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  1. been a good 5 months, and even tho i have a scrappy relationship with gat i still love yall stay safe and do erp
  2. --------------------------------------- Faction ownership has been transferred to @Valgus. He's been named the new president of IMC. This means I will no longer be playing in this faction. Had good and bad times with the faction. I hope to see what Valgus does with the faction.
  3. tkmc comeback wenz m8

    1. chup92


      May be sooner than one may think..on and off but still!

  4. looking forward to this m8 hope u go far
  5. Sad to see this go. Not gonna self plug here, had good interactions with y'all. Respect, and brothers for life. Better to fight and fall than to live without hope
  6. It all started with Shinji Nakamura, a 32-year old Japanese man who had moved to Los Santos. His passion for motorcycles, especially LCC and WMC bikes, had made him move from his homecity of Hokkaido to Los Santos, San Andreas. It was soon at the BITE Restaurant in Mirror Park where he met Kyung Jeong, a 22-year old Korean biker who was also interested in bikes. Shinji had asked Kyung if he'd want to ride along with him, to which Kyung agreed to. Later on, Shinji met Michael Achterberg, an old Dutch biker, whom also happened to share the same interests as the Asian bikers. After getting to know eachother a bit, they all agreed to form the SOMC, a small outlaw club in Little Seoul. The trio bought a small clubhouse in Little Seoul, and after voting on who takes which job, they all agreed that Shinji is to be President, Michael would be the Vice President, and Kyung would be the Sergeant at Arms. With whatever is to come, the trio will eventually start making connections with the local criminal groups. OOC Section We try to portray a realistic MC while still keeping it fun and casual. Approach me, @LeNova or @Levbrous1 about joining the club, whether it be by IC or OOC means. CK Clause By associating yourself with the faction, the leadership of the faction may CK you at any time if needed.
  7. _________ 5/30/2021 My life isn't a normal one. I've been surrounded by motorbikes, bikers and especially outlaws. It's the part of Japanese culture that you don't particularly hear about in the news. Well, not any more, no. My father and brother were members of Devil's Callers MC Hokkaido Originals. It was a part of the 1%-culture, and followed the rules of that culture strictly. I was introduced to the club at the age of 10, and four years later, I found myself hanging out at their clubhouse in Hokkaido nearly every day. I did so for many, many years, until I picked up a place in the Self-Defense Forces. Well, I ratted around there for a year or two, before i was dishonorably discharged for beating up an officer who was getting on my nerves. When I got back to the clubhouse on the night of the discharge, I'd found out that Devil's Callers had been raided, my father and brother had been arrested and my brother had been killed after a run-in with Bosozoku MC. My father had been named President of the club when I was away, but after the raid, there were only roughly three of us left. I led the club for a while, but the club soon disbanded. I decided to travel to America, God's land and the homeland of WMC and LCC. I have no idea why I left, but... I had nothing back in Hokkaido. My mother had divorced with my old man, my brother was dead, and my father went quiet. After a good, long flight, i'd arrived in Los Santos. City of plastic tits, rich people, junkies, and young Vinewood stars. I've no idea what I was getting myself into, to be honest.
  8. looks good, looking forward to seeing this faction in-game
  9. looking forward to doing business with u in-game! gl
  10. tnx @Vubstersmurf and @QueenC for being able to stand my shit lmao also hands down best ft guys
  11. Getting back on the feet
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