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Found 1 result

  1. The Yokel Mafia or The County Mob is a loose group of rural criminals operating on the outskirts of Los Santos. It is mainly comprised of career criminals with generational ties to the land. It is said that it's success it somewhat due to the "good ol' boy" tradition. A form of backwoods cronyism in practice in regions of the American South. This sort of reputation makes the group particularly ingrained in their local society and this degree of loyalty makes it hard for the criminal underworld of Red County hard to penetrate.. So while it also boast various yokels, vagabonds, convicts, marauders, and men of ill-repute it can be said that these men are simply chasing their version of the American Dream. It's hard to hold that against a man when you've known him your entire life. The bad seeds in Red County are often viewed as outlaws and living folk heros. Growing up in the country, youngin's want to be the cowboy, not the lawman. It's this kind of mentality that allows this organization to thrive. Regardless, these men have have banded together for a variety of reasons. The usual fantasy of the freedom and success that quick riches provides. Many are renegades who wish to live life on their own terms. Having rejected the ideals of mainstream society, they wish to pursue their own means of climbing the social ladder. Many view Los Santos and it's urbanite culture as disdainful and indicative of the cultural shift that their country is undergoing. For this reason, many members of this organization have retreated from the wider world and have grown distrustful of all governments due to the abuse that many believe they have suffered, and have began to develop a cult style following of their leader. The group wishes to secure land in which they can call their own, fortify themselves from the outside world and live in peace. One such man is the venerable Clyde Dickens. Many local criminals have banded together around this patriarchal figure in search of guidance. This has recently brought this nebulous network of Red County criminals into a tighter cohesion. A veteran of multiple armed conflicts, he was a man who felt used by his government and alienated on his return home. This sort of detachment is common to many who engage in longstanding criminality. His expertise and contacts to other former service members have resulted in the organization proclivity towards various rackets. They are known to take part in various illicit activities in order to satisfy their lifestyle. Drug trafficking in the form of clandestine meth or crack labs, to prescription opiate distribution, even ties to heroin trade of the Golden Crescent. Strong armed robberies, burglary, extortion, and other physical thefts. Even something as sophisticated at credit card fraud and other forms of forgery. They have been known to bootleg and dabble in prostitution. From after hours bars to country brothels. Nothing is beyond consideration for the county's criminal elite. Beyond The County After extreme loss of profits and halting business procedures, hierarchy of The Mob have concluded that establishing strategic business relations with the city is needed for their best advantages to help support their ventures. From drugs to weapons and prostitutes, nothing was left out of consideration for trade and distribution. The Mob has chosen that if they want to proceed with their way of life, outside of the law they have to remain discrete and reinforce their originally planned ideas for business to continue on, while still raking in the profits. It is a massive change to the Mob's standard of business but it is a risk they're willing to take in order to improve their organization and underworld relations. The Mob will do what they must to achieve their goal, and they aren't ready to take jobs from city slickers or the government. Clyde's Law The following are laws known commonly amongst members of the mob. 1. No faggots or city slickers 2. Have pride in America 3. Salute only to the American flag 4. God's word is law 5. Logically, Clyde's word is also law 6. No foreigners 7. Sacrifice will benefit or ensure rewards. Lore - Leaders & Notable Members. Clyde Dickens - 62 Years of Age. Vietnam & Afghanistan Veteran. Former US Military Sergeant. Discharged due to the accidental killing of a member of his unit, and blowing the arm off another because of hesitating while throwing a grenade in a firefight. Suffers from severe PTSD, violent outbursts and anti-social behaviour Clyde Dickens is a sixty two year old veteran, he served in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Due to the violent death of his pregnant wife and pet dog, he has no other living blood relative left, thus feeling hopeless and suicidal at times. Clyde spent nearly three decades of his life (28 years) serving in the military because he refused to retire. The only desires Clyde had prior to the death of his wife was to return home to his new child and loving wife after the war ended, but his only motivation to keep hoping of returning home was completely abolished after his pregnant wife died in a car accident, because of a drunk driver t-boning her vehicle. After the end of Vietnam and the peace keeping period, Clyde would remain as a hermit in his apartment, drinking and abusing medication as he can only wait to be recalled so he may resume service. Clyde refused to accept love after the death of his wife, and he no longer felt welcome in normal society, leaving him with a very small handful of people he can call associates or friends. Due to the tragedies of September 11th, Clyde was able to partake very shortly in the invasion, due to being discharged. During a firefight with enemy forces, Clyde decided to toss a grenade but had hesitated when doing so. When Clyde finally threw the grenade, it detonated