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Found 1 result

  1. Beautiful Los Santos and San Andreas are an area brimming with interesting characters and locations, just waiting to be explored and interacted with. It's a world where truly only our imagination and our knowledge of a particular subject is our only limitation. Today's subject will be involving Erotic Roleplaying or ERPing for short. Let's be fair, most of us have at least been involved or experienced it in some manner - weather we liked it or not is something that varies from person to person. A lot of people find it cringy and avoid it at all costs, which is understandable. Some take great pride and joy in the act. But the most pathetic are the ones who pretend to dislike it, usually to seem cooler to their mates, even though they actively participate in contributing to the server's ever growing ESEX log columns. And the plain out weirdest are the people who take long pauses during ESEX. Why you ask? Well if you didn't figure that one out then congratulations, because you've managed to sustain your innocence somehow. This kind or RP has many variations. It can range anywhere from simple teasing to full on hardcore BDSM rape. Most of the ESEX we experience on the server, is fairly casual, like BJs, happy endings and Grove hooligans doing the missionary in their lowriders with female characters who have 1 hour on their name. Clearly, the most notorious in the ESEX community are the lesbian RPers. While most of us don't have any issues with the LGBT community OOCly, the lesbians have gotten a very negative name for themselves in this community, due to an overwhelming majority of female characters being lesbians or bi, the latter of which usually prefer mostly women as well. This triggers the thirsty players who want some of that booty and due to their characters being male, they're left with no ESEX whatsoever. This can lead to them creating new female characters, but usually they also tend to go the lesbian route, just spreading the pandemic. A less prevalent group of ESEXers however are the male Gay and Bi characters, but their small numbers are most likely due to the people RPing here mostly being male and straight, which would obviously cause discomfort for them. Pitty... A very fun and exciting bit of roleplay still belongs to the goold old fashioned Swinger Parties or Orgies. which have still not died out, keeping the ESEX community strong and fertile. These parties are something many people aren't aware of, but if you do your research on them or if you decide to host an event, I'm sure you can get at least a whole month's dose of ERP in one go. But we also have to be honest. To some people, ESEX is a necessity. They can't keep themselves from doing it. It's almost like an addiction that can affect our OOC plans for our characters. It can ruin IC relationships and cause a person to force ERP onto others weather they want it or not. If such an event happens, please make a report for the person, since they are violating your rights. After that, they will be castrated and properly taken care of by the lovely GAT. It's like Incest, a game for the whole family! Another weird part of our ERP community are the sexual deviants, people into weird kinks and members of particular fandoms who have more sexual tendencies. Even an accepting person or any active ERP participant will admit, that this kind of RP is the most cancerous part of the ERP culture. Nearing the end, we also have a subcategory for Weebs and Ricers. They can also be considered ERPers, because while they have no lives and mostly spend time by themselves, they still participate in ERP with cars and Waifu pillows on the daily. Similar to lesbians, they have become notorious in the community. The pandemic spreads silently and that's why it's considered so deadly. Now that I've listed all the needed information on the matter, I think I would also like to mention my own experiences with ESEX in particular. My most hilarious ESEX session was one with my one-armed amputee transsexual bisexual alt, who had a fun night with 3 black hood boys she picked up from Grove Street. It was truly bonkers and it had me on the edge of my seat and laughing nonstop, till my stomach started hurting from it. What are your thoughts on ESEX and ERP? What are your best/funniest/cringiest experiences? Share logs, screenshots or summaries and tag people down below and let's have a fun dicsussion! @Conkers @KentuckyFriedNuggetz @Daveosfutur @Alfredas @Kaasisbaas @Randall @Luigikuik @Balloon @iii @Userone @Dolt
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