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Found 5 results

  1. Wright

    Pozzalo Construction Co.

    "Quality Construction. Lifelong Durability." Pozzalo Construction Co.'s mission is to offer its expertise and comprehensive knowledge of project development and implementation to build solid and secure homes, buildings, and civil structures. Using the most skilled workers and quality materials, all projects are created with safety and durability in mind. Pozzalo Construction Co. specializes in exterior construction, interior renovations, building facades and public infrastructure projects. Portfolio Please review our portfolio to showcase our expertise and knowledge at work. Services Home Renovations - Our skilled team can renovate the interior of your building head to toe. Panic rooms, hidden rooms, hidden safes? All possible with us! Security Installations - Wish to install complete home security systems including cameras, motion sensors, bollards, gates, and the likes? No problem. Construction - Create and implement development projects with the highest quality material and workers? No biggie. Public Infrastructure Projects - Pozzalo Construction Co. also paves roads, installs new main pipes, electric lines, and more. We also specialize in sanitation and will remove graffiti, garbage, and other items. Contact Pozzalo Construction Co. (LS Offices) Phoenix Business Plaza - 1546 Park Ave - Room #102 Ph. (555) 485-239 E-Mail: [email protected] (( Forum PM: @Wright ))
  2. Desperado Constructions is specialized in large and small constructions. Starting from mounting fences, gates and making large buildings, as well renovating huge compelexes. Desperado Construction was started 2008 in Estonia. Desperado Construction was owned by two wealthy and big men named Tiit and Teet Kääpa who's been planning construction sites whole their life. Desperado Construction's first projects started small by placing small blocks of rocks on the road. They gained alot trust in many people. Desperado Construction C.E.O Tiit Kääpa decided to leave his company to two russian specialists who live in Los Santos. Two man named Andrei Rivera and Vassili Artjuhhin. By this time they're taking over the activity of whole Desperado's action. Desperado Construction is a new and upcoming construction company within San Andreas and is aiming to provide it's customers with top-of-the-line services. Our company is ran by highly experienced individuals, who are specialized in many trades of the game. Desperado Construction is specialized to - Fencing Gateing Renovating your apartment/resident Re-texturing your whole yard (planting new flowers, trees e.t.c) Making blueprints of new projects Desperado Construction is working as well with huge corporations - General Fittings (brass fittings for water equipment), PipeLife (house outdoor/internal water equipment and many more), SANIFLO (SFA SaniBest waterbump e.t.c). If you're needed for any type of help then feel free to write us! Contact - [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) or 760008 Desperado Construction is trying to provide best quality for your need! Desperado Construction C.E.O San Andreas, Los Santos Andrei Rivera (( Would be edited ))
  3. "Your image is part of your reputation" Positions available: Public Relations Officer Job Description: We are looking for a Public Relation Officer, preferably experienced in the construction field in order to thrive on the demands of Client Reputation and be assertive of the competitive field. Public Relation Officer's will be assertive on the concerns and expectations of our client's. They'll be the key holders to our target audiences in order to establish and maintain good will and understanding between our organisation and the public. Responsibilities: Planning, Developing and Implementing PR Strategies; Communicating with colleagues and key spokespeople; Liaising with, and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organisations, often via telephone and email; Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media; Collating and analysing media coverage; Writing and editing in-house magazines, case studies, speeches, articles and annual reports; Devising and coordinating photo opportunities; Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programmes; Organising events including press conferences, exhibitions, open days and press tours; Maintaining and updating information on the organisation's website; Managing and updating information and engaging with users on social media sites such as Findbook; Sourcing and managing speaking and sponsorship opportunities; Commissioning market research; Fostering community relations through events such as open days and through involvement in community initiatives; Managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis. What to expect: PR Officer's are generally office based but you may be required to attend networking and media events as well as meetings with clients, suppliers and partner organisations. You will be expected to network and socialise with clients, the media and colleagues to build and maintain relationships. Social and working life may become slightly intertwined. It is likely that you will have to travel during the working day, however rarely staying away from home overnight. Qualifications: Business/Management; Communication and Media Studies; English and Creative Writing; Marketing; Politics; Social Science. Skills: You will need to have; Excellent Communication, Interpersonal and writing skills; Drive, Competence, Flexibility and a willingness to learn; Excellent organisational and time management skills with the ability to multitask; The ability to cope with pressure; Creativity, Imagination and initiative; Good teamwork, Analytical and problem-solving skills; Business awareness and a good knowledge of current affairs. Education: An Educational Degree is not required if you meet the qualifications however an Educational Degree or HND is highly recommended. Link to website: https://goo.gl/VnYtDK Resumes written in the generic format will be sent via Email. Accepted candidates will be notified and scheduled for an interview. Contact Sabzanov Construction - Los Santos office #11 Panopticon Avenue, Commerce, Los Santos Ph: (555)863-018 E-Mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM: @BlackBeatles)) ©2017 SABZANOV CONSTRUCTION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  4. LikeMike

    Sabzanov Construction

    "Your image is part of your reputation." Who are we? Created to provide for those who believe in quality, Sabzanov Construction is a company specialized in full design services in the construction field, interior and exterior, acting successfully in architectural design, structure and facade building. Portfolio Prior to hiring our company, we invite you to take a look over some of the notable creations taken out of our rich portfolio that we have succeeded to build over the years ( follow the link below ). For private and government contracts, pricing will be discussed upon meeting the party and inspection of the said property. Sabzanov Construction Offices Contact Sabzanov Construction - Los Santos office #11 Panopticon Avenue, Commerce, Los Santos Ph: (555)604-477 E-Mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM: @LikeMike)) ©2017 Sabzanov Construction. All rights reserved
  5. "Your image is part of your reputation" Positions available: Manager Job Description: We are looking for a Manager, preferably experienced in the construction field in order to maintain control over operations for the company as a whole. Job includes, but is not limited to: Hiring/Managing staff; Supervise company operations; Managing company assets; Criteria: Leadership/Teamwork skills; Managerial capabilities; Courteous/Sociable; Previous entries in a managerial position; Clean criminal record; Education: Educational background from prestigious specialized universities is recommended although not mandatory as long as the required criteria is met. Link to website: https://goo.gl/VnYtDK Resumes written in the generic format will be sent via Email. Accepted candidates will be notified and scheduled for an interview. Contact Sabzanov Construction - Los Santos office #11 Panopticon Avenue, Commerce, Los Santos Ph: (555)604-477 E-Mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM: @LikeMike)) ©2017 SABZANOV CONSTRUCTION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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