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Found 2 results

  1. Mysra

    213 Hoodlums

    213 Hoodlums is a long-standing African-American street gang founded during the late 1975 in the southern district of Los Santos, San Andreas. Vol I. About The 213 Hoodlums. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood claims Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs and shows their activity and attendance nearby districts, even though they're situated in a tight rough spot due to the fact their gang is entirely surrounded by neighboring gangs. Without uncertainty, The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood was a figure in gang violence that increased crime rates around Verdant Bluffs, Idlewood and Commerce in the late 1980s. Residents affirmed that the gang-affected the neighborhood so critical, that it shifted the homicide rate to proportions unheard of in Los Santos. An extensive portion of 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood affiliates was promptly incarcerated in the late 90s due to the rising tensions. How the conflict sprouted is unknown to many, including the modern-day members of the 213 Hoodlums Neighbourhood. Most of those who were interned were within the ages of 13-17, they hold an, even more, greater residence in Juvenile Institutions, and Juvenile Camps across the state of San Andreas as a result of the heavy embroilment in poverty-riddled activities. Vol II. Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs Riots. SOUTH CENTRAL Contrary to widespread belief, the Verdant Bluffs District drew a low number of visitants and civilians throughout the early 1960s and 1970s. Residents at Metropolitan Ave claim that the area is hard to live in, while others completely stay away from the area. Verdant Bluffs' history dates back to 1953, at that time Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs was a multicultural neighborhood Metropolitan Ave packed with a heavy presence of Hispanic Americans, with a minority of African Americans, Caucasian, and a few others mixed in between. Even then in the midst of the early-late 60s, Idlewood possessed a very high crime rate, because of the war against the Black Panthers and the government. Prostitution, robberies and car crime (especially carjackings). In the 1980s drugs (especially weed-cocaine) became the main issues. The area is deeply under scrutiny by Police aviation, aka "Ghetto Bird" or "The Bird." Manufacturing jobs were popular during the 1950s and 1960s. However, an unplanned reduction in jobs around 1963 also helped The Metropolitan Ave Riots. Once jobs caused began declining, this depressed the area; at the same time, the concentration of poverty-stricken residents, blended with a pervasive feeling of disenfranchisement and official indifference or hostility, caused the housing projects to become a breeding ground for criminal activities. Verdant Bluffs Riots In the implacable & black southside region of Metropolitan Ave, the racial tension stretched to another level after a fight between African-Americans and Caucasian residents of the Glen Park Homes. Law enforcement arrived at the scene of the riot, and Gerald J' Henry, a Caucasian police officer interlaced in an uproar with an African-American mechanic speculated of elevating the fight. However, as a crowd of Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs onlookers watched the brutal & dishearten death of Lamar Harrison (20) conflict spread & a riot roused by residents of the neighboring housing projects, and houses who were angered after years of unfair economic and political treatments. The Home Street District Riots was privately filmed by a helicopter, footage showcases how pedestrians & Law enforcement brutally terrified the streets of Verdant Bluffs and Commerce. Multiple people were shot, beaten or arrested, individuals in those riot events eventually ranged a bigger area of Verdant Bluffs, looting stores, torching buildings and markets, brawling police and firefighters. Around 120 rioters were injured, 10 were injured. Vol III. Neighborhood. As of 2016, the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is still an infamous and prominent African-American street gang. Most new affiliates of the street gang who have become known to the police through monitoring and arrests are within the ages of 14 and 24. 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood appear to have a higher interest in recruiting young men and young women who are in their late teens and early 90s rather than youths who are still in childhood or early adolescence. It stands to reason that the street gang, through recruiting this relatively older age group, are looking for more experienced and seasoned members. Their territory extends a larger amount than before.Metropolitan Ave is still known for its density, as such, it should be no surprise that many of the local youth are affected by this culture either through acquaintances or family. The latter being the case for many, be it an older brother, father or uncle that had ties to the Neighborhood. Not only that, but the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood still remain strong within the area and kept it that way for almost 45 years. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is one of the most murderous gangs in South Central, according to law enforcement. Upon entering and conspiring with 213 Hoodlums you automatically agree to a Character Kill (CK) Clause upon departure of 213 Hoodlums or betrayal against 213 Hoodlums.
  2. The Beginning: After Demarcus Santana and Brian Gonzales were shot, Fredo Porter, the new leader of IGD, decided that he wanted to make subdivisions. He discussed this with his mechanic friend, and IGD crip, Allen Davidson. The two took their own spots in El Corona, Fredo taking the El Corona Alley's and Allen taking the basketball courts. Fredo led a subdivision called "The Young Cartel" or TYC. Allen on the other hand, ran "El Corona Mafia" or ECM. They agreed that they each got to pick two existing members of IGD to help boost start the subdivisions. Allen had recruited a man who called himself Leonell, and Trevon Marquis (T-Maq). The courts had become populated. Days Gone By: The same day Allen, the ECM OG, got his side up and running, him and a few guys rolled up to pizza stacks in Allen's fresh midnight blue '63 Impala. There they encountered a fake crip, talking out the side of his neck. They decided it was time they taught him a lesson. They rolled back to the spot, grabbed a burner car, some masks, and some guns. Not 5 minutes passed and they were shooting at him. Allen was the only one who got caught. He took the blame for it all, nothing mattered more to him than the safety of his homies. More To Come: As of Tuesday, July 31, Allen is waiting to go to jail. he just wants to do the time. He'll find a way out. Restless.....: Everyone is becoming restless. Allen is reminiscing about everything in his past from a holding cell, while others are trying not to die in the harsh streets of Los Santos. South East LS is no joke, and everyone knows that. It seems everyday someone dies at pizza stacks. Idlewood is armed to the teeth and many tend to just try and stay out of the crimstone's way. Allen fears for his soldiers lives, and doesn't want to go to a funeral. Cops shot his friend, ECM shot a crimstone, Los Santos is hell. Allen want's his damn jail sentence already so he can serve it, get out, and lead his crew to the top..... if there's any left by the time he leaves. The El Corona Mafia have started to go into hiding, just wanna survive, make a bit of money, normal stuff. Allen doesn't know where they are but figures he'll find em when he gets out. If he gets out. The system is ruthless to young black men in a white society, and Allen may just become another victim to it. Who know's..... for now, The El Corona Mafia will not be seen, for they are in the shadows, waiting to strike. Tuff Shit: Idlewood isn't safe for anyone. ECM has been instructed by Allen not to ever start anything with CHM. Without safe passage through Idlewood, ECM would be screwed, and the last thing Allen need's to worry about is another dead Crip. Soldiers die out in the deserts all the time. It almost feels as if the death rate in our own cities are higher. You can't go outside without worrying about who some stranger is. Allen told his boy Hit-man to take his car somewhere safe. El Corona could be invaded by CHM any day. It was a mistake for the Corona Crips to even think about shooting Travis Harvard. Could cost the ECM leader's life. Allen could get life in the pen. ECM, as of August 2, 2018, will not attempt to provoke or disrespect another gang. ECM will now only fire only when fired upon. The only thing they want is peace. Can't have another dead kid in the crossfire. These streets are mean. ECM know's it. IGD is no longer a gang, but will forever live on in the OG's such as Allen. The new wave is ECM, and is here to stay. HIDING: Allen got shot up in jefferson, but managed to survive. It may be war with them Jefferson boys. All Allen knows is as soon as he's fully healed, someone's dying and it ain't him.
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