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Found 75 results

  1. Don Pinto egged by kids From the SAAN egg desk? ''Who did this?!'', shouted Don Pinto who just received an egg to his head. The ninth of June was yet another eventful day at Idlestack. A lot of violence and vehicle crashes kept the emergency services occupied. Our reporter found a man lying unconsciously on the street near stacks. Even though there were many people who saw the man, no one called the police about it. This is a classic case of the bystander effect. The man got treated and it turned out he was heavily beaten. The people who did it remain at large. Don Pinto from Action News Around Los Santos also arrived at the scene and started taking pictures. A group of kids looked at him and acted nervously. Then one of them suddenly pulled out a egg and tossed it at Don. The egg went just past our own reporter's head and hit Don's head. The people watching couldn't believe what happend, but most of them could agree on that it was hilarious. The motive of the kids is unknown. The most likely reason is that it was just a harmless prank. Want to read about the latest terrorist attack? click here! saan.news
  2. Antifa ruins everything From the SAAN news desk ''Die Fascist scum'', shouted an Antifa terrorist before he threw a bomb near pizza stack. The seventh of June has been a very eventful day. It first started with a homeless man getting into a fight with people at Pizza stack. Later that same Homeless got invited by Nicolas Howard to live in the newly roepend homeless center. Not long after that a kid got shot by a man wearing a blue bandana, when he was being treated by medics a biker started causing trouble at the scene and got arrested. The biker resisted for around half an hour and got tasered by the police and he cried because of that. This is the stuff that happens on a daily basis at Pizza stack. The fact that it is one of the most populair spots to hang is beyond me. What happend after that is what the people of Los Santos are getting more and more used to. source: liveleak Commissioners' hill was shaking on it's ground today as Antifa blew up the statue of Julius Ceasar on said hill. They stated that the government failed to accept their whining and that Julius is a Tyrant that doesn't belong in the garden of the people of Los Santos. Mere minutes ago a second attack happend at Pizza Stack. A man that looks like hobo suddenly shouted ''Die Fascist scum!'' and threw a bomb at a store across the famous pizza place. The people that where near the bomb jumped out of the way and ran, luckily they weren't hurt. The store is completely ruined and so were nearby parked cars. The commissioner was on scene and told our reporter that there will be statement on both attacks soon. While the commissioner was talking to people at the scene some nut-job thought it was funny to drive a quad closely to the people standing at the barricades. He accidentally rammed our newly elected leader and Mr. Howard received minor injuries. One of the terrorists have been arrested and is now in custody by the FBI. The people of Los Santos need to stand together against this useless violence. Stay safe everyone. Read more saan here! saan.news
  3. The election is over From the SAAN news desk ''After 36 hours of voting and citizens of Los Santos claiming their constitutional right, we're delighted to announce that Mr. Nicolas Howard from the SAPAP has won the elections.'', stated the Los Santos County Supervisor of Elections today in an announcement. The elections of the fifth of June finally concluded and the votes are counted. The winner is Mr. Howard with a margin not known to the public. The amount of votes have not been posted by the county supervisor. We asked a few people who they voted for and a large majority voted for Howard, so we recon that there won't be a recount. Some of the people we asked didn't even knew there was an election going on. One of them even stated that he was in shock after he saw that Jhon Man was not on the ballot and that he just walked away without voting at all. This election does mark the start of English named party rule over Los Santos again. We from SAAN want to congratulate Mr. Howard for his victory and we hope that he won't ruin Los Santos like other Mayors/Commissars almost did. The end of these silly banners Want more SAAN? Click here. saan.news
  4. Can somebody please think of the children?! From the SAAN News Desk ''Drugs are bad.'', said Jabs from Finesse Season to a kid he gave money to. yesterday on the fourth of June, the people that chill around Idlestack could enjoy free money provided by rapper Jabs. He gave his money to those in need, including but not limited to poor kids. When he was asked why he did it he said that he done some bad things in his past and wanted to get some good karma. The people were very grateful for the money and thanked him. He stated he doesn't need to be thanked, because giving back to the hood is what everyone should do who became rich. In other news. The elections have started today. For those that don't know you can vote at county hall and we suggest that you do it as fast as you can. You can vote for either Howard or Mosley. Kokskopf and Jhon Man are not candidates that you can vote for however. May the most beloved leader win. Want more SAAN? click here. saan.news
