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Found 5 results

  1. Rennsport Motorcars Rennsport Motorcars is San Andreas' newcomer, providing the city with a service of top exotic vehicles. We are proud to announce that our arrival is one of the best ones based on the current market of exotic vehicles. We are looking forward to providing the best service in obtaining your dream car and settling the deal on a fairly priced basis. To achieve our goal of satisfying the customer with their purchase, we provide an importation request in respect of not having the wanted exotic on dealership grounds. This means that if the dealership doesn't already have the car you seek, we are able to import your dream car through a form given just below. Allocation To clarify the importation request process, the customer will have to find their dream car which they wish to import. Then, the process from there on is simple, this includes filling out the contact details and the vehicle details which will be sent off to the dealership to process. The aim of this importation form is to give customers what they've been longing for by processing the desired vehicle and importing them into San Andreas. Our importation terms of service require the customer to acknowledge that by signing the form, each customer is required to pay an additional 10% of the listing to the price which is contributed to deposits, holding fees, auto transporters, and additional MRS fees. Any further questions regarding this agreement can be directed to our contact form. Rennsport Motorcars - Allocation Contact Rennsport Motorcars is always looking forward to working with its customers, this means we are willing to hear from our customers, granting if the subject is about a vehicle, the service or just a general question. In order for the contact to be effective, the customer will require to fill out their contact details and list their enquiry under the appropriate subject. By using this form, our team will be able to see what enquiries come in, allowing us to contact you back as soon as possible and in the most appropriate way possible. Rennsport Motorcars - Contact Form Location Rennsport Motorcars, West Broadway, Los Santos Inventory SOLD: ((Credits to @DylanW for the Logo)) ((Credits to @Jokerr for the Interior))
  2. About Us AutoHub was established in October 10th 2018 as a branch from RSR Corporation. As Garage '95 needed to split up to respond in a better way; AutoHub was born, leaving the brand "garage '95" only for mechanical field, creating autohub only for sales field. In order to provide better services, new faces were added to the company. Here at AutoHub, we try to understand you by providing quality cars at affordable prices with good customer services. Our employees are trained to respond accordingly to our Customers requests and to interact with the city of Los Santos. Where are we located? Employment Work with us! Apply now! Inventory Contact us Corporation President Scot Blaze Email: [email protected] (( @Pardal)) David Whitefield Email: [email protected] (( @TheNeonGuy ))
  3. Who are we? Simply we are a short success story. Previously known as A1 Automotive, we took a slow, but big step further and decided to provide even more services to the citizens of Los Santos. What we do? We are trying to do our best in providing complimentary services to citizens of Los Santos. We specialise in different departments. Main of them being vehicle sales. From now on we are trying to expand. Current Officials have been working in the Vehicle industry for over a year now and are glad to offer more services to You. What do we offer? We are doing our best to offer people different services. From the same-old Vehicle sales, to the brand new Insurance opportunities, alongside with Construction possibilities for establishing your property and making it Trully Yours. Why choose us? Current leadership of the company is well known in this town for providing quality sales experience, alongside pleasant customer service. Here we are once again, trying to provide our services to the people in need, by offering all of the possible opportunities. Check us out on our website for more details and information! Elite Corporation.
  4. DxRK

