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Found 1 result

  1. "The Story Coming From The City" 1998, North side Apartments where Demarcus was raised, He witnessed many criminal minds during the time he hung around, His mother had done dope and his step dad had sold it, Demarcus went to school but didn't get good grades at all only because he lacked in most of his studies he didn't do his homework or pay attention in class, He always got suspended and hung around with kids that had a bad influence on him. When Demarcus wasn't in school he sold drugs he stole from his step dad's draw he didn't have many boys but he hung around a Chinese corner store and sold his step dad's product to buy shoes and school clothes. Demarcus was a shorty around his friends he was only 16 and his friends was 17-19 but Demarcus wasn't dumb he was very smart but everyone always wondered why he never stayed in school, But he only sold drugs and had never held or shot a gun before. After 2 years Demarcus never graduated school, His mom overdosed on crack cocaine and his step dad was arrested and given jail time for the drugs and illegal weapons he was around, Demarcus turned 18 and as time went on he lost a couple of friends to the streets, He had no one to teach him how to be street smart but in stead he had to learn on his own, He had a female that had be with him since high school but he learned to never trust a female but he thought different about her after time he introduced her to the life he lived and how he made his money, At a young age Demarcus and Keisha moving work through the projects where they lived until Marcus got caught up and sold to a Undercover cop, Demarcus was facing 10 years for what he had on him the detective said, They told him straight up he wasn't getting out of it. Couple days later they snatched up Keisha and asked her to tell them everything Demarcus was doing to see if she'd say anything to get Demarcus more time than he was already facing, She said nothing to them and they couldn't arrest her because she didn't even have a record or anything to put against her, 2 weeks after everything happen Demarcus court day came and he was blessed because the judge said she would give him House arrest for a couple of moths since he was only 18 and she'd give him another chance while Demarcus was gone for the time period Keisha was holding down everything for him, Demarcus came home and didn't want to get his hands even more full then they were so he didn't trap as much as he used too, The place where he trapped from was his Mom's old place it was abandon and but Demarcus and Keisha kept it clean and hid they weed and drugs inside they shoe boxes and tossed shoes on top of them and shoved them under they bed in case of probation officers and police, They didn't deal with guns as much because getting caught with a gun where they lived was 20 to life and they didn't think it was worth it. After months and earning pocket change off the product they sold they started getting known around the projects for what they did and earned respect from some and earned disrespect from others, One night Demarcus and Keisha had Brothers and Sisters and a couple of friends who wanted to get down with what they was doing, So they gathered up and talked out what they was gonna do because there was many other gangs around where they stayed so they knew they were gonna have beef with other sets around the way so as they developed they thought of names for them selves so they could hide them selves better in the streets the name for Demarcus was "Hoodie" because he always kept something inside his hoodie, Drugs, a Gun it was always something. After a while Demarcus knew what the life was about so he knew was gonna have to shoot someone sometime soon so he went to the gun range and practiced shooting a gun and trying to get used to shooting it, But he didn't know that shooting a Object and A Person would make a different feeling, Until one night Demarcus was selling 10 grams of Weed to a crack head and the crack head didn't have enough money to buy the weed and attempted to stab Demarcus, He untucked his 9mm and shot at the crackhead only to scare him but accidentally shot him and killed him he froze up and couldn't move for a bit he was so confused at the moment he didn't know what to do he didn't snap out of being froze up until he heard sirens so he tucked his 9mm into his hoodie and dipped out into the ally running back to his apartment, The police tried to tie the murder to Demarcus because he still had his House Arrest Bracelet on at the night of the murder and they matched the time he was there and the time he fled the scene, But the only thing they were missing was the weapon, Demarcus lied and said yes he was there but he heard gun shots in the area and ran but did not see who did it, Believe it or not the story matched and a month later Demarcus was case free and let off Probation and House arrest but he still has police around his projects watching his moves. Ever since Demarcus shot the crackhead he thought he was untouchable and was ready to be in the streets, Him and his gang started to go to other peoples blocks who disrespected them and fight them and at night they would spray paint they're houses and sidewalks with the word "Hoodie Block" They didn't come up with a name for them selves so they went by "Hoodie Block", People started to give the rep to Demarcus as being "Insane" so when he heard that he knew him and his gang was making progress with getting members and rivals after they started to grow, he heard from some young ones that there was a rival gang on the other side going by "Bloods" or Any sets who wasn’t supporting the movement so he switched his around and made "Insane Gangster Crips" After then he started going to hoods of people who beefed with him spraying "IGC, BK" and under that he would put "We Insane" and people knew where it came from so the name "Insane Gangster Crips" got around and Demarcus and the rest stuck with that. Insane Gangster Crips is a African American Street gang found in Willow field housing lead by Demarcus Santana the street gang was made to steal and rob and gain money and respect throughout the time being affiliated with the gang, Insane Gangster Crips or IGC was made back in 1992 by Demarcus older cousin Fredo or his street name "Shoota", Fredo was given that name because of his reputation, He was the killer of many people from other street gangs and convicted of murders. In 1998 Fredo was given a sentence in prison for Murder of a store owner that "Owed Him Money" after a while IGC was broken apart and went down hill once the leader was locked up. In 1998 Late times 2 months after Fredo was locked up Demarcus Santana also known as ”Hoodie" was put into the picture and given the relations to Fredo he was made to lead IGC. Demarcus Santana-"Hoodie" was a 19 year old young boy and stayed with his auntie in the Paul Street Projects where he also was affiliated with the street gang "Insane Gangster Crips" Nowadays IGC can be found in Paul Street Projects, Loitering and Producing gang activity around the area. As time went by "IGC" started to make music dissing other rival gangs and the dead ones inside which attracted attention and made "IGC” have clout around the projects, At that time everyone wanted to get down, IGC is known for selling and distributing drugs and loitering around the Streets in Paul Street Projects. IGC, Or Insane Gangster Crips is a color banging set what so everything they wear such as colors, The Street Gang is mostly know for rocking blue bandannas or black ones but can be seen wearing White Short Story, The Revive. Years after Insane Gangster Crips or IGC was created by Demarcus Santana the clique died out once Demarcus and a few gang members were killed in a police chase, A couple weeks after that happened Demarcus's older cousin Fredo Porter was released from prison and heard the news about his cousin he came out attempting to lead the gang shortly after but after being incarcerated for so many years he didn't know the streets as much as he thought, One night he was intoxicated and a rival gang member shot him twice and he bled out on the scene not being able to cling for his life, Demarcus's brother Shaquon came down from Chicago a couple of months ago to attend the funeral of Demarcus and Fredo, He met most of the gang members and knew a lot of what they did or were known for, Shaquon was already informed on most of the information about the Clique from Demarcus, He moved into a apartment around the East Los Angeles Parts putting the Clique "Insane Gangster Crips" back into play and trying to get their name back into the streets of LA, Shaquon is a 19 year old black male from Chicago, Little Brother of Demarcus and Younger cousin of Fredo back to complete where they left off with the few gang members that are left and more to come, Insane Gangster Crips is now located on John Paul Street Housing Projects(Willowfield) "OOC Faction Information"
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