  5. Pervert at Howard's give away From the SAAN news desk ''You fucking creep!!'', shouted a lady who had her ear licked by a stranger. Howard's event took place on the fourth of June, a day before the elections. He brought thousands of dollars worth of pizza, drinks and chicken and gave it away at Verona Mall. He stated that he did it so that the community of Los Santos could enjoy it together. People could ask him questions and shake his hand if they wanted too and take as much food as they wanted. A lot of people showed up just for the food and not necessarily for SAPAP's candidate Nicholas Howard. There were people that did ask questions however. An inhabitant of Montgomery asked what he thought about the people living outside of Los Santos. Nicolas Howard said he sees every inhabitant of the county as valuable as the next. Some considered it bribery, but Howard stated that he did it for the good of the people. Then one of the people that showed up suddenly licked the ear of the woman in front of him. She immediately gave him an elbow hit out of reflex. He then tried to tackle her but didn't hit her. Nicholas Howard stepped in front of the lady and shielded her. The man then threw a rusty shank at the woman but it bounced of her leather jacket. The police came in and the man ran away. It is truly sad that someone would come to an event about charity and start harassing people. Want more SAAN? saan.news
  6. It was just a prank From the SAAN news desk ''Chill!'', shouted the man that was being detained by the police. Just past midnight on the second of June there was a reported disturbing of peace near Idlestack. When our reporter arrived there was a group on quad bikes riding all over the place, ignoring traffic law and annoying a great deal of people. A police officer gave them several warnings to stop acting like kids and while a few of the did, some didn't. When they were being detained by the police, one of them fled and went around the block to return. He was cuffed and stated that it was just a joke. More police officers show up since Idlewood is a very dangerous neighborhood and not known to be pro cops. Two of the group left while the other three were causing more of an uproar. The officers grabbed their tasers in case someone were to ambush them. One of the group didn't listen to the orders of the officer and got tasered. A riot control car showed up in case of a riot but it didn't have to be used. The three men got fined 2500 dollars and had their license taken away and their quads impounded. We asked the locals what they thought about this and we got mixed opinions. Some said that it was a typical anti-black stance of the police and that if they were white they would have only gotten a warning. Others said that they were very annoyed by this group and were glad that the officers finally did something about it. While a local from Ganton said that he is disappointed that people like these give locals a bad name. We from SAAN believe that if drive recklessly you need to punished and that a riot control truck is a bit too much, even for Idlewood. Want more saan? click here! saan.news
  7. The iron lady From the SAAN news desk "Hang tight.'', said a state trooper to the victim while she was transported into the ambulance. Late at night on the thirtieth of May our reporter heard about a shooting that took place at Jefferson Motel. The victim of this incident was the same victim as the one in ''Police Conference about tragedy ends in more tragedy'' and ''Get outa my way!''. In ''Police Conference about tragedy ends in more tragedy'' she was the one that got ran over by a mad man in a car and in ''Get outa my way!'' she was the one that was in the back of an ambulance that got rammed were she got severe injuries. Even today she was about to walk the stairway to heaven if the Medics didn't save her. She and her friend were at Jefferson Motel when a man fired at them with an semi automatic weapon. She was hit multiple times and her friend got hit in his arm. While she was dying our reporter was informed of the event and together with her friends they searched for her. She was found at the parking lot of Jefferson Motel and the FD was at the scene in record time since it is almost next to the HQ. She had already lost quite a lot of blood and her surviving chances were slim. She was patched up and rushed to the hospital intensive care. One of her lungs had been punctured by a bullet. It truly was a miracle that she survived this attack. No shell casings were found on the spot. The victim is currently recovering and is out of life's danger. want more SAAN? Click here! saan.news
  8. Not even Angel Pine is safe from gangs From the SAAN news team ''I took what's mine.'', said the gang member that was being arrested for breaking in a garage. Yesterday on the twenty-ninth of May our reporter suddenly walked in on a police operation. Our reporter wanted to go to mount Chilliad to cycle when he spotted a police helicopter and two police vans going to a garage in Angel Pine. Locals came to look what was happening and a police officer secured the scene. Two other officers went inside. The officer explained that they got a call of a break in and that the culprit was caught red handed. The criminal, who was of latino descent, threw some kind of gang sign at our reported and said that he was taking what was his when we asked him why he did it. Nothing was stolen from the garage. One of the people at the scene told our reporter that break ins are becoming more common in Los Santos. He stated that three of his properties have been robbed and that even his car was breached. He also pointed out that the psychiatry office next to the golden shamrock had signs of a break in. When our reporter asked the police officer he said that there weren't more break ins than usual. He said that it was the first time in a while that they had to go to Angel Pine because of a break in. Could this man just be very unlucky that all his properties are being broken in to, or is there a plague of robbers in San Andreas? Don't forget to lock your house when you leave to work. Want more SAAN? saan.news
