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  1. Can admin lock & archive the topic. I’m leaving the community.
  2. Introduction to the French Organized Crime Family The Rochette Family is a French organized crime family with heavy ties to the Corsican mafia. The French organized crime or loosely known as "Milieu", is well known for creating the "French Connections" scheme (mainly the Corsican mafia) during the 1930s that gave birth to the smuggling of heroin from Indochina through Turkey to France and then the United States and Canada. At its peak, during the 1960s, the French and the Corsican crime families managed to create themselves a ludicrously rich drug smuggling empire until its dismant
  3. And your reasoning behind the idea of it not really needed right is? Part of me somehow think it's due to "low playerbase" "it won't be used due to low player base" etc. If so are we going to say no to every single suggestion there is due to the fact that the playerbase is low?
  4. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Public Phones/Payphones and LSPD ability to get phone call records What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- We see public phones all around GTA 5 and I think it's time to get them to work. Give a player ability to use payphones like a normal phone player has, each payphone has its own static number and the player has to pay a charge of per minute its used? It would be automatically taken from their credit card or create a new item called "Payphone Card/Prepaids"
  5. I agree with this. Perhaps the better idea for this suggestion would be enable more places for food & drinks RP. Additionally I was thinking of some sort of benefits player gets from dining on a fine meal (unlike some who eat 4 chicken steak sandwiches in their car) but that would of be easily abuse with people bum rushing those places and not RP'ing anything just to get the benefit. The need for water & food is great on paper but shit in practice. You end up turning the server into an MMORPG survival at that point, if anything people should be encouraged to do
  6. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Test Drive What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Ability to test drive a vehicle before purchasing it from the dealership to find the perfect vehicle for yourself without wasting money on it. Truth is, not everyone is a GTA 5 guru, myself included, therefore knowledge of vehicles and their performance is limited. What are the advantages?- Gives the player an ability to test drive a vehicle to find their perfect match + gives more realistic R
  7. Is it really worth moving everything to Mirror Park? Spawning the player I understand, it's a good move. But moving everything to accommodate that just does not sit with me. I think having things the way they are encourages the player to explore, but also remember that the RP hub is located at Mirror Park. Not to mention, the commodities themselves e.g. DMV isn't that far away from Mirror Park either. I feel like this is a solution to a short temporary problem.
  8. Thanks everyone. Getting used to GTA V shenanigans is definitely something.
  9. Hey, Been a while since I've touched RP, most likely 2018. Started off with SA-MP back in 2007, been part of that community for a very long time and have to say I'm not that surprised that it died. Recently I was hit with a nostalgia train, remembering the good old days and I thought I might try it out once again which proved to be really difficult... Especially looking for a text-based roleplay community on FiveM or Rage-MP. Personally was never a fan of GTA V nor its RP style (thanks streamers) and since SA-MP RP died with the community, and MTA was never my forte (d
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