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  1. The West Side (W/S) Rollin' 90s Neighborhood Crips are an African-American street gang found in the west side of South Los Angeles, California, just east of Grove Street. Their neighborhood stretches from Carson Avenue towards Macdonald Street, between Davis Ave and Rancho, around Davis Mega Mall. This gang falls under the "deuce(2x)" and Neighbor Hood Crip card and are friendly towards all Rollin 0's and Neighbor Hood Crip sets. The Rollin 90s Crips are one of the most active Crip gangs in South Los Angeles. The gang was founded around 1990 and they were faction/gang within the Rollin' 60s gang. Members of the Rollin' 90s had regular meetings, sometimes called “Pages” or “9-11s,” at which members were required to pay dues. Some of the meetings were among members of a particular clique, and other meetings were for all members of the organization. Word of the meetings was disseminated via text message, word-of-mouth, and flyers. Their business, including rivalries with other gangs, shootings, the arrest of gang members, guns, and drugs, was regularly discussed at these meetings. “Calla dues” – money that paid for commissary funds, lawyers, guns, and drugs – were collected at these meetings. They maintained its own rules and constitution that new members were required to learn. Members of the 90s also used code words and secret phrases to communicate with each other both while in prison and on the street in order to avoid detection by law enforcement. One of the Rollin' 90s principal objectives was to sell cocaine , commonly known as “crack cocaine,” powder cocaine, weed and heroin. Also another objective was to look out for their community and take care of them. Members and associates of the Rollin' 90s operated in multiple acts of violence against rival gangs. These acts of violence included assaults and attempted murders, and were committed to protect the Gang’s drug territory, to retaliate against members of rival gangs who had encroached on the territory controlled by them, and to otherwise promote the standing and reputation of the Gang's tolerance for the rival gangs. OOC INFORMATION: Our aim is to portray a realistic Crip set based within Brouge Ave which consists of members lingering around South Central, If you have any questions in regards to joining about the faction or even have any tips or would like to get to know anything about the faction, feel free to private-message @Wolfyy. All members must abide by the rules, if broken punishment will be handed out by leadership.
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