  9. Is parking dangerous? From the SAAN news desk ''Any signs of this fire?'', asked a police detective who couldn't find the fire. Late in the evening of the twenty-sixth of May, the FD got a call about a fire in Jefferson. The fire that produced more smoke than fire in the beginning was hard to locate. The source of the smoke was found and it turned out to be a car parked between two houses and behind a bush. The fire was put out before it could spread towards the houses, but left the car in the same state as all the other cars that have been engorged by flames before; completely ruined. The owner of the car was no where to be seen and the streets were relatively quiet. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the police, but we from SAAN think it was arson. The car was parked and the engine wasn't running and cars don't tend to produce fire when they don't do anything. Several cars have been burned down recently in and around Los Santos. Are these all isolated cases or is there a serial arsonist on the loose? Remember if you see a Ford Taurus SHO 2014 parked on the side of the road, do not burn it down. Keep your car in your garage everyone. Click here for more SAAN! saan.news
  10. Idlewood chainsaw massacre From the SAAN news team ''Put me in the news! OR I WILL KILL YOU!'' shouted the senile chainsaw grandpa at our reporter who was trying to get away. Just before midnight on the twenty-fourth of May a man with a chainsaw was acting weird at Idlestack. He was first spotted by our reporter standing in the middle of the road swinging his chainsaw at a wooden board. When he was asked what he was doing he stated that he wasn't allowed the do it in his backyard because his neighbor complained about the noise. The man left Idlestack, but came back later while being furious. He shouted at people who were just enjoying their pizza. He got even more furious when he was asked to calm down. He got out his chainsaw and said: ''I'm performing maintenance on your shitty pizza place!'', and started chasing people with his chainsaw. He only stopped after one of the people he chased got out his gun and aimed it at him. He then ran away and entered the Pizza stack where our reporter was hiding. The man walked up to him and said that if this wouldn't be in the news he would cut off our reporter's limbs. The old man then calmly stepped in his car and drove away. The police who was called after he entered the pizza stack arrived after the man was already gone. Luckily no one got hurt, but it could have gone horribly wrong if he did wanted to kill everyone. The latest SAAN article is here! saan.news
  11. Firecrackers can't melt car beams From the SAAN news desk ''Now I am poor!'', shouted the owner of the 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack that got burned to a crisp. Yesterday on the twenty-third of May the FD responded to a car fire in Ganton. The fire got quickly put out but the car was already a wreck. It was a clear case of arson. The fire started in the engine compartment. Then the fuel lines caught fire which resulted in the entire car being set ablaze. It was thought to be ignited by a liquid in a glass bottle that was thrown at the vehicle due to the glass shards found by the car. The owner of the car was in a state of disbelieve when he saw his burning vehicle. He stated that he only left the car for five minutes. He shouted at the police, Demanding that they need to buy him a new car and that the car was worth 95 grand even though you can get one for around 30 grand. The owner stated that when he was at Pizza Stack a local asked him if he could drive his car. The owner denied his request and the local started to insult him and threw a firecracker at the car. The owner fled the scene and parked his car in Ganton and went back to Idlestack to get his friends. When he returned to his car it was on fire. While evidence shows that it was some kind Molotov, the owner kept saying it were firecrackers that burned his car down. He demanded the police to kill the one who did it and if they didn't do it then he would. There was no suspect found for the crime and the man spend at least 5 hours being upset. We from SAAN feel bad for the owner of the car, but don't park your car in Ganton for no reason. Read our latest article here! saan.news
  12. Explosive Pier Party! From the SAAN news desk "Look! It's a BOMB!" Said Luis who was on the ferris wheel, today, on the 21st of may. It was such a panicking moment for us, but the rest of Los Santos didn't know yet, they were laughing and joking about it, saying "Haha, the party is the BOMB!" while they were in danger. The party was advertised as going wild. Before the bomb went off, an ad under the name "BOOM" told people to get off the pier. After our reporter called the police, they arrived in about five minutes with only 1 trooper. He/she was shouting for the caller. A guy said that the caller was a "Dumbass". Seems like people don't take terrorism seriously or care about their own lives, or anybody's. When the SWAT units came, They tossed the bomb into the sea. Our reporter went to the shore to get a better view. The bomb instantly blew up after all the civilians left the scene. it blew up near the pier under water causing damage to the pier itself. The suspect and the number of suspects are still unknown. No one got hurt due to the quick discovery of the bomb. Check out our last article, "The great chicken heist of 2018' here! saan.news
