations. Use phones to meet up, talk with each other and get to know other members by hanging out. We encourage to roleplay the legal front of the faction which is the imports company L'Aigle or any other further ventures. We're here to do business, not to control the city. We will only go so far if pushed around. By associating yourself with the faction you give us permission to character kill you if deemed necessary/for valid RP reasons. I would like to admit one thing. It's the first time I ever went around creating a faction in a very long period of time that I RP, so please bear with me. I know the topic might be a mess and graphical work is missing (which I'm hoping to get sometime soon), but I will work on ensuring the topic is maintained and clean as time goes by.
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