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  1. Jeezz those last Screens! Fuckin' love it! That's dope!
  2. National crime organizations in San Andreas 2020-2021 A new report on potential new organized crime in the state of San Andreas. Potential national threat. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, with time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." ― Frédéric Bastiat The Mafia in the United States The Mafia is a byproduct of impoverished Italian immigrant neighborhoods. With roots coming from Sicily, The Mafia also referred to as La Cosa Nostra, has very strong traditions. During the 20th century, this organized crime group grew exponentially fast. It quickly rose to the national, and even international levels. Quite soon La Cosa Nostra developed into its government. With very strict traditions and rules, this organization managed to stay above American law. Because of such growth, this organization split itself into smaller crime families, forming commissions with other mobs in the city. In the 1930s and later, such commissions and families soon sprouted all across the United States. There was a strict hierarchy in each family, which holds everything together right to this day: This kind of hierarchy has potential roots in Sicily itself. It's a strong foundation of any stable crime family. Usually, there was a split between the Boss and Consigliere with the other, lower-ranking members of the family. The underboss was a bridge between Capos and Soldiers and the Boss with Consigliere. Associates usually were friends of Soldiers, and, once they are deemed worthy of status in the crime family, the Soldier introduces the associate to the Capo, who further performs the necessities of getting one into such an organization. With this in mind, we have to look over the current situation across the United States. Within the past ten years, we've seen a spike in similar crime groups. This gives us a very big concern about the security of our citizens and local businesses. The Department of Justice of San Andreas and various other states have launched this investigation together against several organized crime groups. Chicago, Illinois A worrying amount of smaller gangs in Chicago and the state of Illinois seem to have joined up into one bigger group. Potential crimes of this group include: · drug trafficking; · gun trafficking; · money laundering services for other organizations; · money laundering; · contraband; · illegal gambling; · illegal fights; · illegal services. We currently have a few potential suspects on our list. A few of them are currently on the run and have a broad criminal record: Picture of Vincent Pottura, 12/09/2005 Vincent Pottura is one of our suspects. Mr. Pottura is suspected to have associations with Chicago's crime ring, codenamed "Verdierino" by the local investigators, as the name and members are unknown. The man already has a record of drug trafficking, attempted murder, assault. Police of Oregano state reports, that the man is on the run for similar suspected activities on the soil of their state. Lost at the Town of Ashland – the town, bordering the state of San Andreas. The authorities are being informed. Further information to be provided. Picture of James Pancino, right before imprisonment A possible friend of Vincent’s. His cellmate during imprisonment. It is most likely, that this person has ties to the same organization, as Vincent does. We have been trying to get information out of him, but he doesn’t give anything out. Los Santos, San Andreas We’re currently very suspicious about activities in this state. We’re trying to find any mark of Mr. Pottura or someone, who might know something about him. Will update the investigation file, once more information is available. ((OOC)) We’re very glad, that you’ve read through this topic. This is a project between me and @Steel (Vincent Pottura). Here we’ll be uploading RP screenshots. We’re also looking for new members to take this thing to the moon! DM us on here @Steel or @Dalle. We’re also available on discord: Pochkin#3646 or Dalle#5727 ((Credits to @Steel/Pochkin))
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