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Found 1 result

  1. History: The Ramirez-Fernandez Familia Cartel, also known as Familia De Caribbean, is a criminal syndicate, namely, an cartel, that was founded in the early 1950s in El Salvador. The group was established by the late Ricardo Ramirez, Sofia Ramirez, and Jose Fernandez in there attempts to create a group to smuggle lucrative drugs and guns from Central America into the Caribbean Market. The North American Market was overcrowded with the Columbia Cartel Groups and Mexican cartel groups mostly controlling this area. However, Ricardo found opportunity in servicing drugs to the many islands inhabitants. He started out with small islands such as Grenada and worked his way up from there. Over the years, he made connections and allies with local inhabitants and criminal groups on Islands such as Jamaica and Puerto Rico. As his power grew, Ricardo finally expanded into the Island of them all, San Andreas. Over time, the Island of San Andreas became its key profit maker as the landscape and large mountains made it easy for drugs and guns to be smuggled in unnoticed and the rising population and city of Los Santos meant that this island in particular had the largest demand for the drugs and guns that the cartel was smuggling. On September 15th 2019, the cartel sent Gabriela Ramirez to the island to lay-low and essentially wait for the ‘green light’ to begin illicit operations and man-power to be sent in from the cartels. She waited out in the small town of Grapeseed before eventually relocating to the city where she settled in La Mesa, a Hispanic industrial town, and was given money to purchase a inconspicuous gas station. On February 13th, 2020, the cartel power finally arrived through a hoax fishing ship. It was none other than Quitoni Fernandez, the youngest and only son of the Fernandez family that had already made a reputation for excellent organization skills and street knowledge. Together, they finally begin operations slowly and carefully. Together, Gabriela Ramirez would handle the financial and organization side of the cartel. She would be in-charge of the legal fronts and making ‘dirty’ money look clean and inconspicuous to federal authorities. While, Quitoni Fernandez would handle the street level knowledge and disbursement of drugs and guns along and have the title as ‘El Diputado’. Our Goals and Motivations Our Cartel seeks to show a group of new-generation cartel leaders trying to make it and appease fictional leadership back in their respective families om El Salvador and Hondorus. We are not a 'violent' cartel. Violence is only used when needed. Our goal is more economic than illegal with force only being used to send a message for anyone that try to get in the way of the cartel and their respective allies. Our Activities: Cartel De Ramirez-Fernandez Familia engages heavily on the white-collar crimes as they use legal fronts to maintain a professional appearance with criminal intentions laying solely with higher management in these legal fronts. Our key activities are Money Laundering, Tax Fraud, Illegal Gambling, and Racketeering. We also are known for arms and drug trafficking and offer our services to any group that wants it for a cut in profits. Violence is only used as a last-ditch effort in the higher ranks of the cartel however may be utilized by the lower ranks and associate groups. Recruitment: Our cartel is looking for dedicated members to join us on this adventure! A prospective member should not be a 'super criminal' and should be specialized in one area while learning new skills from other members. We seek and emphasize character development. Therefore, we are actively recruiting both out-of-character and in-character. You may decide which one is best for you and try to join through those methods. We are also very interested in street-level or enforcer groups that are aligned with the cartel. If you would like to make your own underground faction, perhaps a faction that is a street level gang in Rancho, that has the benefits of financial assistance, guns, drugs, and security from the cartel then we can discuss this too through OOC recruitment as well! Send a message to @zoezoegigantic should you be interested. If you plan to join IC, we can also help you craft a character that would stand a good chance of being initiated in along with other tips. Faction Members, please send your screenshot album to @zoezoegigantic for review and approval before posting any. All posts are for entertainment only. You may not bring this material in-character unless you are actively in the roleplay of said screen.
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