  13. Accidents do happen outside of Idlewood From the SAAN news desk ''The passenger door is open.'', said the Lieutenant to her team that were trying to get in on the other side. On the twenty-first of May the Fire Department got a call from a distressed woman who due to an accident got stuck inside her vehicle. She said that she was stuck in her car in Flint County. The FD didn't know where she really was so they send out multiple search parties. They got a call from the PD that the caller was found on the side of the highway from LS to Angel Pine. The firefighters went to rescue her immediately. The car wasn't set to explode but was badly damaged. The car was set in place with wheel chucks and they made more room for the driver to get out. The driver only had minor neck injuries and stated that she was an ex-fireman. The medic put a neck brace on the driver and she was taken to the hospital. Lieutenant Lawrence told our reporter everything he needed to know and also said ''May the incident be big or small, the Department of Public Safety still takes great precautions and care when it comes to saving lives and preventing disasters.'' The cause of the accident is unknown. The driver was later asked by our reporter what happend but she remained silent. Want to know about the recent terrorist attack than click here! saan.news
  14. The great chicken heist of 2018 From the SAAN Chicken Desk ''Now all of you can have as much chicken as you want as a reward.'' said the man that needed 1000 chicken to be transported. On the eighteenth of May was the first SAAN associate meeting and all but one of the associates were present. One of them asked if the rest could help her with work. The group went to the Dinoco Cargo service station in Blueberry where the manager told them about about the situation. Apparently the man had to transport 1000 fresh chicken from Blueberry to the KFC in Los Santos. He couldn't fit all chicken in the truck so he asked us for help. As a reward for helping we could get as much chicken as we want. Everyone got as much chicken as they could carry and stuffed their car with it as well. We drove to the KFC in Los Santos and went straight past it and went to Pizza Stack. We shared the chicken with the locals who were craving chicken. People from all over Idlewood got together to eat free chicken. We from SAAN are happy we could make the day of many people better with chicken and friendship. Want more SAAN? why? saan.news
  15. She was never heard of again From the SAAN News Desk ''Where did she go?'', asked a police officer to our reporter when they both lost sight of the fugitive. The eighteenth of May was a very eventful and busy day for our writers. It started with the free chicken give away at Pizza stack, there will be article about that later. A drag designed, road illegal car was spotted at pizza stack today as it was struggling to take corners. The police noticed the road illegal car and told the driver that it had to park on the side of the road. The driver however sped up and raced away. Until it went into a full stop because there was a corner. The police got out there guns and aimed it at the driver and passenger. They were told to get the key out of the car and put it on the ground. Both drivers were wearing helmets and complied. Once the police officers lowered their weapons the passenger ran off and went around Unity Station and both the officer and our reporter couldn't find her anymore. The car in question is a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. A car that is only used for drag racing. A witness stated that the car kept making wheelies. The car was seized by the police and the driver was taken away. The driver stated that she didn't wanted to evade the police but was merely having a bit of fun. The passenger went to the police department and turned herself in after being in hiding for a couple of hours. She is now in prison for evading Want more SAAN? click here! saan.news
  16. Faulty Electrics Almost Turned a Vehicle Into Ashes! From the SAAN News Desk "It's possible that faulty electrics started the fire." Said Fire Chief Wright after he was asked about the cause of the fire. Locals were shocked after they saw the disaster brewing in front of their eyes. The fire erupted from an old car that was parked on the streets of Dillimore. The fire started from the engine bay moving towards the rear of the car as it was creeping towards the gas tank in the rear. But the firefighters arrived before that could happen. They arrived just five minutes after locals called 911. The owner was nowhere to be found. The interior was completely dismantled and all the rubber and plastic pieces were melted. The Fire Chief, Mister Wright, seemed very pleased with how how his team handled the situation. "Command was established on scene, which was me. I advised my firefighters on how to handle the scene. The fire was taken care of with one simple crosslay line" Said the fire chief Wright.  Check out our last article, "Get outa my way'' here! saan.news
