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  1. Sorry for the late answer, By House Move I mean an option to move your current house point to another. For example, you find a place without an entrance point and you want your house there. With this option you can move the house point from your current house to the new place, keeping the interior the way it is without any more complications.
  2. Story Paul Petrescu is a young mechanic, with Romanian origins, his father being from Romania. He was born in Romania but moved to US with his mother after his parents divorce. Paul spent a lot of time in the garage of some friends who were obsessed with cars so he learned everything he knows about cars from them. A few years later he managed to finish a mechanic course so he could work but some family trouble made him run away with all the money he had. He arrived in San Andreas and started working for the garbage collectors company and also working in particular on cars. He managed to buy a house from one of his customers, in Mirror Park and his next objective was to buy a place to open a garage. He found an investor who put his trust into Paul's mechanical and business skills and gave him an old abandoned building in La Mesa. Paul brought most of the equipment he had home and made it functional so now he can work in a proper environment on the vehicles. Location Paul's Garage is located in La Mesa, under the Highway entrance/exit, across the street from the gas station. Prices The prices aren't fixed and will never be, it always depends on the order, on how big the order is, the parts used, the vehicle and the engine. Paul guarantees that the prices are lower from other garages in Los Santos, like Los Santos Customs. Some of the services are even 50% off (for example the window tints). For more information about the prices come down in La Mesa and we can personally have a talk. ((OOC RP Explained)) ((As a modshop system for individual businesses wasn't scripted yet, the work on garage will work as it follows: You'll come to us, we'll discuss what you want, we'll discuss prices, the RP will happen and then we'll go to an actual LS Customs mod shop and you can change what we RP'ed and an admin will refund you the money you pay in the modshop. This is what I've been told by an admin so it's all okay and legit.)) ----CONTACT---- Paul Petrescu - Owner of Paul's Garage - E-mail: paulsgarage@samail.sa Phone: TBA
  3. I have multiple suggestions about the donator perks. The ones that are present are mostly good except, to be honest, considering the fact that the taxes are huge (10% the federal one and around 8-9% the state one) the perks that are increasing the paychecks should be different. At this moment those are really useless, I mean, I wouldn't use coins or buy coins with real money to get only $50 per paycheck. I'd pay instead to get %25 more paycheck, for example. Also, I've seen some perks about removing the property and vehicle taxes. Those are ok, but I suggest adding one that saves you from paying the governmental taxes too. That's something I'd buy cause, as I said, I think those taxes are huge. (At a paycheck of 10k you pay around 2k taxes.. which kinda sucks.) I also have some suggestions for more perks: - Name change - House move - Custom phone number - Business/House Interior change These are a few that I might buy one day but there are many more that can be added. Besides that, the license perks are kinda useless because the tests aren't expensive or hard so I don't think that anyone would buy those perks.
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