    Nostalgia Imports

    Nostalgia Imports is an vehicle import company which was established in early 2017 which aims to provide the citizens of San Andreas with luxury/classic/sports cars from outside the USA (Australia, Europe, UK, Japan, Canada, etc). Here we allow the customers to have the freedom of choice when it comes to picking their vehicle and will import anything they request as long as it's outside of the United States and is also eligible to be road worthy following federal laws. Throughout the year of operations within Nostalgia Imports, the company has got the chance to work closely with other companies located within Los Santos, one of the biggest collaborators being the Los Santos Motorsports Association (Commonly refereed to as LSMA) Imports At Nostalgia Imports, we understand that San Andreas is full of car culture and there are always citizens looking for new cars to fulfill a certain purpose which can be anywhere from just wanting a new simple daily car, a new project car, show car or a car to complete their collection. This is why Nostalgia Imports was established with a clear and simple purpose, to provide like-minded car enthusiasts with the best quality cars from outside of the United States of America. Within our dealership, quality is our number one priority and we continue to stand by that to ensure the best customer satisfaction when purchasing a new vehicle. This has helped us build up a reputation when it comes to vehicle imports. No matter what kind of car you're in the search for, from a JDM AE86 or an American 60's Dodge Charger located within Europe, we have dedicated employees which take care of these vehicles ensuring that they're at the best condition they can be before handing them off to the customers. Nostalgia Imports's large network of trade contacts from Japan, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe allow our customers to handpick their dream car. As well as fulfilling customer requests with importation orders, Nostalgia Imports also host multi-vehicle auctions for vehicles that are located on our show-floor on a regular basis and this where the people of Los Santos are able to pick up unique and never before seen vehicles on the roads of the United States. Entire Importation Process of Nostalgia Imports Customer requests vehicle ↓ Importation Managers contact trade contacts depending on where the vehicle is situated ↓ Vehicle is purchased and undergoes inspection before being shipped ↓ All importation documentation prepared before the vehicle enters the US ↓ Vehicle is collected from San Fierro Port ↓ Vehicle is taken to our dealership show-floor ↓ Vehicle undergoes secondary inspection as well as interior & exterior detailing and regular maintenance of vehicle such as oil changes ↓ Vehicle is handed over to customer on the 1st/15th of the month with all the documentation of the vehicle including import documents Pricing When meeting customer exceptions and providing them with the best experience, it's important that we as a company are completely transparent and we want the customers to be aware of our pricing practices to ensure that there are no hidden fees being added on. Here is the complete breakdown of how the prices are set when customers import vehicles through us and what is included: Original Price (Of the vehicle on the listing provided by the customer) + 10% of the original price (Importation fee, documentation handling fee, transportation fee and maintenance of the vehicle) + $5000 DMV Fee (Required payment when bringing in vehicles from outside of the States) Arrival Dates When importing a vehicle, we want the customer to be sure that they are aware of when they will be able to collect and drive their ordered vehicle. Nostalgia Imports works on a strict two week schedule which allows us to get through the entire importation process and also gives customers plenty of time to pick their dream car and request it through us. This means that our vehicles are always prepared and ready for collection from our show-floor on the 1st and 15th of every month. Banned Vehicles - Ultra-rare cars, pretty much the "1 out of 26 made" vehicles. - Hypercars that exceed 285 KM/H with the 75% ruling. - Pre-modified vehicles. - All foreign cars under 25 years old, this adheres to the 25 year old ruling; also including real-life grey market imports and federalised legal imports that are the production year of 1993 or above. - All Ninja H2Rs. - All Skyline R32s. - All Skyline R33s. - All Challenger Hellcats. - All Charger Hellcats. - All Kawasaki Ninja ZX14-s (including RRs) - All S13/S14 Silvia/180sx/200sx/240sx (1989+) - All Mk IV Supras (1993+) - All Nissan GT-Rs (R35) Import form We don't want our customers to go through a dreadful process when it comes to ordering their vehicle so that's why all we have is a simple importation form that needs to be filled out and then the customer will be contacted regarding the updates of their importation request. Use this link to request a vehicle through us: Import Form When making an Import Request, make sure that the vehicle follows the banned vehicles list and is actually located outside of the United States of America Contact If you would like to contact management regarding one of your ordered vehicles or one of the vehicles that you have bought off our show-floor, contact [email protected] ((Forum)) Location Los Santos, Montgomery
  5. SUPERAUTO TUNE Welcome To Super-Auto Tune!! ABOUT: SuperAuto Tune is a Automotive company. We Order car parts for you and we can install most car parts. We treat our customers how we want to be treated. Were Located in Los Santos, San Andreas Custom Exhaust: Wanna improve the sound of your car? We can do that for you. Whether you are looking to simply improve the sound of your vehicle's stock exhaust system or increase power, or both. Aftermarket exhaust upgrades are one of the most popular modifications a car enthusiast can make. We can straight pipe your car or we can sell you exhaust including: Armytrix, Magnaflow, Supersprint and much more. CUSTOM PAINT: Super-Auto Tune provides a bunch of options when it comes to custom paint for all types of vehicles. We will paint your vehicle and show you your vehicle and make sure your satisfied until we pay for the paint. What paint body parts. Including: -Painted rims -Painted trim and grilles -Painted graphics and racing stripes -Painted engine parts -Painted interior parts Tinting & Smoking At SuperAuto Tune we offer tinting and smoking for all types of vehicles and for all parts (windows, lights, etc.) tinting adds privacy and smoking gives your car a cool look (colored lights). PERFORMANCE UPGRADES At SuperAuto Tune we offer Performace upgrades can tune your vehicle for all types of vehicle we can change your ECU or add a Turbochargers. CAR MEETS we will have car meets at certain places and times. Show off your car at the car meet and have fun. DEALERSHIP OPENING SOON we will have a dealership opening soon and sell you vehicles you may want to purchase. Fill this form out to let us know what you want done to your car https://goo.gl/forms/KdboQ2jquTe0g7vC2 Want a Job? Fill this form out for a job https://goo.gl/forms/LOGqYuvOiIGft8hC3 CONTACT US Give us a call at 567-771 or ((FORUM PM @therichkid))
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