  17. Get outa my way! From the SAAN news desk "I was rushing to hospital and he jumped into road.", Said a medic when asked about what happened. A lady was being transported to the hospital earlier today. Everything went smooth until; according to a medic, a person drove in front of the ambulance with his Audi, the ambulance driver didn't expect it and was caught of guard. This caused a dangerous, high spreed crash resulting in heavy injuries on the lady in question. Luckily there were no other people badly wounded. Our reporter met the Audi driver at the hospital after he got his arm patched up. He seemed to not be worried about the lady, however. The only thing he said was "What happened to my car?". After a while, the lady was released from the hospital, leaving her with bad chest wounds, a few days after being wounded during the recent tragedy at a conference about a tragedy. We wish her good fortune in the future. Want more SAAN? Go back to saan.news
  18. Fistfight tuns into bloodbath From the SAAN news desk ''Medic!'', Shouted our reporter as he encountered the victim of a shooting. While our reporter was at the Fire Department gathering information for the previous article, the firefighter he was talking to got a message about a man down near Idlestack. The firefighter rushed to the location while our reporter rushed after him, not exceeding the speed limit of cours. Once at the scene it looked like it was in a war zone. There were wounded people and medics treating them everywhere. The police was questioning the people that were already treated. Our reporter asked a man being treated for minor injuries what happend. The man explained that at first his friend was punched and they both started to attack back. Then someone else got involved and took out a knife and started stabbing. Someone then took out a pistol and started shooting. One of the four fighting got hit in the chest multiple times and died of his injuries not long after. The man was patched up and the medic started helping others. Our reporter went to the scene to take a picture when suddenly there were more shots. Our reporter turned around and started making pictures of where the shots came from. He manged to take a picture of the culprit shooting at the person he talked to earlier. Multiple people fled the scene as the police chased them. Our reporter was instructed to stay with the injured man. He was shot in the chest and lost consciousness. One of the suspects was arrested while another one ended up being shot and killed. The man got treated and rushed to the hospital where he barely survived his injury. The culprit shooting For this the entire available staff of the fire department had to be dispatched. The motive of both the shootings and the fight is unknown. If you have nothing of importance to do in Idlewood, then do not go there. If there were less of the Fire Department staff available many of the now recovering victims wouldn't have made it. Stay away from Idle for now especially at night. Check out the other article about Idlewood here! saan.news
  19. Don't do it From the SAAN news desk ''Are you taking pictures of this?'', asked a bystander to our reporter who was taking a picture of the scene. On the thirteenth of May a large group started to gather around a building across the Well Stacked Pizza co. in Idlewood. The emergency service got a call from a distressed woman. The woman was asked to calm down and explain the situation, but the line was cut. Her phone fell from the building she was on. The fire department rushed to the scene to prevent her from jumping. The police set off the area so that the local population doesn't obstruct the civil workers. Almost the entire neighborhood was watching at this point. The negotiator from the FD prevented her from jumping and she got down using the ladder of the firetruck. She was taken to the hospital for a mental checkup. The reason why she wanted to commit suicide is unknown, but most likely a in the spur of the moment decision due to personal misfortunes. Idlestack is a popular spot for suicide attempts. There is no conclusive reason for why this is the cause, because the people do not actually live here. Why would you think this is the case? comment down below. Want more saan? click here! saan.news
  20. Gang war brewing in Idlewood? From the SAAN news desk ''Let me out.'' shouted one of the detained after he was put in a police car, because he kept walking past the barricades. Just past midnight on the fifteenth of May a bunch of events happend in Idlewood. On a particular foggy night our reporter arrived at the scene of an arrest. The police seemed a bit more jumpy than usual. Everyone who even got close to the scene were forced to move back. Two people that did try to get close, even after several warnings, were detained and released an hour later after being frisked and questioned. When a policeman was asked about why they were so hard on bystanders, one of them stated that they were searching highly dangerous men and that they were expecting to be ambushed. The men were indeed carrying weapons including firearms and the weapons were confiscated. One of the men broke free and ran away into an ally. A bystander got between him and a policeman and got hit by a taser. The fleeing man got apprehended later. Not long after these arrests were made one of the houses in Grove street got breached and searched by the police. Bystanders were asked what they thought about the police in Idlewood and one said that the police only did this to show their power over the people. Others said that they were corrupt cops that arrested people for no reason. Another one was happy that the police is showing the criminals that their actions have consequences. But this wasn't the only thing that happened in Idle wood that night. Stand by for the article about the multiple shootings at the well stacked pizza co. Want to read about the most recent article about the Idlestack area? Click here! saan.news
