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  1. Laying low after a hit job
  2. The Finno-American Mob, also known as the Finnish Mob Somewhere in the early-1900's to the 1930's, Finns emigrated from Finland to USA, specifically California, after the California gold findings. Roughly 350000 Finnish people emigrated from the fatherland of Finland to the US of A. While some of the Finns moved to Canada, the ones that stayed in California were working men. 1934, State of San Andreas It was the '30s, the golden age for New York's organized crime families. No doubt, New York wasn't the only city affected by the mafia, Cosa Nostr
  3. maybe not glitchy or unstable, but the download for client resources would be higher. adding more parking spaces would be impossible afaik, as there're multiple empty lots in the city alone. same goes for garages, most properties just have garages with interiors. people park in a crooked way bcuz or lazyness. tow truck service is a job, but afaik it's p useless.
  4. The Ironball MC What do you get when you give a 26-year old ex-cartel drug mule, who's survived the Panama prisons and canal the keys to a workshop and a Western Bagger bought with his father's leftover moneys? Let me tell you what you get. You get a bad-ass MC ran by a Hispanic ex-cartel member who cheated death multiple times, and has seen it all. You get a true Ironballer. The Forming of IBMC Right, let's start at the beginning. Julio Caceres, a 26-year old man in Los Santos. Living on Forum Drive, he took an interest in motorcycles.
  5. Most admins on Owl are very inactive in-game. It's really only QueenC, Vubs and Mel. I'm personally waiting for any kind of admin application to open, as i might apply myself into that. The admins that are in-game usually just RP. They help out when people need help, nothing more, nothing less.
  6. +1 i just want to stance the shit out of mike's car ok
  7. The Run 'N' Gunners Oh boy. The Run 'N' Gunners. A while back the faction was one of the leading firearm dealers, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks in Liberty City's wild streets. It had it's ups and downs, until the faction was busted. Nearly all of the members were either imprisoned, or killed. Either way, only a few made it out of Liberty City alive. Mikhael Garryson is one of them, and he's the current leader of the fresh-formed group in the state of San Andreas. The Rise When you introduce three 17-year olds without any
  8. hi, i'm leicy, i'm quite new to the community. i've just recently started playing on Owl, and i really don't have any past experience with GTA RP. my hobbies include: playing games playing games playing games occasionally watching anime and uhhh being a cringe RPer if you see me in-game come say hi, my characters are Mikhael Garryson and Jason Allen, Alita Bronco and Julio. peace out bros
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