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  1. Florencia 13, also known as the South Side Florence 13 or F13, is an infamous Hispanic Sureño street gang, with cliques spread throughout Los Santos County of San Andreas. They originated after World War II, during the late 1940s, in Florence Avenue street. Florence Avenue street was later renamed to Roy Lowenstein Boulevard in the 70s due to rising racial tensions. The name Florence is pronounced Florencia in Spanish, and that's where the gang got its name from. Florence is also a woman's name. This resulted in the gang adopting a 50's "doo-woop" song, "Florence" by The Paragons. The song was often requested by the gang members to let everybody know that Florencia members were posted up. The gang was first formed in the '40s as a neighborhood patrol to protect the Hispanic demographic against the much larger African-American street gangs at the time. Florencia 13 adapted the number 13 during the 1960s, which corresponds to the alphabet letter "M," signifying their affiliation with the Mexican Mafia. Many early members of the Mexican Mafia were recruited from the Florencia gang as Florencianos(Florencia gang members) earned a reputation for their fierceness while battling with much larger black gangs. Florencia 13 claims multiple, if not the major part, Mexican Mafia members, affiliates, and soldiers. Beef with East Coast Crips (ECC) - Florencia 13's conflict with ECC is believed to be LS's most significant street gang conflict. The beef is believed to have begun because of a couple of East Coast Crips from the Six Pacc, who took a few hundred kilos of drugs that belonged to a Florence member. At the time, Florencia and East Coast Crips were doing business together. ECC members had access to the vehicle with the kilos and stole the drugs, distributing them among their members. The war has come to a stop recently, in 2019, after a truce was called between the notorious Florencia 13 and the East Coast Crips. Florencia 13 Today The gang today continues to grow. It is one of the three largest gangs within Los Santos. Florencia 13 continues to finance itself primarily through narcotics trafficking. The gang is known to have ties with multiple Blood street gangs nearby and therefore inherit various cultural similarities and relations with African-Americans. Some Florencia cliques on the western side are known to be sharing turf with Harvard Park Brims and Swan Lake Bloods. Florencia has gone through numerous gang injunctions over the past few years, and dozens of arrests, but the gang grows stronger every day. In 2009, the FBI executed one of the most significant federal gang takedowns; Operation Joker's Wild was centered on the famous Florencia 13 clique "Jokers," about ten individuals from the street gang were consecutively prosecuted on firearms and narcotics-related charges. OOC INFORMATION - We aim to portray a realistic and modern-day clique of the Florencia 13 gang. Rule-breaking of any kind will not be tolerated. We expect everyone interested in joining to have a realistic mindset. We do not accept high-speed sports cars and the like. Leadership has put hours of research into modern-day Florencia 13, and we're planning to put our research into practice. We also expect our members to be creative with their RP, and you'll not be spoonfed with ideas and RP. To keep it realistic, we’ll also recruit black characters from the neighborhood. However, the majority of the gang will still be of Mexican-American heritage. I'd like to give credits to Rufio for the thread, hit the Rufio text and find the original thread. If you're interested in joining Florencia 13, reach out to @Juggin on forums. Alternatively, you can reach out to Juggin on Discord at jugginfrmm#9481 or DM other high council such as kankan #4100. Once you enter our faction's Discord, you agree that your character can be killed by the leadership whenever they deem it fit.
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