  21. Police Conference about tragedy ends in more tragedy From the SAAN news desk ''Just WHUT is going on here!'', shouts Bruce Iverson when a car crashed into the crowd taking a woman with it. Yesterday on the thirteen of May there was a police Q&A regarding the riot that happend a day before. You can read all about that in the last article. Mariana Castillo the Public Relations officer, Bruce Iverson and Chief of Police Murphy took on the questions of the crowd. Not a lot of people were present and only a few actually asked a relevant question. Our Reporter Bruce Dewitt was asked if he could be present and so he was. The officers answered the questions accordingly. One person from the crowd that just shouted the entire time got removed and later came back in his car and drove into the crowd in front of the station. Our reporter almost got hit. Unfortunately a woman standing next to him was and had to be taken to a hospital. The police present had him at gun point and demanded that he should surrender. He instead drove backwards and the police opened fire on the vehicle forcing it to stop. The person ran off and got captured by the police. The woman was rushed to the hospital and is already out of critical condition. She is now recovering at her home. It best to keep away from Pershing Square for a while. Down here you can see pictures from the event and a video of the Q&A. https://imgur.com/a/ipRp34k Want more SAAN? Go back to saan.news
  22. County hall under fire From the SAAN news desk ''Is all of this even real?'' Asked our reporter to a medic while looking at the chaos. The White Knights came into town on the twelfth of May as the Los Santos Times already stated. This was supposed to be a protest against the government but ended up being complete chaos. The police had already barricaded the county hall so that no one could get in and cause trouble. The Knights arrived at Pershing Square and started to shout that everyone should get out of the way. Antifa was already present and one of the was shouting in Russian. When he was asked what he was doing he said that he wanted to kill fascists. After around 5 minutes fighting began and the police used tasers and rubber bullets to stop the fighting, however it only worked temporarily. Other people joined in the fight for no reason and the entire situation got out of hand. Antifa shouted that it was time to storm the county hall and take over the government. They first started throwing Molotovs at the building. One of the cocktails hit a car and caused it to explode. Then they began to storm the hall but the water canon and the barricades stopped them easily. The police was able to keep most of the people safe but couldn't stop the situation. A car exploding after being hit by a Molotov cocktail Several molotovs hit the county hall before the evil-doers were apprehended by the police. The square became a free for all with people throwing with bricks, beating each other with shovels and even fire extinguishers were used in the violence. This left many injured and the entire fire department had to focus on transporting and treating injured people. The injures were various from bruises to cuts and from third degree burns to Gunshot wounds. One of the injured was even transported by a RS Haul truck. County Commissioner Keira Mosley announced that everyone had to get out of the way of the civil services and that it was best to stay inside during the event. People had to leave Pershing Square or they would be arrested. It was a complete chaos for around two hours before the police had secured the area. Our reporter managed to get a interview with one of the white knights. Do keep in mind that we from SAAN do not approve of his message, we merely want to show you the motivation they had to come here in the first place. This is the audio file of the interview. Contains vulgar language. Here are the pictures taken during the event. Want to read more SAAN? click here.
  23. The one thing that will never go away From the SAAN News desk ''What is the top speed?'', asked one of the attendees to another one. Los Santos changes with the times. Big companies that used to be unrivaled end up going bankrupt. Crime families or street gangs also come and go with the seasons. However there is one thing that will always be here no matter what. Car meets. They existed in 2014, they were covered by SAAN in 2016 and now in 2018 they are still relevant apparently. Yesterday on the eleventh of May there was such a car meet at the Wicket Piston near Angel Pine. There were all kinds of cars present such as a Bugatti veyron 16.4 2006 and a Nissan Skyline R31 Silhouette 1987. No Ford Taurus SHO 2014 was present unfortunately. This event stands out from all the other car meets, because all the others are just done on a whim by a person who is bored. This one was actually planed by Douglas Raines in order to get more members for his company San Andreas Auto Club. Mr. Raines said that it was the second time that he hosted an event like this. He also stated that the people at these events aren't ricers and that no one has caused any trouble so far. Mr. Raines is trying out new sorts of events and is thinking about using the strip in the desert for a future event. It's safe to say there will be more event from SAAC in the future. Want more SAAN? Click Here.
