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  • General Administration - Application (OOC)
    • Forum Username
    • Do You Meet The Requirements?
    • Real Life Age?
    • Location & Timezone?
    • How Active Are You?
    • Why do you want to become an administrator?
    • What does it mean to you to be an administrator?
    • What value can you provide the server as an administrator?
    • You ban someone because you have found they have been helping a friend alt-alt an interior, what kind of evidence do you think is to be posted in the ban topic?
    • You have been assigned a refund request on the forums where the person request that several weapons and money should be refunded to him, what kind of proof do you need before you can approve his request?
    • There is a report in-game about a player driving around recklessly in a delivery truck, you take the report, what steps should you take before handing out any form of punishment?
  • Vehicle Team - Member Application (OOC)
    • What is your skype?
    • How many hours have you played?
    • What is your age?
    • Why do you think you are fit for the Vehicle Consultation Team?
    • What experience do you have in real life regarding to duties that the Vehicle Consultation Team performs, such as voting on requests, reviewing sent logs for legitimacy and decency, and anything such?
    • Why do you want to be a part of the Vehicle Consultation Team?
    • Why do you think you should be chosen over other applicants to join the Vehicle Consultation Team?
    • Please show us some logs of your mechanical roleplay
    • Screenshot of your /history
  • SL Distribution - Package Order (IC)
    • Name:
    • Shipping Address:
    • Property location:
    • Phone Number:
    • Products being ordered:
    • Do these product(s) require any specialized licensing on your behalf?:
    • If so, do you possess said licensing?:
    • Shipping notes? (Say, if it is flammable or hazardous materials):
    • Do you want this delivered to you in person (if yes, we will not deliver the item unless we can get you in person, if not, we will simply drop it in your mailbox):
    • Discount Code:
    • Shipping Type:
    • Agreement