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Found 2 results

  1. Rennsport Motorcars Rennsport Motorcars is San Andreas' newcomer, providing the city with a service of top exotic vehicles. We are proud to announce that our arrival is one of the best ones based on the current market of exotic vehicles. We are looking forward to providing the best service in obtaining your dream car and settling the deal on a fairly priced basis. To achieve our goal of satisfying the customer with their purchase, we provide an importation request in respect of not having the wanted exotic on dealership grounds. This means that if the dealership doesn't already have the car you seek, we are able to import your dream car through a form given just below. Allocation To clarify the importation request process, the customer will have to find their dream car which they wish to import. Then, the process from there on is simple, this includes filling out the contact details and the vehicle details which will be sent off to the dealership to process. The aim of this importation form is to give customers what they've been longing for by processing the desired vehicle and importing them into San Andreas. Our importation terms of service require the customer to acknowledge that by signing the form, each customer is required to pay an additional 10% of the listing to the price which is contributed to deposits, holding fees, auto transporters, and additional MRS fees. Any further questions regarding this agreement can be directed to our contact form. Rennsport Motorcars - Allocation Contact Rennsport Motorcars is always looking forward to working with its customers, this means we are willing to hear from our customers, granting if the subject is about a vehicle, the service or just a general question. In order for the contact to be effective, the customer will require to fill out their contact details and list their enquiry under the appropriate subject. By using this form, our team will be able to see what enquiries come in, allowing us to contact you back as soon as possible and in the most appropriate way possible. Rennsport Motorcars - Contact Form Location Rennsport Motorcars, West Broadway, Los Santos Inventory SOLD: ((Credits to @DylanW for the Logo)) ((Credits to @Jokerr for the Interior))
  2. About Us AutoHub was established in October 10th 2018 as a branch from RSR Corporation. As Garage '95 needed to split up to respond in a better way; AutoHub was born, leaving the brand "garage '95" only for mechanical field, creating autohub only for sales field. In order to provide better services, new faces were added to the company. Here at AutoHub, we try to understand you by providing quality cars at affordable prices with good customer services. Our employees are trained to respond accordingly to our Customers requests and to interact with the city of Los Santos. Where are we located? Employment Work with us! Apply now! Inventory Contact us Corporation President Scot Blaze Email: [email protected] (( @Pardal)) David Whitefield Email: [email protected] (( @TheNeonGuy ))
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