  24. From the SAAN News Desk ''But why?'', asked a citizen after he was asked if he wanted to see SAAN return. On the tenth of May, Bruce Dewitt announced that he would revive his old company of San Andreas Action News. This came quite a shock to most people, because most of them didn't even know that SAAN even existed in the first place. We interviewed Bruce Dewitt himself on why he would do such a thing and we asked the people of Los Santos of they knew SAAN. Reporter: Why did SAAN stop in the first place? Bruce Dewitt: There were a few factors that caused SAAN to stop posting, mainly because of the lack of motivation. Our servers got hacked and during that raid more than half of the existing articles and all articles that were being worked on were deleted. The amount of money from sponsors dropped significantly and the amount of readers was also dropping. This all caused the downfall of the first SAAN. Reporter: If it all ended so badly, then why come back? Bruce Dewitt: SAAN was first born due to the inactivity of other news outlets in the city. It is the same case this time. I recently moved back to Los Santos and the city has changed. There is a lack of active news outlets even when there is enough to write about. The old SAAN was popular for a very long time and I will make the new one the main news outlet of the city as well. Reporter: How will you achieve your goal? Bruce Dewitt: We will do the same as before, making articles that people want to read. We focus on creating our own identity so that you can always spot a SAAN article between articles from other companies. We also seek the opinion of the people of San Andreas and encourage people to express their opinion in the comments of an article. We will no longer do Memewatch or the other shows for the time being, but we are working on something different. The old SAAN Head quaters We asked the people of Los Santos if they knew SAAN and as expected not everyone knew SAAN. Some people did know SAAN though. Around 90% of the people didn't know that SAAN existed. 5% had fond memories of the old SAAN articles. The last 5% asked the staff to leave their property for some reason. Around 70% would like to see a new news company become active and bring action news. The rest didn't really care.
  25. Luigikuik

    SAAN Group

    SAAN Group is a group of multiple companies under one name. SAAN Group was founded on 22 of June in 2016 by Bruce Dewitt. Bruce Dewitt took leadership over San Andreas Action News when Gaston Fabert went back to Belgium. After many reforms and diligent work he made San Andreas Action News the household name that it is today. After he made loads of money with his articles Bruce Dewitt founded other companies such as Action Printing and Dewitt studios. Because of this he founded a company called SAAN Group so that he can keep expanding under one name. The companies under SAAN Group are: The SAAN superstore is a superstore that sells all kind of stuff, next to the Well Stacked Pizza in Idlewood. The car parts are the most frequently sold and the coffee table is busy all day long aswell. We will always have our stock in order for the customers. In short, visit the SAAN superstore for your daily/monthly/yearly needs! The Action Printing in Dillimore was the first company that made SAAN Group more than just San Andreas Action News. However the building got sold after multiple setbacks and now the company is searching for a new place of operations. Dewitt studios always was one with San Andreas Action News from the beginning, but the two split after SAAN Group was created. Dewitt studios is most known for the serie Memewatch and has other series in store for the future but those are still on the drawing table. SAAN also known as San Andreas Action News is the reason why SAAN Group exist. It was founded by Gaston Faubert, the founder of the predecessor Los Santos Action News. Together with Bruce Dewitt and Jason Schultz, the co-founders, he made San Andreas Action News great and it was a big hit in Los Santos. He wanted news to be entertaining and made sure that the reader would want to read the articles, since the views on articles made by the biggest news source in town were almost non-existing. Lots of love and hate came towards the articles made by the company for doing something different. After Bruce Dewitt took over, the company reached it height in both fame and revenue under him. SAAN was quite during late summer and Fall but was revived in October. Now with more stories to be told. The staff will fight to regain their fame doing the news their own special way. CEO - Bruce Dewitt Others - The rest
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