once it traveled far enough to kill one member and blow the arm off another member of Clyde's unit. Clyde sustained a concussion, along with some minor wounds. Due to the incident, Clyde was dishonorably discharged, after using the excuse that his sleeve was snagged on a piece of wood, the real incident was kept from the media and the grenade was claimed to be thrown by the enemy forces and not a member of the unit. From 2002 and after, Clyde survived as a homeless vagabond. Clyde would travel by foot, performing crimes ranging from theft under 1,000$ to first degree murder, doing whatever to survive. During 2017, Clyde rejoined with a member of his Vietnam unit, Randy Boyle and a few new homeless friends. Boyle was a childhood friend of Clyde who served with him till the end of Vietnam, and now serves with him as a partner in crime. Randy Boyle - 60 Years of Age. Vietnam & Afghanistan Veteran. Former US Military Combat/Field Medic Discharged dishhonorably for prescription medicine abuse - and discharged due to injuries and PTSD. Suffers from severe PTSD, and anti-social behavior. Randy Boyle is a 60 year old Afghanistan and Vietnam US Military Veteran, who intends to do anything in order to survive. Randy's childhood was filled with abnormal like behavior. Randy was a child which loved and was fascinated by gore and horror, blood, severed body parts and all things alike where a normal occurrence in Randy's childhood coloring books, where he'd depict battle scenes from various war stories he had heard, all gore filled and bloody alike. His relationship between his parents had been very good and his parents cared for him, and loved him very much even though he was indisputably an abnormal child. Randy's love for gore and horror lead him to entering the military as a field medic in Vietnam, where he could get a fix for his anti-social horror filled mind. He was fascinated by the human body, the anatomy of it, the way it worked, and he got to see far too much of it in Vietnam. This lead to him denying his normal self, and caused him to frown upon his former thoughts, although he still loved medicine, and the way the army operated, and was undoubtedly a honest and loyal man he threw away the gore and horror. Getting through Vietnam along with Clyde Dickens, the duo ventured forth and many years later joined in, participating in the war on terrorism in which Randy still served as a combat medic. Randy's love for the military lead him to suffering with slight PTSD, and whilst still in the military abusing prescription drugs. Randy was dishonorably discharged for abuse of prescription drugs. Leaving him on the street, with slight PTSD, injuries and a need for prescription drugs. He and his life long partner in crime Clyde Dickens accompanied him, and they have survived together for the majority of their life, still operating together to this day. Justin Devion (Right) Jack Gabriel (Left) Both former Private 2nd Class of the US Military. Discharged for drinking and getting high on duty. Suffers from anti-social behavior. Justin and Gabriel are both long time friends who came from families with relatives in the military. The two aspired to become soldiers to aid the war effort in Afghanistan, which they managed to achieve by signing up for the military. The duration of the duo's service was short lived after they were discharged for multiple infractions of consuming alcohol and prescription medication on duty. Justin and Gabriel were forced to the streets after their discharge, because their families refused to take them in due to being heavily ashamed of their actions. The two families disowned their sons and kicked them to the curb. For the next sixteen years, Justin and Gabriel lived in multiple homeless shelters and the streets as they tried to get back on their feet. The duo eventually found it helpless on trying to get handouts, and they decided to take a stand and pile their money together to purchase a old rusty van off a scrapyard lot. The van served as a home and business for the two, they sold various items at The Stacks and were doing alright for the time being. Clyde Dickens encountered the duo at Stacks after being released from prison and decided to become acquainted. The relation between the two and Clyde grew strong, Clyde became a great friend and business partner with the two, living on the streets together and making money. Clyde taught the two new ways of gathering food, such as hunting small animals with a pellet rifle. Soon after Randy was found, living in a hole in the sand, waiting for Clyde to return, the trio became a quartet. The four became the best of friends, and to this day they have become the soul leadership of the Mob. Earl Irwin - 43 Years of Age Lucrative and low profile sociopath, arms trafficker from Springdale, Utah. Around October 9th 2017, Earl Irwin arrived in Red County upon call of the mob. Irwin being a long time friend of Randy Boyle, his assistance was requested to oversee firearms and drug trafficking operations. Earl is a lucrative low profile firearms trafficker from Springdale, Utah. Irwin has successfully expanded the operations of the mob since his arrival and has earned the respect and envy of his associates in the mob. Due to Earl's success, he has been appointed leadership of Cliff Town, the private community the mob established to help shield themselves from outsiders and keep their puritan ideology safe. Within a month or two of Earl's occupation of Cliff Town he was able to essentially brainwash his associates into following his puritan ideology and beliefs of mythical creatures. Earl currently resides in Cliff Town, ensuring it is protected at all times. Garland Abermurly - 42 Years of Age Short tempered slow thinker who served in the military, born in South Dakota, raised in Monahan Texas. ((OOC))
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