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Found 1 result

  1. Introduction to Exciter Query String Exciter Query String (EQS) is a query string format used to define advanced, custom patterns for access checks on players. This can be applied to for example gates and item permissions. Most users will be fine by just using the other more user-friendly options. In some cases however, an advanced user might have a very specific idea about how a gate or item should be accessed, to which EQS is the solution. EQS has been around for years on different MTA servers, but was first only used by admins. It is now publicly available for some uses, such as for item permissions. It is also used by admins/MT for gates, but it will be helpful if you can have the EQS ready for them upon creation if you want to use EQS on the gate. EQS is just a text string written as a code that defines who can access something. More technically speaking, it is a condition that will return a boolean result (true or false, meaning access granted or access denied). Below follow a list of what you can do with this. Check for items Simply enter the item ID of the item. You can also require a specific item value for the item, by adding = after the item ID, like this: 2=123456 (will open if player has a phone (item ID 2) with number 123456). You may ask an admin if you don't know the item ID of a specific item. Check all of multiple conditions: AND To check for multiple conditions and require them all to be true, use the AND divider. Example "2 AND 7" will open for anyone who has both a cellphone and a phonebook in their inventory. Check any of multiple conditions: OR Like AND, but only one of the conditions need to be met. Example "2 OR 7" will open for anyone who has either a cellphone or a phonebook in their inventory (or both). Note that OR is checked at the level under AND. Check for pilot licenses The text PILOT will open the gate for anyone with pilot license of rating SER or ROT or higher, or a Airport Driving Permit (ADP). You can also check for a specific pilot license by adding a = and specifying either the 3-letter name of the license (example: "PILOT=TER"), the number ID of the license, or check for a typerating by using "PILOT=7-TYPERATINGID" (you find typerating IDs and pilot license types in the FAA forum, whereas the typerating ID is the 3-digit number of the MTA vehicle model). Check for faction Use the letter F, and a = followed by the faction ID or name. Example "F=1" will work for every member of the LSPD faction (faction ID 1). So will "F=Los Santos Police Department". To work for faction members of a specific rank, add a - followed by the rank number, like "F=1-2". If you want to only allow faction leaders, then use FL instead of F. Check for character name Use the letter C, and a = followed by the character name. Example "C=John Doe" will grant access to the character named John Doe. Examples: "64 OR 65" Gate will open for players with item ID 64 (LSPD badge) or 65 (LSES badge). "F=1 AND PILOT OR 127" Gate will open for players that are member of faction 1 (LSPD) and have a pilot license, or who has item 127 (LSIA/FAA badge). Variables Variables lets you use dynamic values for your permission check. Variables are used within curly brackets ( { } ). For example, to grant access to a player who has a keycard (item 170) with the value being "Awesome Club membership" followed by current date in format YYYY-MM-DD, use the following query string: "170=Awesome Club membership {Y}-{m}-{d}". See below for list of available variables. Time variables (current date and time) Day d Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros (01 to 31) j Day of the month without leading zeros (1 to 31) l (lowercase 'L') A full textual representation of the day of the week (Sunday through Saturday) D A textual representation of a day, three letters (Mon through Sun) Month m Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros (01 through 12) n Numeric representation of a month, without leading zeros (1 through 12) F A full textual representation of a month, such as January or March (January through December) M A short textual representation of a month, three letters (Jan through Dec) Year Y A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits (Examples: 1999 or 2003) y A two digit representation of a year (Examples: 99 or 03) Time G 24-hour format of an hour without leading zeros (0 through 23) H 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros (00 through 23) i Minutes with leading zeros (00 to 59) s Seconds, with leading zeros (00 through 59)
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